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Podcast #167 – Interview with “Temptation Island” Host Mark Walberg

For the first time in I think forever, I have about the next 5-6 podcasts set up and ready to go. I haven’t recorded them yet, but I have people lined up and scheduled. Granted, things could happen and they cancel or postpone, but I’d be surprised if that happened. Got some really good ones I’m excited about and one major exclusive upcoming, so stay tuned. But today, we wrap up “Temptation Island” season 2 with host Mark Walberg, who we have on at the beginning and end of every season. Our schedules have prevented us from getting together until this week, but Mark is about as solid of an interview as there is out there. While he’s never going to lay into the contestants being the host of the show, he also provides a perspective that most of us never think of or never see. With that said, you can see where he stands on a lot of the contestants and their actions either during or post-filming. Always love talking to Mark as he’s one of my favorite podcast guests ever. Can’t wait til season 3 happens and we’re back at it again. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Mark’s Twitter handle (@marklwalberg) in your replies. Thanks again to Mark for coming on. Next week, Dalton Ross from will be on to breakdown season 40 of “Survivor: Winners at War.”

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(SPOILERS) I begin by discussing some news in Bachelor Nation, go over predictions, and the latest ridiculous conspiracy theory. Then, “Temptation Island” host Mark Walberg joins me to wrap up this season of TI. We talk about Rick & Ashley G. (15:37), Gavin & Esonica (22:47), Casey & Ashley H. (25:42), & David & Kate (35:00). Then we briefly talk about the Evan & Morgan breakup and her subsequent friendship with Kaci now (43:33).

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