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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 2 Recap, Madison’s Week, Vegas Update & More

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We’ve got A LOT to get to before breaking down last night’s show, which amazingly enough, only got us up to one date after this week’s rose ceremony. They sure are lagging behind this season. However, if I’m judging this correctly, at the end of next week’s episode, it should be ending with rose ceremony #3. So that would fit in correctly and episode 4 would be when they begin travel in Ohio, like it should be since that’s where rose ceremony #4 takes place. I can’t imagine next week doesn’t end with rose ceremony #3. They’ll have to wrap up what happened at the end of the Revolve after party, Victoria P.’s 1-on-1, the shit show that is the pool party and all the drama that happens there, then the rose ceremony. Gotta be. Has to be. If it isn’t, then I just throw my hands up (they’re playing my song, and the butterflies fly away…sorry. Couldn’t help myself) and say I have no idea what’s coming in these episodes anymore. But that should be where we’re at at the end of next week’s episode. Your rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers are all in one place for you now, along with being posted on my IG feed and IG story last night. As the season goes on I will fill in as much as I begin to hear and will note it on that particular page.

I need to update you on the Fan Appreciation Party June 5th in Las Vegas. I’ve gotten a lot of response in the last week, but a lot more from Vegas locals than I ever expected. I understand it’s much easier for them to RSVP and I’ve never had this many locals respond so quickly. So as I told all of them who emailed me after last week, I’ve already accepted over a 1/4 of my total count from locals. I want to leave it open for the time being for anyone who is booking a flight or driving in. I’m not saying any more locals can’t go, but, I need anyone who’s interested but is flying or driving in to notify me immediately whether you’re coming, so I can start setting aside more spots. If you’re a Vegas local and you emailed me last week, you got my response, and it will be done on a priority list of who emailed me first on whether I can get you in. I will let you know once I have a better idea how many are coming in from out of state. I can already tell you that I can’t accept everyone who’s emailed. My apologies as I should’ve made that more clear in last week’s post, but I’ve never had this many locals email me so quickly. Anyone coming, you can choose to say wherever you want, but if you are interested in a discounted hotel rate at the Venetian, I have one that is 30% off what the rate is on their website currently.

So what happened in “Peter says his season won’t be spoiled” land this week? Well, executive producer Martin Hilton and Chris Harrison both kinda distanced themselves from Peter’s statement in this interview done at the TCA’s this past week. Here are the highlights for you:

Exec Producer Martin Hilton:

“I’m happy he’s confident…In all my years of doing it, it’s always somehow been spoiled.”

“For me, it’s actually sometimes free publicity, honestly. Because I think people watch anyway, and the same way you know how a Disney movie is going to end when you start watching it, people still watch it, because you want to see the journey. So, that’s what we really focus on. And if we were to get upset about spoilers, then I’d be upset all day long.”

Chris Harrsion:

“First of all, he’s new at this, so you can’t make a claim like that,” he quipped. “But I know what he’s actually talking about, which is, it’s a wild finish. It is a season that got turned on its head and is an emotional, dramatic finish.”

So those two essentially what I’ve confirmed all along since I started spoiling. I’ve never done spoilers so you don’t watch the show. I do them so you can watch the show differently. Ultimately this show knows I’m free advertising for them, so they can’t really be all that upset at what I do. But, the ending is their baby. If they didn’t care about the ending being spoiled, then they’d just have the final rose ceremony in public every season. Or allow the lead and their final choice to be out and about in public or on social media where everyone can see them. Very few people read my spoilers and then never watch a minute of the season. The ratings bear that out.

But Chris Harrison’s response is interesting because he specifically says what I spoke on in my podcast a couple weeks ago in that, it’s pretty bold of Peter to just throw that out there his season won’t be spoiled if he’s just hoping people will keep their mouth shut. That’s just dumb on his part. Which led to me and many others believing that he must’ve said that because the ending hasn’t happened yet. Well now I’m beginning to think when Peter said that, he’s talking about what I mentioned in Thursday’s column and podcast, which is he’s more talking about the HOW we get to the point that we do at the end, and not necessarily the WHO. This is a two person race. Peter is not single, nor is he with Hannah Brown (go read Thursday’s column if you haven’t). And for that matter, he’s also not with any of his women who finished 3rd through 30. This is a Madison or Hannah Ann deal, so, for him to say no one will know is kinda silly since anyone has a 50/50 shot of being right. And no, I do not believe, nor have I been given any info that leads to this being a decision he’s gonna make on the ATFR. I just don’t see either woman agreeing to that and, well, just heard nothing of the sort. Who he’s with isn’t gonna be as hard to find out as to HOW we get to that point, because there is some messiness late in the season.

So did you see this silliness that ABC revealed in a press release last week about a new show? This is made by the same production team that does the “Bachelor,” but unlike “The Proposal” this will actually be called “The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.” What does that mean? Well for one, it means the franchise is expanding. When they say you might see some familiar faces on there, I don’t think that 100% means it’s gonna be former “Bachelor/ette” contestants (although it may). I think it means that people you may have seen on other shows will appear – like “American Idol.” The second thing is, you can now fully expect some of these people on this show will no doubt be in the crop of contestants they pick from for Paradise as well. If it’s under the “Bachelor” umbrella, it means that those contestants are now part of this “family.” This weird, incestuous, self-absorbed family.



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