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Podcast #164 & Column – Peter’s Rose Ceremony-by-Rose Ceremony Spoilers

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Rose Ceremony #4: Cleveland, OH (15 to 12)

1-on-1: Victoria Fuller. Victoria got the rose.

Victoria Fuller had a past with Chase Rice. They were dating/hooking up prior to coming on the show. Heard she went to one of his concerts to see him a week before filming. Clearly she didn’t know who her musical performer was going to be until she walked up on the date, then you see the total embarrassment on her face. In an article I posted yesterday, ABC executive Robert Mills said this when speaking pre-season about Victoria Fuller, and in particular, this date we’ll see this season:

I know that you don’t like to label any particular contestant as a “villain,” but the viewers do. So who do you think that will be? Is it Victoria F.?

Look, I could see potentially that happening. I think there are a few women who could get the label. But, I think the way the show is produced has evolved and it’s not like, “Oh that’s the villain” anymore. There are more shades of gray and we try to explain to you more why this person is that way. At the very least, you might have people who label someone as a villain, but you’ll have more sympathy than before.

There have been a lot of rumors about Victoria, including that she dated a musician who is performing at one of her dates with Peter. Viewers are wondering if the show is over-produced. You do background checks, so obviously you know who these contestants have dated in the past. What’s your response?

Look, I can’t say that certain things just happen completely by accident. You’d have to be an idiot to buy that some of these things are just happenstance. So yes, there is a girl and there is an entertainer on one of the dates and she happened to run into him. We don’t go in saying that we’re going to reverse engineer this, but when you find out about these things, you have to take advantage of it because it is great TV. So, I wouldn’t say over-produced, but I would say very well-produced. When you watch it, you will say, “Wow, that was great TV.”

Also after that date took place, Chase Rice was asked about it at the CMA’s and had this to say:

The pictures and video from Peter and Victoria’s date show it all:

Group Date: Flag football game at Browns Stadium with 13 women called the “Bachelor Bowl”: Hannah Ann, Lexi, Mykenna, Deandra, Natasha, Victoria P., Tammy, Kelley, Sydney, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, and Madison. Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett were supposed to be the coaches, but ended up not being the case. So it was former Browns Josh Cribbs and like the leader of the Dawg Pound.

The group date after party is where madness happens. Alayah returns to the show and shows up during this after party. She felt that she was sent home at the last rose ceremony due to wrong information Peter was hearing from others. She tells him she’s there for him, and he ends up giving her the group date rose. Other women are not happy Peter gave Alayah the rose. Because Alayah was home for a day, she clearly read online what was going on with the Victoria date at the Chase Rice concert and her past. At some point, she mentions to the women there that she heard Victoria F. and Chase Rice had a past. None of them women knew this. I guess Victoria F. never told them after her date. They run it back to Victoria F., and she goes off on Alayah in an expletive filled tirade that it wasn’t her business, and it was disrespectful, etc. Apparently this did not sit well with Victoria F. and Alayah was basically in a stay of execution at the house at that point from what I was told. Not many thought she should’ve been able to come back, and then she got the group date rose on top of that.

1-on-1: Kelsey Weier. Cleveland Area Soap Box Derby race in downtown Cleveland. Tons of pics and videos from that event. Kelsey got the rose.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Alayah and Peter talked and I have no idea if they’re gonna make it seem like Alayah wanted to leave after she felt she was attacked in the house, or, if they’re gonna make it seem like Peter changed his mind and told her she should leave because him giving her the group date rose when she came back caused too many problems. All I heard at the time was “Alayah left on her own,” but I have a feeling it won’t be shown that way. Peter even brings Victoria P. and Alayah into a room together to discuss their beef but I’m not sure what gets said. The takeaway from everything I’d heard at the time (remember this was back in early October), was that Alayah felt no one in the house was on her side, and after the Victoria F. incident, she just wanted out. So safe to say Alayah wasn’t part of the “cats.”

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Kiarra Norman, Savannah Mullins, and Deandra Kanu. Alayah Benavidez returned during the group date after party, got a rose, but then left the show before the rose ceremony started.

As you can see, not to ton of info when they went overseas. No pictures or videos ever got out, and once I had confirmed the final four, I just never went back and did much digging. The dates that I do have posted and all the eliminations in each country are correct. Just don’t have many details and none of the group dates. I will fill these in as the season goes along.

Rose Ceremony #5: Costa Rica (12 to 10)

It was in Costa Rica on an off day before the women arrived that Peter fell off a golf cart and cut his head open. He had to be rushed to the hospital and got stitches in his head, which were visible the rest of the season. However, this did not delay filming as he went on a date the next day.

1-on-1: Sydney Hightower. Sydney gets the rose.

Group Date: Cosmopolitan photo shoot.

1-on-1: Kelley Flanagan. Kelley gets the rose.

>Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan.

Rose Ceremony #6: Santiago, Chile (10 to 6)

1-on-1: Hannah Ann Sluss. Hannah Ann gets the rose.

Group Date: Telenovela/soap opera date with 8 women: Kelsey, Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Kelley, Mykenna, Tammy, and Victoria P.

1-on-1: Victoria Fuller. Victoria gets the rose.

At some point during this episode, Victoria Paul and Peter talk and was told they were just on different pages. They mutually agreed to part ways, but again, I don’t know how the show will choose to show it. Victoria did have to crown her Miss Louisiana successor the day after she left, so I’m sure that played some role in her wanting to leave. That timing is too convenient.

2-on-1 Tammy Ly and Mykenna Dorn. Peter throws together an impromtu 2-on-1 and sends both women home.

>Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Sydney Hightower. Mykenna Dunn, Tammy Ly, and Victoria Paul were sent home earlier in the episode.

Rose Ceremony #7: Lima, Peru (6 to 4)

1-on-1: Natasha Parker. Got sent home on her date.

1-on-1: Kelsey Weier.

UPDATE 2/5:1-on-1: Madison Prewett.

Group Date: Not sure if 3 or 4 were on this group date. If it was 3, there was another 1-on-1 this episode. If there were 4, then these were the 3 dates this episode and this group date would’ve had Hannah Ann, Madison, Kelley, and Victoria Fuller on it. UPDATE 2/5: Only 3 on this date as Madison got a 1-on-1 this week. Kelley, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F. on this date.

The last few seasons, we know the episode before hometowns, that roses are given out on the dates and there hasn’t been a rose ceremony. What we do know is Natasha and Kelley were eliminated this episode, and Natasha I know had a 1-on-1. So Kelley was definitely on the group date and was the one who didn’t get a rose.

>Eliminated This Episode: Kelley Flanagan sent home during the 3-on-1. Natasha Parker sent home during her 1-on-1.

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