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Podcast #192 – Interview with Michelle Money

One of my favorite people in Bachelor Nation, Michelle Money, joins us this week for podcast #192. It’s been over 3 years since Michelle first joined me for podcast #15, then the following week for podcast #16, she interviewed me for over 2.5 hrs. So if you wanna go check those out, they are in the podcast library on Apple Podcasts by just going to Reality Steve Podcasts. We just saw Michelle this past Monday night on the GOAT episode and we dive a bit deeper into the edit she got. A lot has happened in her life since then including the tragic accident her daughter Brielle got into a few months ago. We discuss it all and then some (including are there wedding bells in her future?) on today’s podcast. Also before Michelle joins I give a very brief summary of Nick’s reaction to our podcast last week and then touch on the early part of Clare’s season including eliminations, so there will be spoilers discussed. As always, if you’d like to respond to interview, please include Michelle’s Twitter handle (@MoneyMichelle) in your replies. Thanks again to Michelle for coming on as she’s always great to talk to. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking briefly (one sentence actually) about Nick’s reaction to our podcast last week, then begin to discussing the early eliminations on Clare’s season. Then Michelle joins me (7:28) to talk about her anxiety leading up to this past Monday’s GOAT episode, her “villain” edit during Brad’s season, brief discussions about her time on Bach Pad 2 and BIP 1, are wedding bells on the horizon for her and boyfriend Mike Weir, and the tragic accident daughter Brielle suffered back in April.

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