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“Reader Emails,” How You Can Donate to Ashley Spivey, & (SPOILERS) Tayshia’s Episode #8

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You know, we talk about spoilers a lot on this site since, well, I’m a spoiler site. But there aren’t a ton of spoilers out there on OTHER shows in general, whether reality or scripted. But something I watched on Sunday night I kinda chuckled at. Anybody been watching the “Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” I literally have watched every single one. I’ve always enjoyed them more so than the regular show. But in case you missed it, for weeks they’ve been teasing that one of the “celebs” won the $1 million prize. Then Sunday night, author David Chang was in the hot seat, doing well, and got down to the final question. They go to commercial break, and during the commercial break before the guy is about to get asked the $1 million question the commercial is teasing, “Join us tomorrow on GMA where the ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’ winner of $1 million dollars shares their secret on how they won,” etc. Something to that effect. I just found it kinda funny that they clearly didn’t care to spoil which episode and which “celeb” won the $1 million. I know it’s a silly game show, and the money was going to his charity anyway, but still, they spoiled it. Why spoil that but not any of your other shows? And it’s not like we didn’t know before that episode even aired it was going to him either. They were very clear that Sunday night’s show was going to have the first “celeb” $1 million winner. I just found it kinda comical considering the business I’m in. That’s all.

So I didn’t get to spend too much time on this since it happened late Wednesday night, and I’d already recorded Thursday’s podcast. I mentioned it briefly in Thursday’s post, but I wanted to talk a little bit more about it now since I’ve had time to digest it. By now, most of you know that Ashley Spivey lost her baby this past Wednesday at around 7 months. As she posted on her IG, it was due to the cord getting wrapped around his neck. She had an appointment earlier that day, everything was fine, she didn’t feel movement for a bit after she got home, she went back to the hospital that night, and unfortunately the worst news any parent can get happened. Just a horrible thing to happen and there aren’t many words at this point. I had known Wednesday afternoon something was wrong when I texted Ashley about our IG live later that night and if she was still good to go when she informed me she was at the hospital and things weren’t good. That’s the last I’ve heard from her, I’ve sent my condolences on text, and I’m giving her all the time she needs.

For me, not having known anyone before as well as I know Ashley who’s gone through this, I’m kind of at a loss. For those that have asked what I’m going to do about the IG live, the answer is, I don’t know. I’m not going to do one by myself weekly. Do I get a temporary fill in? Do I do rotating fill ins every week? I’ve thought about both, but my answer still is, I don’t know. Deep down, it honestly feels weird to me to do one without Ashley. We started this during the pandemic as a way to keep our minds off things, and it just feels weird not to have her on it. Not saying that any temporary co-host or temporary co-hosts wouldn’t step aside the second Ashley is ready to come back. I’m sure they would and there wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m just saying I don’t even know if I want that. Times just suck right about now and I’m sorry I don’t have any answers. I can’t imagine Ashley will be ready to come back to the lives anytime soon, and I’m fine with that. She will get all the time she needs. When she’s ready, she can let me know. But don’t expect it to be anytime soon. And if she came to me and said she never wants to do it again, I wouldn’t blame her either. I will keep you updated if I plan on doing any more, but as of this moment, I would think at least through the end of this calendar year, there won’t be any. Once 2021 rolls around, I’ll see where I’m at and if I feel up for it.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me this weekend asking if there’s anything they could do to help, or where to donate. Ashley’s sister Alexa set up her Venmo and PayPal to take donations. As of a couple days ago, she’d already raised over $15,000 in donations from everyone, which is unbelievable. Shows you the support Ashley has from a lot of you guys, and I’m sure she appreciates it. So if you still want to donate and had no idea until now, you can Venmo or PayPal any donation to @AlexaSpivey on either platform. It will help with hospital bills, funeral costs, and I think once things settle down, they are going to make a donation in CJ’s name to a charity of their choosing. Or multiple charities. So please, if you haven’t donated already, please help Ashley in any way you can if you’re so inclined.

