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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 7 Recap, This Week’s Podcast, Clare/Dale, & Dr. Joe Speaks

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-Time for the cocktail party, and man, has an episode flown by quicker than this one has? I was shocked we were 90 minutes in once this cocktail party started after we basically only had 2 dates shown, along with Ivan’s extended time with Tayshia. None of the guys know that Ben snuck out to see Tayshia the night before, yet he pulls her aside first at the cocktail party to basically just kiss her again. He tells her he wants to “show up” for her, and we immediately start getting Clare flashbacks since that was seemingly her go-to line this season. So I think we know now why Ben is getting all this time being shown. He’s final 2. They wouldn’t go out of their way to have Ben make sure he sneaks to her place and then pull her aside first if he wasn’t important to the season.

-They show her with some alone time with Riley as, being a lawyer, he has a “legally binding agreement to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” But it needs to be sealed with a kiss, which she does. Not bad. Granted, in some places that’d be considered stalking and some different court papers would be following. But hey, you do you, Riles. I see you workin’ here. You’re playing off your lawyer character. I think you should’ve the route of what we used to do back in middle school. Just pass Tayshia note that says, “Will you go around with me” and have her check the “yes” or “no” box. Much simpler. And no, don’t ask where we’re “going around.” That isn’t the point. Lets see, I went around with Kristen in 4th grade for two weeks. Then it was Christie in 6th grade, for like, a whole month. Then I was totally going around with Joanna in 8th grade. Please tell me the kids today in middle school don’t say that, do they? I cringe just thinking of asking someone to go around on the playground after school. Nervous as hell, didn’t even know what it really meant since we weren’t driving, there was no email, no cell phones, etc. We just labeled us as “going around” even though we went nowhere. Ever. And I basically only saw them at school. Simpler times I tell ya’.

-We quickly see her with Brendan, who says he missed her yada yada yada. However, for the second time now, I noticed that Tayshia is the one who makes the move to kiss him first. She did that last week. Quite interesting I’d say. It’s clear she’s into him. And it’s also clear based on the spoiler that she will be pretty devastated when he leaves the show after hometowns. People will question why come on the show in the first place if you’re not ready, but that’s just silly. One can think they’re ready, but until they’re in this situation, they don’t really know. Telling someone not to do this show unless they know they’re ready is kinda ridiculous. If they want to experience it, let them. But you can’t love Tayshia & Brendan together all season, then be mad at him for leaving when he does because it got real for him very quickly and he realized he wasn’t ready. Like basically how people jumped on Madi last season. I think that’s a losing argument to make. How can you know unless you go through it?

-The cocktail party drama of the night surrounded Noah and his talk with Tayshia. Where kinda out of the blue he just throws out there that by her giving him the rose on the group date he wasn’t supposed to be a part of, “the guys implied you did that to shake things up.” This went over with Tayshia about as well as the proverbial turd in the punch bowl. Granted, Noah planted the seed, but Tayshia really took offense to it and called the guys out for it. The thing is, we didn’t get any hint whatsoever of the other guys insinuating that’s why Tayshia gave Noah the rose. That came from him, which I’m sure, was planted in his head by production. He’s just going along with it, and seemingly, enjoying the role he’s been given this season. He’s doing it to ruffle feathers, but knowing he’s ruffling feathers, and not caring. There’s guys like him every season, which is why this drama isn’t really all that big of a deal to me. What a shocker, they’re pitting the older, “smarter,” “educated” dude against the youngest ones in the house and they’re having a pissing match to see whose is bigger. Great. Yawn.

-Rose ceremony time. Noah, Ivan, and Zac are safe with roses. Tayshia: (crickets). Yeah, no speech. Her death stare at all the men could probably burn through led. I’m shocked she didn’t just chuck the roses at the guys names she called and had them put it on themselves.

Ben: A friend of mine texted me saying he looks like a thumb. Just thought I’d pass that along. Blame her.
Eazy: Whatever.
Riley: I think he needs to team up with Jed and work on their pickup skills.
Brendan: I dig the fact that he has no shame whatsoever in dressing like I did in the 90’s with his regular and mock turtlenecks.
Bennett: You think he’s enjoying his newfound fame? Dinner with Tyler Cameron, appearing on Kimmel last night, etc. Oh yeah, Bennett is moving to LA. Shocker.
Blake: For a guy who got a ton of time the first two episodes, he’s basically been a ghost since. Well, until his orgasm sounds this week.
Demar: When is Demar going to be one of my coaches on the Peloton app?
Spencer: Can you believe two episodes ago this guy got Tayshia’s first impression rose and now he’s been relegated to, “Who is that guy?”

“Tayshia, gentleman, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready.” Seriously, I want some reporter to ask Chris Harrison this question: How many rounds of golf did you play in the two months you were at La Quinta and the six weeks you were at Nemacolin? If it’s under 4 times a week, he’s probably lying.

Ed: I don’t think there’s a more perfect name for this guy. Doesn’t he just look like an Ed? Ed.

The podcast with your audio questions will be up later tonight. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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  1. phlacampbe

    November 25, 2020 at 12:30 PM

    Good recap Steve. I agree about Joe – he is freaking awesome! Definitely a fresh and welcomed approach to the game. Would love to see a more representative group of Asians and Indians in this show as well.

  2. ladyjane747

    November 27, 2020 at 8:22 AM

    I can explain why it took your Instagram post to get people to record on YAP. My guess is that your older readers (like me) tend to read your blog here, and your younger readers are on Instagram. I have an Instagram account only so I could follow my son when he was in Russia. I don’t prefer to read tiny posts on my phone or interact there. Your older readers are probably less apt to want to record messages. That’s my take, anyway. Also, if people want “diversity” on their dating shows, go over to OWN and watch Ready to Love or Put a Ring on It – oh, wait, there is no diversity over there because ALL of the contestants are black!

  3. idontcare

    November 27, 2020 at 3:53 PM

    Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to filter out seeing everything about the duds Clare and Dale? Is there an app or a setting to make them invisible or do I have to go to Oz and see the wizard? Everywhere I look online it’s like Dale and Clare have a date night, look for a house, Dale farts in front of Clare, Clare clips her toenails lol! Ahhh! How long are we gonna have to hear about their every move?! I’m ripping my hair out! Now Matt, I can’t wait to hear about him and his season can’t come soon enough to drown these clowns. Sigh…

  4. idontcare

    November 27, 2020 at 4:14 PM

    Steve, I was enjoying reading the recap but then the page disappeared again and I had to navigate in a circle to get the page back up. Won’t you please, please, please!!! spend a little to revamp this site into good working order? Show us some appreciation for giving you support (literally). We have been asking for years! Thank you.

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