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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 6 Recap, “Men Tell All” Notes, TV Schedule Going Forward, & A Timeline Breakdown of Tayshia’s Arrival to La Quinta

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Usually I don’t begin my recaps with talk of ratings, but I figured this week I would since I don’t think I’ve mentioned them the last two weeks. And those two weeks did EXCELLENT for the show. Episode #4, which was the Clare/Dale engagement, drew 5.3 million viewers and a 1.5 rating, which was their best episode of the season yet. Then last week, episode #5, they set a new season high with 5.4 million viewers and a 1.6 rating. However, all that momentum gained in episodes 4 & 5 was lost last night as ratings dropped a full million viewers (4.4 million) and a 1.3 rating, which were essentially the numbers they drew in the first three episodes. Clare’s first three episodes averaged 4.4 million viewers across the board and a 1.3 rating. No cause for alarm because it’s not like the show is on the verge of being canceled, but I’m just telling you not to expect any “Hey Bachelor Nation, you’re the greatest fans ever” tweets in regards to last night’s viewing audience. We’re settled in to Tayshia’s season now and she’s drawing the same numbers Clare did. Which is to be expected. I never thought one of them would do THAT much better than the other. The fact they’re even pulling 4.4 million viewers and a 1.3 rating during October and November and on Tuesday night’s which is not their normal time slot is actually better than they probably expected. Be interesting to see what the finale numbers are. My guess would be in the 6.5 – 7 million viewers and 1.6-1.8 rating range.

A couple notes about Tayshia’s “Men Tell All” filming that took place last Tuesday at Nemacolin:

-Clare and Dale were not a part of it
-None of Tayshia’s final 4 were in attendance
-Yosef was one of the guys on the hot seat and STILL did not show any remorse for how he acted, which upset some of the guys and they attacked him
-Guys were NOT shown the rest of the season in advance before they taped

So yeah, your guess is as good as mine as to how in the world this thing plays out. Especially with none of Tayshia’s final 4 there, and them not even knowing what airs the rest of the season, this whole idea is confusing. The MTA’s are bad enough as it is already, but this one seems questionable. You don’t even need to air it the week before the finale technically since it’s not like her final 4 or final 3 guys were there.

Speaking of scheduling, I have an update as to how the rest of the season will play out. It hasn’t been made official by ABC yet, but you will be hearing about it soon I’m sure. Remember last week I was talking about how are they going to get from 19 guys down to 1 with only six episodes left? And now after last night, we’ve gotta get from 16 to 1 with 5 episodes left. Just didn’t seem like enough time. Well, I can report that two episodes have been added in December. So the episode schedule for the rest of the season right now looks like this:

Nov. 24th
Dec. 1st
Dec. 8th
Dec. 14th (Mon.) *newly added
Dec. 15th
Dec. 21st (Mon.) *newly added
Dec. 22nd

So now we have 7 episodes to get from 16 down to 1, which makes more sense. Well, 6 episodes since one of those is going to be the MTA. I don’t know what date the MTA is airing on yet. All I know is the finale is definitely Dec. 22nd. When I find out about which episode is the MTA, I’ll let you know.

If you didn’t hear what I had to say about the IG account @deuxmoi yesterday, it’s in yesterday’s post. While I did call them out, I’m basically talking about ANY site that just posts stuff without even trying to corroborate their info or vet stuff out. In this day and age of misinformation, it’s happening far too often. I’m just trying to call attention to it. Will most people listen? Probably not. But it’s something I’m passionate about and would like to see change, so I spoke on it. One last thing I wanted to point out that got brought up to me is, “Well Steve, it’s a private account. She tells her readers not to screen shot her posts and pass them around.” Oh please. Just stop. By her telling them that, it’s ALL THE MORE REASON for them to do it.

Look, even if you have a private account, or a private Facebook group or whatever, NOTHING is private on the internet unless it’s behind a paywall and specifically states what they’re paying for can’t be copyright, screen shot, etc and legal action will take place if that info is passed along. Basically what OnlyFans does. Does deuxmoi seriously think because their account is private that what they post can’t/won’t get screen shot? That’s laughable. That’s how I found out about their trashy Bachelor info in the first place. Nothing but people screen shotting it and sending it to me asking me if it’s true. So no, that’s not an excuse. And oh yeah, don’t even get me started on a site that spews not substantiated rumors, innuendo, and falsehoods, but then purposely chooses not to let anyone know their identity. Gee, I wonder why?

Speaking of Rachel, did you see this article that came out yesterday in which Rachel essentially said what I answered yesterday in “Reader Emails?” If you really break it down, Clare spent just as much private time with Dale as any lead would spend with their final choice over the course of two months of filming. The only that she didn’t get to do was visit his hometowns during filming and meet his family, something they did two weekends ago. So yes, while it was a fast engagement, it really wasn’t that much faster than ANY engagement this show has had. Epsiodes-wise, yeah, it was. But total amount of time spent with Dale vs a lead and their final choice? Almost pretty equal.

Hey, hey…we got our first look at Matt James’ season last night. In case you missed it, here it is:

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So we’ve got our first lead in almost 30 seasons that WASN’T someone who was on a previous season AND he’s our first black Bachelor. Great! So what’s the catch? Oh yeah, he’s never been in love before and he’s almost 30. I’m actually glad they showed this last night because this is something I’d heard about Matt since July. He’s never had a serious girlfriend before. Soooooo if you didn’t think making Matt the lead was done under immense pressure and completely performative on ABC’s part, you should now. Be ready for 11 weeks of “the guy who’s never been in love” storylines jammed into your veins. Fun times.



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