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“Reader Emails,” DeAnna Speaks on What REALLY Happened with Clare, & Chris Harrison’s Questionable Take

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A few things to get to today before looking at this week’s “Reader Emails” which, I gotta say, were very well thought out. A lot of good points made in regards to Clare’s edit, Yosef, Zach J. and more today, so check those out starting on Page 2. In case you’ve been living under a rock, today is Election Day. That means two things. 1) Go vote if you haven’t already and 2) the “Bachelorette” is not on tonight. This week’s episode will air on Thursday this week, and then back to Tuesday’s starting next week. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Tuesday’s from here on out this season. With the weirdness of this season and the transition from Clare to Tayshia happening on Thursday, the show hasn’t said how much that screws up the episodes this season. On a normal, non-COVID, one lead season, we have 11 episodes. 7 episodes of dates, episode #8 is hometowns, episode #9 is overnights, episode #10 is the Tell All, and episode #11 is the finale followed by the AFR. Tomorrow is episode #4. I don’t know how the rest of the episodes will break down with Tayshia. If you stick to the regular cycle, she’ll only have episodes 5, 6, and 7 to date (since she doesn’t start dates on Thursday) with hometowns normally on episode #8. So that seems bizarre she’d go from 20 men down to 4 in 3 episodes. We’ll just have to see how this rolls out but I will keep you updated as I hear more.

Lets get started with a quick note on Matt’s season of the “Bachelor” currently filming at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. Just like Clare & Tayshia’s season where there were a ton of guest appearances by alumni, which you will see in upcoming episodes, same is going for Matt. JoJo’s been out there, Tayshia has been out there, Wells has been there, Tyler Cameron has been out there, and I can tell you that Hannah Brown arrived there on Sunday. You know, Quarantine Crew and what not. Not surprising she’ll be making an appearance on Matt’s season since they’re supposedly BFF’s. No, she’s not showing up as a contestant. Probably just to introduce a date or something like DeAnna did for Clare last week.

Speaking of DeAnna, a very telling IG Live she did with Des last week. For those that missed it, DeAnna gave a little insight into what really went down when she spoke to Clare and, whaddya’ know, things weren’t exactly as they were shown. The biggest points to take away from what DeAnna said:

-Contrary to what some may think, DeAnna’s talk with Clare lasted over 2 hours. And we got 5 minutes of it. At best. She quarantined for 5 days and had to have 3 negative tests before she could see anyone.

-The day portion of the group date that Clare ended up canceling was a game show where the guys would be asked questions about woman’s body parts. You know, because the show HAS to keep it so risqué. After putting them through the embarrassment of strip dodgeball, Clare decided she didn’t want them to suffer through another ridiculous date, she said she’d rather have quality time with the guys and went for the longer cocktail party.

-The Dale’s pants situation was not quite like it was presented. Remember in the love language group date earlier in the season, the guys had to run and get Clare a quick gift? We never saw what Dale gave Clare. Well, apparently he had ripped his pants at the first rose ceremony, so he gave her his pants, sprayed cologne on them, and put a bow on it. Were we shown any of that? Of course not. Because they had to continue the narrative that Clare was batshit crazy for having a pair of Dale’s pants and put them on her head. Totally changes that narrative. Now that scene is just silly more than anything. CORRECTION: Dale didn’t give her the pants on the love language date, he gave her the pants with the bow on it at the cocktail party of the rose ceremony where she sent Yosef home. Point being, 1) this was never shown and 2) Clare didn’t just magically seek out Dale’s pants or whatever. He gave them to her as a gift.

I love when former contestants, or any contestant for that matter, breaks that fourth wall and explains to people how the sausage is really made. Appreciate DeAnna coming to Clare’s defense knowing how much hate she’s getting, especially for the Dale pants scene. Now it just looks silly and ridiculous it was even done in the first place, but makes a hell of a lot more sense. Not to mention, her day date wasn’t cancelled just because Clare felt like it or because she was disrespecting the guys time because she was with DeAnna all day. Completely the opposite. But hey, keep believing what the TV screen is selling you.

Chris Harrison was asked about Clare’s season thus far and, well, according to him Clare had complete control of what was happening. “It’s totally completely up to her where it goes from here.” Chris, we see you in Thursday’s episode having a 1-on-1 talk with her telling her that if they continue down this road, it doesn’t end well. So while you may say she had complete control, don’t you think telling someone THAT might sway their decision a bit. Isn’t that basically encouraging her to end this with Dale and that it’s ok? And if Chris is telling her that ON camera, what do you think production was telling her behind the scenes. A lot of tabloid reporting during this season that was fairly inaccurate, but I’m here to tell you like I did months ago, production was the one who came to Clare with the idea of leaving with Dale. And she did. Stop it with the “she had complete control” nonsense.

Anyone else also remember Chris Harrison saying in pre-season interviews that people may think they know what’s gonna happen this season “but you have no idea?” Really? Ummmm, we’re 3 episodes in, and we know the transition from Clare to Tayshia happens on Thursday, which is exactly what anyone who read anything about this season thought was gonna happen. Exactly what’s happened this season that none of us saw coming? Because from my vantage point, everything has played out exactly as expected. The Hyperbole King was at it again this season, and once again, proven wrong. Expect more of the same on Matt’s season. And every season moving forward.

Get out and vote today everyone if you haven’t already. And check back here tomorrow for some more goodies.

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