One final thing on this. Please read Ashley’s Twitter thread from yesterday:

She posted these on her IG as well over the weekend, but, I’m astounded at the lack of sensitivity some people have in this world, i.e. trolls. Look, I’m not here to debate the anti-vaxxers. I get it. Some of you out there don’t believe in any type of vaccination. While I disagree with your stance, you are entitled to that opinion. My issue isn’t with that. My issue is why you would possibly attack someone like Ashley who just went through what she did sooooo, what? You can make a point? Something that isn’t 100% proven? Go to hell. Seriously. What is wrong with you people? Even if you yourself are 100% convinced of your stance, have some fucking empathy for someone who just lost their child without spewing your rhetoric at them. Is it really THAT hard to keep your opinions to yourself at a time like this? Just because YOU believe it, doesn’t mean everyone else does. And to blame Ashley? Are you kidding? Makes me sick. And the worst part is, Twitter and Instagram will probably do nothing in the grand scheme of things, which is worse. Sick to stomach reading some of the messages Ashley received that she posted. The worst.

No real easy transition after that, so lets just get to it. Here are your spoilers for tonight’s Episode #8…(which I’m sure will make some people mad. Oh well)

-It starts with a 1-on-1 date with Zac Clark. They do a wedding photo shoot. Zac opens up about his previous marriage and battle with addiction. Tells his sobriety story, how bad it got, and how it’s changed him today. Tayshia gives him the rose. If you don’t remember an article I posted way back in July when we first heard he was a contestant, you can read this article written in 2014 about how bad it had gotten for Zac at one point.

-Group Date. 10 guys do nude paintings and self portraits. Ben, Bennett, Blake, Brendan, Demar, Ed, Ivan, Noah, Riley, and Spencer. They have to paint nude models that are part of the class. Then they have to think outside the box and do creative “self portraits,” where they have to open up about themselves and draw a picture. In case you don’t remember, this was done once before, but during a 1-on-1 date in Des’ season with Zak Waddell, Carly’s brother.

Ben Smith gets the group date rose.

-1-on-1 date with Eazy. They go ghost hunting on set, he tells her at dinner he’s falling in love with her, she isn’t reciprocating, so she doesn’t give him the rose. Eazy is eliminated. Good.

-This is the episode JoJo arrives since this was the week that Chris Harrison moved his son into college and left the bubble. She tells the guys that there will be a cocktail party, but that Tayshia needs to figure things out between Bennett and Noah.

-JoJo visits both men and sets up an impromptu 2-on-1 date between Bennett and Noah. The episode ends with a cliffhanger on who Tayshia will end up sending home.

(SPOILER): As I tweeted out last week, she ends up giving Noah the rose and sending Bennett home. But we won’t see that until the beginning of next week’s episode.

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  1. Nahu

    December 1, 2020 at 8:32 AM

    I can’t believe she’s sending Bennett home and keeping Noah. What was she thinking? I hope Noah goes home soon. I can’t stand him.

  2. realitynyc12

    December 1, 2020 at 5:54 PM

    I just have to say that there is a special place in hell for the depraved excuses for human beings that think its ok to send their anti-vaxx self righteous crap to someone who just lost a baby. My heart goes out to Ashley, nobody deserves something like this to happen to them but especially her after what she has been through. These mo fos were harassing her for days prior to her pregnancy loss for getting a flu shot while pregnant, telling her she’ll miscarry and then in a cruel twist of fate when that actually took place- have the utter nerve to send her these ” i told you so” messages? The mind explodes. I never get invested in any drama on behalf of anyone in Bachelor nation but this crap made me want to go off on every single one of them in defense of poor sweet Ashley.
    I know Instagram will do nothing but they really do need to block people like that from having accounts. People have truly lost their humanity behind computer screens by now, it is sickening.

