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Podcast #170 – Interview with Jacqueline Trumbull & Washington Nationals Analyst FP Santangelo

A really fun, insightful, and sports-y podcast this week. I’m first joined by my friend and former contestant Jacqueline Trumbull, who appeard on Arie’s season, BIP season 5, and is the co-host of the “A Beautiful Podcast To Fall In Love.” What didn’t know until earlier last year is that Jacqueline is good friends with former major leaguer and current Washington Nationals analyst FP Santangelo (FP used to date Jacqueline’s best friend). FP is a guy that I had reached out to over IG a couple years ago just to tell him I really enjoyed his work on the Nats’ broadcasts. By clear happenstance, my name gets brought up in a conversation one night when Jacqueline is hanging with FP, she says she knows me, FP says that guy reached out to me, and that’s where the picture you see above happened and this podcast was basically formed. FP is also a “Bachelor” fan so when he comes on, the three of us discuss Peter’s season for 10 minutes before Jacqueline leaves and then FP and I talk the Nationals World Series run and the Astros cheating scandal. A lot of fun doing this podcast this week and I hope you enjoy. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include their Twitter handles (@trumbullina & @FightinHydrant) in your replies. Thanks again to both of them for coming on, and thank you the listeners for allowing me to geek out on sports for the first time in 170 podcasts. This is not going to be a regular occurrence because I know you guys want reality TV talk and what not. Which I’m fine with doing. But FP is a guy whose work I admired, randomly emailed him one day, he responded, and here we are. He’s got great insight into the game and any Nats fans know this by listening to their broadcasts on MASN. Enjoy…

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
(B’Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)

(SPOILERS) I start off by talking about news in Bachelor world with Hannah Brown NOT being next “Bachelorette,” what does Hannah Ann’s IG post yesterday mean, & how the Jacqueline/FP interview came to be. Then Jacqueline joins me as we discuss the pitfalls of being a contestant on this show in the new media days, my reporting and it how affects contestants, and what contestants can expect moving forward (12:41). Then FP joins in and the three of talk the “Bachelor,” (42:39), then FP and I discuss the Nats improbably 2019 World Series championship (57:05), then we discuss the Astros cheating scandal dominating the headlines right now (1:17:43).

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
(B’Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)


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