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“Reader Emails,” (SPOILERS) Tayshia’s Episode #7, & How You Can Be a Part of This Week’s Podcast

Soooooo I was thinking, “How do I create more engagement with my readers.” I was approached by a company called Yappa, who adds a widget to the comment section of your website where you can leave and audio or video message. Now, I know practically 99% of people who comment on websites, message boards, stories, etc do so while remaining anonymous. And you can still do that on Yappa, because you can sign on one of many ways. Your anonymity depends on how you’d like to sign in, which we’ll get to in a moment. But this being Thanksgiving week and me not having a podcast guest for Thursday yet, I thought what better way for me to try out the app then this week. It’s a way for you the reader/listener to be part of this week’s podcast without me having to schedule a time to record you on Skype. Not to mention, you can leave audio messages and basically all talk to each other in there, since I know when it comes to the written word, tone can get lost in translation. It’s actually really simple to use and I hope a lot of you will take advantage of it. I’m looking for about 10-15 messages to use for this weeks podcast. Maybe more. Depends on how many of you decide to post. And if you just want to leave a regular comment, that’s fine too. That feature doesn’t go away. It’s just Yappa now allows me to take your audio questions and upload them with a simple click.

So here’s how it works:

-Go to the comment section of today’s post
-Create a Yappa account, or, sign in through Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn
-Go to the big giant box that says “Post Your Video or Audio Comment Here!” -Record an audio message/question (I believe it gives you :45 seconds). Click record, start talking, click stop, then click “Post Yap.”
-Done. Easy. Simple.

I will filter through all your questions and choose ones to put in Thursday’s podcast. Now, this will take MUCH longer to put my podcast together this week because I’m taking 10-15 different audio files, then answering each one separately, so lets say I do 15 questions – that’s 30 different audio files I have to piece together to create the podcast. Normally it’s just 3 – I record an open, I have my interviewee, then record a close. So that’s why I’d like all submissions by probably noon tomorrow. Your anonymity will remain in place. If you just create a Yappa account, you create your own username, so you can put whatever you want. If you sign in to Yappa through Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, I believe people will see it your profile pic and name. Either way, I don’t care how you sign in and leave a message/question, I just want you to do it. So hopefully plenty of you will want to participate and be a part of Thursday’s podcast. Looking forward to this. Go leave an audio message now!

The news yesterday in Bachelor world was that pretty much all of Matt James’ women came back online and all activated or started participating and posting pics/IG stories. The reason being is that the show has cracked down (at least for these two COVID seasons) on social media activity until ALL of filming is complete. And Matt completed filming this past weekend. The mandate handed down by production to contestants was they can start being active again on IG on Nov. 23rd. Which they did, as if you’re following any of them, you basically saw silence since they left in early October, then yesterday all of them on there letting everyone know they’re home. Look, this mandate is handed down EVERY season by production that they don’t want you to go on social until the show is done filming. But in the past, they’ve never really enforced it because we’ve seen numerous examples of people coming home and immediately adding the friends they made on the show, or even just posting general stuff.

But I guess since they realized with whole seasons being filmed at one location and no pics/spoilers ever got out during filming, they figure that if everyone comes online at the same time, it’s much tougher to decipher who lasted longer than others. Because I can 100% report to you that I’ve known women from this season who were eliminated early on that didn’t even touch their IG until yesterday. So, just because they started adding people or posting pics/videos yesterday does NOT mean they just got their phone back. You get your phone back the second you get eliminated from the show, but all you had to do was look at their IG’s over the last month and realized very few of them were doing anything on their page. Until yesterday. Which is why I don’t use social media activity to ever definitively determine a spoiler, this season will be even more so. It’s just not an indicator of everything. When I find out what happened on Matt’s season through my sources, I will let you know. I think I’m pretty close to finding out who the winner is as of this moment.

Big congrats to Kaitlyn on her DWTS win last night. Well deserved. As I said on the IG Live with Ashley last week, I assumed this was between Kaitlyn and Nev and both were deserving. You could’ve easily made a case for Justina too. I think Nelly would’ve been the only one that if he’d won, there would be reason to complain. But alas, Kaitlyn won making it the second consecutive winner from the Bachelor franchise. Wait, right? The last season we saw was Hannah, correct? There wasn’t one in between was there? I don’t think there was, but I could be blanking. Anyway, that basically goes to show that Toxic Bachelor Nation knows how to vote! And absolutely sets up DWTS for probably always wanting to cast someone from the franchise going forward. You throw in Melissa Rycroft Strickland winning her All-Star season and now you have 3 winners from this franchise. Don’t know why you wouldn’t keep pulling people from there. The best part of Kaitlyn’s win? The giant middle this is to Fleiss. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger asshole.

Tayshia Episode #7 spoilers on Page 2…

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