  3. realitynyc12

    December 1, 2020 at 6:07 PM

    I wanted to add to previous comment- that to add insult to injury, the bile that’s being spouting by anti vaxxers makes no sense since the tragedy was caused by umbilical cord ending up around the baby’s neck, so wtf are they even going on about, how could have a flu shot (and the so-called toxins in it) have possibly caused that? Yet logic clearly isn’t a requirement for this brigade of scum, just any excuse to be the absolute worst and try to bring a person down and twist the proverbial knife in someone who they don’t know, at the lowest point in her life. Despicable.

  4. bachelornationfan92

    December 2, 2020 at 9:19 PM

    I have not seen the comments that Ashley received and my condolences go out to her. I’ve had a miscarriage before and it’s not something I would ever wish on anyone. I hate that she is getting hateful comments. Especially during such a vulnerable time. With that being said, I will say that there are many children in the world that are vaccine injured and have died from vaccinations. I have seen the negative comments Ashley has made about people who do not vaccinate. Even though they could be going grieving the loss of a child because of vaccinations. We all need to be kind to one another! Regardless of our beliefs because we don’t know what people are going through behind closed doors.

  5. realitynyc12

    December 3, 2020 at 8:36 AM

    Look, I’m not going to get into a vaccination debate with you, there is plenty of science backed information, statistics and studies out there for people to take a look at, so its really a personal choice to either trust that or focus on the miniscule percentage of sensationalistic cases of tragedies- some of which may or may not even be directly linked to vaccines (honestly, if we treated all risks in life the way we do vaccinations, we would all have ourselves and our kids in a literal bubble unable to leave our houses) Anyway, that’s a separate topic, the main point being is that from what I’ve seen of Ashley, while she’s very outspoken about her own beliefs, she doesn’t personally attack anyone, especially anyone that went through a tragedy. She shares a lot of resources and info to educate and of course I haven’t seen every single thing she’s ever posted, I haven’t been following her that long, maybe at some point she did post something negative about ppl who don’t vaccinate *in general* but not sure how you can compare that to what these people (if you can call them that) are now posting to her directly after she delivered a stillborn baby at 7 months pregnant. Lets get a little perspective instead of covering it up with a blanket of ” let’s all be kind to one another”, we are not comparing apples to apples here. There is zero excuse for what she has to deal with from these ppl and they’re never going to get kinder (unless maybe they experience a loss of this magnitude themselves)
    Stepping off my soapbox now…

  6. idontcare

    December 3, 2020 at 3:02 PM

    My position on vaccines doesn’t matter. What does matter to me is that parents right to make those choices on behalf of their children is secured. The government has no business mandating anything that should be a parents choice to make, especially something that goes into their child’s body and immune system for life. I would never presume to tell another parent how to parent much less accuse them of abuse for a decision they have made for their child. There should be mutual respect on both sides. My hope is that vaccines are at least safe and that parents continue to have the right to make the choice for or against. And yes, I’ve heard the argument of it being “a public health” issue. All I know is you give an inch the government will surely take a mile. If you believe in vaccinating that’s fine. You must also believe your child is safe then from those children who are not vaccinated. I realize the issue goes even deeper. As parents I hope we can be United in the goal of retaining choice for our kids without government intervention. Both sides, stop accusing and hating the other side. Be at peace with your own decision and with the decision others make. On a personal note, there are vaccines I need for my own health, the two vax for pneumonia since I have lung disease. I have informed my doctor I will get the vaccines if they give me the vax without the thermerisol in it. That is a reasonable ask. I too want safe vaccines.

  7. ladyjane747

    December 4, 2020 at 3:57 PM

    Mexican is not a race; therefore, Clare is not “mixed race.” She’s American of Mexican descent. The Bachelor had its Latino lead in Juan Pablo and most people attacked him for being what he is – a Latino male with certain ways of behaving and looking at the world. And I found the ridicule of the way he said “eeees okay” that started with Andi incredibly biased and condescending.

  8. realitynyc12

    December 5, 2020 at 11:12 PM

    This was a great article Ashley shared on her insta story today, straight and to the point

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