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“Reader Emails,” Tayshia’s Episode #6 Spoilers, & A Message on Tabloid/Gossip Reporting

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Do you think most contestants end up regretting going on the show? Because of the way it impacts their life forever after? And how do you think going on the show impacts the contestants’ future dating prospects? Do you think it ends up hurting their future dating lives, as most people are probably pretty intimidated by the idea of dating someone that had been on a bachelor franchise show?

Thanks!!! Love you xo

Comment: I think overall, no. Some people who had a bad experience? Sure. But overall the good tends to outweigh the bad, even though they’ll only focus on the bad on social media. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

Hi Steve,

This is my first time asking a question. I love reading your spoilers, it really changes how I watch the show!

My question is, do you think bachelor alums read your predictions? It seems weird to me how they do interviews and say their “favourite” and it always seems to be guys in the top 4 (or even the final one). I seen both Catherine and Kaitlyn said this week Zac is their favourite to win or they see him going far, which is funny to me because in the first few episodes we’ve hardly seen anything from him.

Thank you!

Comment: They absolutely do. And if they don’t directly read it themselves, they’re aware of what the spoilers are.

Have you heard anything further about the version of Bachelor/ette they previously announced for “mature” or “senior” contestants? Or do you figure COVID put an end to that idea? Or maybe Clare’s “advanced age” was the closest they’ll come to it?

Comment: Robert Mills said it was set to go before COVID, but says he’s not sure now if/when it will happen. But he didn’t completely kill it.

Hey Steve! Thanks for all you do!


Assume Covid never happened and Clare’s season kicked off in March as normal without her snooping on social media. Do you think it was still production’s plan to pressure Clare to leave with Dale and replace her with Tayshia to twist up the season?

Comment: No. COVID and four months of hearing people say “Why did you cast Clare, this show is too white” gave them an opportunity to do something different. If no COVID, and the show began filming March 13th like it was supposed to with travel and everything, Tayshia doesn’t appear this season. Clare might’ve fallen for Dale on her initial season, but without 4 months of build up in her head, it would not have played out in 2 weeks like it did. Her having that ability played a huge role in why everything happened.

Hi Steve!

Just curious, do you know when Matt’s season will be done filming? Just curious because I know filing usually goes until around thanksgiving and we are almost there! Interesting that it didn’t wrap earlier considering there isn’t travel.


Comment: Based on what I’m hearing, end of this week since last week they were still in hometowns with family out in PA.

While I don’t think Clare and Dale texted before the show, I’m not all that worried.

I just don’t think Chris Harrison is in a position to grill them or shame them even if they did.

After all, Nick Viall texted Kaitlyn because she was going to be the Bachelorette, and he was rewarded for it. Colton took Tia out thinking she’d be the Bachelorette, and he was rewarded for it. I don’t know why they’d suddenly make it a crime.

How deeply involved are people at Roger Mills level in the actual filming. Would he be calling Chris weekly or would he be on site and travelling with the group, running the Strategy Room? It’s Robert Mills. Mills oversees all alternative programming at ABC. He’ll visit set on occasion, but his lone job is not this franchise. He just knows what’s happening at all times.

I think Brendan will catch some heat for going on the show for “not being ready” after his divorce. People forget that Tayshia was on Colton’s season less than a year after her own divorce. And Madi got shit from some know-it-alls in the franchise for going on a show where marriage was the ultimate goal even though she said she wasn’t ready. Doesn’t mean you can’t go on. There’s a myriad of reasons why someone goes on this show, and getting engaged/married is about 700th on that list.

And it’s entirely possible to think you are ready and then find that you are not ready to get engaged on TV after knowing the specific person for four weeks.
This will be a significant challenge for Zac to see how much she was into Brendan as the season airs. At least she had more sense than Peter and didn’t get engaged.

Comment: We’ll see how this all plays out. Maybe I’ll find out before the finale, maybe I won’t.

Dear Steve,

I hope I am not too late to send in a reader email for this week’s column. First, I wanted to thank you for always keeping me in the loop about the bachelorette this season! Reading your spoilers has definitely made watching the bachelorette so much better this season. I have a few questions for you.

1. I know that you had heard that Zac and Tayshia did not get engaged and that the guy she liked the most left, so I wanted to ask you if Tayshia and Zac are still together today? If I knew their status, I’d report it. The last thing I reported was that she chose him at the end of filming but I do not know the current status of the relationship. And that’s still where I’m at today.

2. I also wanted to ask you if you had any plans to bring Emily O’Brien back on your podcast since there is now talk of a vaccine for Covid-19? I thought that she gave great insight about the pandemic when you had her on your podcast in the spring.

Comment: Good question. Haven’t even thought about that, but maybe I will ask her to come on again. She was excellent the first time around, and the good thing is that she came on in the EARLY stages of COVID when we clearly knew less than what we know now, and yet a lot of what she said has turned out to be true.

A few questions for you today… thanks!

1. I feel like DWTS is not always 100% honest about voting and they keep people or eliminate people to make the show what it is. So many shockers throughout the years and upsets and whatnot. With that said, do you think Kaitlyn’s connection to ABC gives her the advantage to walk away with the trophy? She’s obviously a good dancer but personally think Nev should walk away with it because he has been consistently the best. The most popular doesn’t always win, but it’s hard to tell who was with this cast. So, just wondering if you think she could win because of her connections and how this was a long time coming for her. I think either Kaitlyn or Nev will win and I don’t think any of her ties to ABC has any sort of advantage or disadvantage, really. I think this show has tried to make it so that the better dancers aren’t getting eliminated earlier than they should anymore. If she doesn’t win, while it’ll be a bummer for her, it’s not like she was robbed unless she lost to someone that clearly wasn’t any good. I don’t think Nelly is winning, so losing to any of the other two is nothing to be ashamed of, nor would it be some sort of screw job.

2. I know you’ve heard about Deumoix. Clearly, everything that is sent to her isn’t true. But lately there have been a lot of Dale stuff. Sightings of him with girls. Drinking, dinner, etc. They did provide a picture once of him somewhere where someone said he was. But obviously know it could all be lies. But just wondering if YOU have gotten any messages about Dale out and about with girls? Looking friendly and like he doesn’t have a fiancé aka Clare! Obviously don’t think you’d out him like that, you’re not some gossip site. I guess a better question would be… does Clare have anything to worry about? Engagement ending soon? I haven’t gotten anything other than what was being sent to those sites. Like the time he was out with a girl by himself at Hillstone, and the person who sent it SWORE he was on a date. Then minutes later Dale posts he was out with his realtor. So yeah, it’s a lot of noise being put out by sites who admittedly don’t corroborate anything they post, but then claim they’re basically doing nothing wrong and it’s all just for fun. Oh, ok. That totally makes it’s right then. Unreal.

3. Do you still watch the challenge? New season and no Johnny bananas? Feels so weird! Well, the cast has been known for a while thanks to spoiler sites, so I’ve known Johnny wasn’t on this season for a couple months. Weird that they wouldn’t have the defending champ on, but he’s definitely not done with the franchise. Looking forward to the season as always.

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  1. keddo

    November 18, 2020 at 8:31 AM

    Now RS fancies himself as a policeman patrolling social media that gossips unfounded rumors about bachelor cast members, but really have nothing to do with him? If someone is defaming Dale with unconfirmed stories about his infidelity, that would be Dale’s fight, not RS’s, right?
    Whoever meddles in a quarrel not his own
    is like one who takes a passing dog by the ears.
    Proverbs 26:17

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