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The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 1 Recap, Theories About the Ending, Vegas Fan Appreciation Party Info & More

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When talking about the flash forward at the beginning of the episode, everyone’s throwing in their predictions, guesses, speculation as to what it is they think Chris Harrison is saying to Peter, and who Peter’s mom is talking about when she says “don’t let her go, don’t let her go, bring her home to us.” Lets dive into the first one, shall we? Since we have zero context as to what point of the final rose ceremony day Chris said that, there’s nothing definitive we can deduce from it. Was this at the beginning of everything before he was set to meet the final 2? Was it after he’d already met one and the other was about to appear? How do we even know both women made it to the final rose ceremony? Just throwing out all possibilities. We don’t have much to off in that clip.

However, I did find Chris’ wording particularly interesting. “…there’s something you should know” and “…just wanted to give you a heads up.” Those don’t sound like incredibly ominous phrases. It’s hey, “Hey, here’s a bit of info to fill you in on.” If it was something major (like someone has left the show which is what a lot of people are speculating), just seems like that phrasing wouldn’t be used. So lets take that theory that Chris is there to tell him one of the women has left, and play out the rest of the sentence that wasn’t shown. “…there is something you should know. So and so has left. I just wanted to give you a heads up.” That’s way underselling the story in my opinion. And if anything, Chris Harrison oversells everything. Someone leaving the show isn’t just something you casually say “just wanted to give you a heads up” because that’s an obvious statement. Of course the lead of the show would want to be made aware of that. I don’t think what Chris is telling him is that, in my opinion. I think the way that clip was shown, just like many clips we see in season previews, is done to deceive. It’s entirely possible that what was shown was a lot less important than what it was made out to be. Just keep that in mind.

Peter’s mom clip is interesting because, again, we don’t get much context to it. What we do know is that it happened sometime after Costa Rica, because we clearly see the scar on his head. But his parents aren’t part of any of the overseas travel or the hometown dates, so we know it could only be either in Australia when they meet the final 2, or, it was filmed post-show. What’s funny is the “bring her home” line is being speculated to be 3 different people from the responses I’ve gotten: Madison, Hannah Brown, or Victoria Fuller. Not sure why no one is guessing “bring her home to us” could be about Hannah Ann, but those are the three guesses I’ve gotten so far. I’m here to tell you you can eliminate Victoria Fuller from having anything to do with Peter’s ending. Not happening. Just not. Trust me on this one. She is not a factor in the endgame of all this.

And again, do we even know if Barbara is talking about someone specifically, or, is she just talking in general about if you want someone, you fight for them no matter how much it takes? There’s just not a whole hell of a lot of context in that clip, which was done on purpose. This show will never give anything away definitively in preview clips. It will lead people to guessing and speculating, but they’re not gonna give away the ending of their own show in a season preview. Sure, season previews give away who went on dates, locations, maybe even will give time frames to certain things. But flat out spoil it in a season preview? Not happening. They are put in place to make people speculate on social media and with their friends to keep conversation going, which is what they thrive off when it comes to this show.

So yeah, there is still plenty of time to go before the finale. This season will be different because I think I’m going to hear bits and pieces to the puzzle as the season goes along, so, your ending spoiler will have a lot of moving parts. When I post them, I’ll keep adding them to the rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers that will be up tmrw. I promise. I’ve just been lazy putting it all together and formatting it. That’s the part that takes the longest. I’m updating it all during filming as it was going on, but the formatting stuff I always wait til the end. Note to self: Start formatting during filming so that it’s ready to go once you have everything. Yes, I’m now talking to myself in my own column. Very Inception-like. Anyway, it’ll be up tomorrow.

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