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“Reader Emails,” How You Can Donate to Ashley Spivey, & (SPOILERS) Tayshia’s Episode #8

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Hey Steve,

Long time reader, first time emailer here.

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you. You’re so honest, it’s refreshing. I’m sorry that you receive so much hate all the time, but I wanted to let you know I feel like there are more of us out here that love and respect what you do than not. So you keep doing you!

Also, speaking of being honest, thank you for just telling it like it is. People want to be offended and then they want to have someone to blame and I feel like it’s you a lot of the time. I have not read any other “gossip” or “spoiler” sites because I could never trust them like I do you. I know it isn’t our lives being played out on the screen, but I find it interesting to keep up with. I like how you show everything that goes on from all aspects, especially what production’s role is. Viewers forget that everything on this show is planned and worked out according to production’s ideas.

Anyway! I’ve just wanted to email you for a long time and let you know that I appreciate the work you do and I appreciate your absolute honesty and integrity.

Have a great day!

Comment: Thanks. I appreciate it. Nobody is without criticism. I know that. And nobody is universally liked. I know that as well. But when it comes to misinformation, ignorance, and just complete fabrications of truth that are spread as fact by nameless, faceless people behind a keyboard, I’m gonna say something.

Hi Steve,

Just want to let you know I laughed at the question/answer in this past week’s reader emails:

1. What is your favorite bachelor/bachelorette/spinoff season and why? Bachelor Pad 3 when Nick Peterson blew the whole thing up.
That was BY FAR my favorite season as well. I honestly think they took Bachelor Pad off the air because of what Nick did, even though they claim that it wasn’t enough of a show about love. I would love if they brought that show back.

Comment: Yes, that’s why they claim they took it off the air. But I’m sorry, once Nick did what he did, there’s no ending they could have that would beat that. Unless they changed the ending of the show. So it very well could have been a combination of both.

Hi Steve,

Have you heard anything about Colton/Cassie lately? Colton has been silent on social media for quite a while.


Comment: Nope. Probably better that way.


That comment about Kenny’s orgasm sound was hysterical. I laughed so hard that I almost fell off my couch. Thanks for that.

Comment: The one on Twitter where I said it sounded like an enema, or in my column where I said it sounded like he was being murdered. All I know is we need anybody who’s laid down next to Kenny to either confirm or deny he sounds like that. These are very pressing issues, I tell ya’.

Hey Steve just curious as to how it works with other outlets that report your spoilers. They always per reality Steve blah blah blah. Do they have to get permission from to publish these articles or is it kinda of just like public knowledge at that point? Thanks for your hard work!

Comment: Every outlet does their own thing. It’s common courtesy to report where an initial report came from if you’re an outlet reporting a story/spoiler that didn’t originate from yourself. Some sites are good at doing it, some aren’t. It’s hit or miss.


I was just wondering if you would ever have Kaitlyn Bristowe as a guest on your podcast? I love how she has no filter and I feel like you guys would have a great (and entertaining) discussion.

Comment: So would I. I’ve asked her in the past a couple times. Never gotten a no. But never really got a yes either. So you’re guess is as good as mine. After a couple times asking someone, if they don’t give me a solid answer, I just give up. If I have to ask sometime more than twice to come on my podcast, they probably don’t want to be on. Or can’t. But at least let me know.

Hello Steve,

I’m not that into “The Bachelor” franchise yet I find your blog addictive, hehe. So, I had no idea until yesterday that Clare is actually of mixed race with her mother being Mexican. Now, I actually find her more interesting when before, I had no opinion either way though I hate the hate she gets online. My question is do you have any idea why “Bachelorette” producers would not highlight that they actually had their first Latina bachelorette instead of only highlighting her as some kind of dinosaure? They could have made a group date out of the guys learning to speak certain phrases in Spanish or compete to see who makes the best (insert whatever Mexican dish reminiscent of Clare’s childhood here). Also, it would have been interesting to hear her compare experiences with contestants of mixed race and what it’s like for her being able to pass for 100% Caucasian.

Thanks for your blog and for doing your best to vet misinformation!

Comment: I can’t say. I have no idea why they didn’t/wouldn’t focus on that.

Hi do you know when the finale of tayisha’s season will be? how is she supposed to get from 12 to 1 knowing the hometowns, fantasy suites, and final rose take up 3 eliminations? how is she supposed to do this all before the bachelor airs in january?

Comment: Well, it’s Dec. 22nd. And now we know we have tonight, next Tuesday, the following Mon & Tues, and the following Mon & Tues after that to wrap it all up. So 6 episodes to get from 12 to 1. Although tmrw night you know now that only 1 goes home, and that’s Eazy on his 1-on-1 date. And then in the beginning of next week you’ll get Bennett leaving on the 2-on-1 followed by the rose ceremony, where probably 2 more go home. So what if they ALSO have a rose ceremony to end NEXT week. Then we’ll have only 6 left most likely. Seems doable now.

Hey Steve!

Thanks for all you do; providing spoilers/updates/recaps to the Bachelor franchise in your witty writing style is always something to look forward to each week.

Chris Harrison has been on camera quite a bit this season, especially compared to previous ones. It makes sense given that they are at a loss of things to do at the resort, and I’ve actually gotten a kick out of his comedic appearances. With that being said, do you know if Chris is a legitimately good dude or not? I’ve always wondered what your thoughts were on the guy as a whole. Just like anyone else in this franchise, I’ve heard both good and bad.

If anything, it’d be interesting to hear a podcast between you and him; maybe that’ll happen in 15 or 20 years when he wants to do a Tell-All podcast after he retires (ha ha). I highly doubt that’ll ever happen. I’ve never heard the guy have to face the fire in any interview he’s ever done. I don’t see him starting now. Or ever.

Recently I’ve been watching international versions of the Bachelor/Bachelorette on HBO Max, and was wondering how much you pay attention to those. You already have your hands full with the many contestants here in the States, so I’d be thoroughly impressed if you paid any attention to the oversea editions!

I’d recommend Season 1 of New Zealand (with Art Green) since everyone on it seemed like genuinely nice people and rooting for each other. I’m currently going through Season 5 of Australia with Matty J and really enjoying it so far.

You still get your drama on the international versions, but it seems like you also get more people you can actually root for and invest in; because of that, I’m more inclined to say these more than the American version (which always focuses too much on production-manufactured-drama). Never. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, in addition to having zero interest. I can barely tolerate this one.

Lastly, if you had to recommend specific seasons to newcomers of the series, which would you recommend that they check out?

Keep up the awesome work!

Comment: Brad 1.0, Ashley’s, Ben Higgins, Sean Lowe.



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