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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 2 Recap, Madison’s Week, Vegas Update & More

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Safe to say Madison had herself quite the last week, no? In case you missed the story that was running everywhere over the last few days, last week Madison posted a picture on her IG from her first episode date with Peter. You can see that pic below…

You can also see that the same IG account (“madiprew”) left a comment on that picture saying how “real and genuine” Madison is. Well, that’s Madison commenting on her own picture since that’s Madison’s account. Immediately people assumed Madison has another account (a finsta), she forget to switch back to before leaving that comment. Does she have another account? Probably. What we do know is that “madiprew” left that comment on “madiprew”’s IG post. It’s not really that hard to believe that Madison left that comment on her own page because, in case you haven’t noticed, Madison literally comments back to EVERY person that comments on her page. Not just her Bachelor girls, either. Go look at how many times Madison comments under someone’s comment, even just to say thank you or leave an emoji. So clearly she’s on her phone non stop all day every day to be doing that, since those comments are spread out throughout the course of the day. So it’s not far fetched at all that Madison screwed up and accidentally left a comment on her own IG. Is it a crime? Of course not. Is she a horrible person because of it? No. It’s actually kinda funny. She’s a 23 year old girl getting all this attention for the first time in her life, and she clearly doesn’t know how to handle social media yet. Fine. Simple mistake. Let it go.

The problem is, she tried to cover it up, and it really just made things worse. This acccout (_a_i_d_334) claims THEY were the one who left that comment on Madi’s page, because they were signed in to her account while she was gone, and forgot to sign back out…

There are a few things wrong with this account, which when I looked last night, has now been deleted. First off, how many of you give your IG passwords to ANYONE? And if there are a few of you that do, how many of you would give it to someone who’s NOT a family member? I’m guessing none. So it just seems totally bizarre Madison would give her IG password to a family friend while she’s gone. But hey, lets give this person the benefit of the doubt and say she did have it. Madison has been back from filming since before Thanksgiving. This comment was posted last week. _a_i_d_334 account had 912 posts before they deleted their account. It was set to private so I couldn’t see when their last post was, but why would you still be logged into Madison’s account two months after she’s been home when she’s clearly been using her own account since? The cover up became worse than the original lie, as it always is.

I know she’s young and she’s knew to this, but Madison should’ve just admitted her mistake and been done with it. So you commented a compliment on your own page. Yeah, the optics aren’t great and you look silly doing it, but if you own it, people won’t care and forget it. The question then becomes why even do it. Madison just by virtue of her first episode date and edit, is already loved by many fans out there. She already had a ton of outpouring of compliments from fans already. Why would you possibly feel the need to throw one more on there for yourself? Again, this is her first rodeo into this, she’s getting more social media attention than she ever has in her life, and she clearly has no idea what she’s doing. But still, even with that, why not just take all the compliments you’re getting on social media and leave it at that? It really makes no sense to me other than someone who’s completely lost on how to handle this newfound “fame.” Kinda feel sorry for her, because once she tried to cover it up, it made the situation worse.

One other thing that was brought to my attention in regards to Madison over the last week, is there is a faction of people out there absolutely crucifying her for what they believe is “white savior complex.” I hate to even go down this road because of how insane people are getting over this, but this kinda struck a nerve with me. Basically people are accusing Madison of being overprivileged and taking advantage of the fact she’s traveled to third world countries for volunteer work, but then posts pictures with some of the children from those countries in order to make herself look good. Here are some of the posts in question people are questioning…

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missin my Honduran babies?

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My heart found its joy as I served the beautiful people the world calls “poor” but who seemed so rich in love. I saw myself in those little faces. I looked at them and felt this love that was unimaginable and knew that this is the way God sees me. The kids would run to me with gifts of stones or dirt and I saw myself, filthy and broken, offering my life to the Creator of the Universe and begging Him to make it into something beautiful. I sit here in a broken world, small and dirty at His feet, and He who sits so high chooses to commune with me, to love me anyway. He blinds Himself to my sin and my filth so that He can forge a relationship with me. And this is what He did for me with these beautiful children. He blinded me to the filth, and I saw only children hungry for love that I was eager to share with them. I adored them, not because of who I was but because of who He is. -Kisses From Katie

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Pure Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 posts. Unless I’m missing some, those are the only 4 posts she’s made with children from volunteer work she’s done in other countries. And the first couple were posted in 2013, when she was 16/17 years old. I know people are having an issue with this, but Good Lord, don’t people have something better to complain about? While they want to focus on what they perceive as self-promotion on Madi’s part, I guess I just look at it more of in a positive light. Just looks like people have to find a reason to bitch about something nowadays, especially when it comes to contestants from this franchise. If Madi got eliminated night 1, no one is saying a peep about this. Because she’s a devout Christian, that’s immediately going to get under people’s skin, and so be it. And maybe you don’t like the wording she used in her captions, but does that really undo the good she’s done by her volunteer work, or at least the good she was trying to do? Which by the way is probably more than the people who are complaining about it have probably ever done.

Why are we so focused on immediately finding the negative in 4 of Madi’s posts the last 7 years, rather than just applaud the girl for trying to do something good? I have no horse in this race. I don’t know Madi from the next person. Clearly have never spoken to her in my life, and don’t know much about her other than what the show has given us. I say that because anytime I say one thing nice about any contestant, I’m immediately bombarded with emails claiming bias and ass kissing. I’m calling this like I see it. I saw the same pictures you all did when I looked and Madi’s IG page. The thought that never came to my mind was, “Wow, what a shameless self-promoter who’s using under privileged children to make herself look better.” 4 posts, and 2 of them were within a month of each other when she was a 16/17 year old, probably on her first trip for volunteer work. Do we really need to shit all over that? Good God. Get a grip, people. If you really are taking the time to write long ass captions crucifying Madi for doing volunteer work in other countries and posting about it, the chances are you probably need to re-evaluate your own life and priorities. There are hundreds upon hundreds of worse IG posts and captions from this franchise than that. But THIS is what gets under your skin? I’m sure this will set some people off and make them think I’m condoning some sort of white savior complex. It’s not. I just don’t even remotely see this situation as that. It’s times like this where social media makes me want to puke. Moving on but just wanted to get that off my chest.



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