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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 6 Recap, “Men Tell All” Notes, TV Schedule Going Forward, & A Timeline Breakdown of Tayshia’s Arrival to La Quinta

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-Rose ceremony time. Doesn’t it seem like the Smashball date was 4 episodes ago? Well, it was last week and technically part of Tayshia’s first week of dates. Smashball, Brendan 1-on-1, and Grown Ass Man Challenge. Which means Eazy, Brendan, and Ivan (oh yeah, he got the group date rose on the GAM challenge) are safe with roses. Tayshia: “Frustrated…incredible conversations…need to listen to my heart…right person for me by my side…the douchey/drama filled guys can pack your bags and I’ll be saying “Bye Felicia” fairly soon…”

Zac, Riley, Kenny, Ben, Demar, Bennett, Spencer, Jordan, Noah, Joe, Blake, Ed get roses.

“Gentleman, Tayshia, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. You realize we’ve been here two weeks and I’ve played La Quinta at least 10 times already? Can we film here every season?”

Chasen gets the last rose. Because of course he did. Which means that Jay, Montel, and Peter were sent home. Three guys who never spoke a word this entire episode, so I don’t think anyone even noticed they left. Hence the reason I completely forgot to add in the spoilers yesterday that Jay was eliminated. Completely just forgot.

-So we’re now in “Week 2” of Tayshia’s dates, so we start off with another group date and that’s a wrestling match that Ed, Chasen, Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, and Ben will be on. They are met in the “arena” by former WWE women’s star Lita (Amy Dumas) and a current UFC fighter. For those that don’t know, Lita was a bad ass in WWE and one of the pioneers who really made women wrestling in the WWE a thing. Before they were a novelty act and kind of a side show. But when women like Lita and Trish Stratus came along, they changed the game. Now women are some of the best performers in ALL of the WWE, headlining matches at PPV’s, something we can all thank women like Lita for who paved the way. Very cool to see her on this date as my WWE pants get more and more tight watching this.

-They had Tayshia oil these guys up with a paint brush before their matches, similar to what I did during the swimsuit competition of the first ever male beauty pageant I won senior year of high school. But hey, no need to talk about that despite how legendary and ground breaking it was. This whole match built up towards a Chasen vs Ed finale. I don’t know if other matches weren’t shown or what, but there was something off about all of this. Ed ended up backing out of his match with Chasen by telling Chris he’s had both his shoulders dislocated in the past, it still happens rather easily, so he’d rather not chance it. Why wouldn’t he have just told them this at the beginning of everything? I mean, I guess it could be editing, but regardless, it looked like a weak excuse. I don’t know if this episode could’ve gone any worse for Ed. Tayshia clearly isn’t into him at all, yet he’s being used as a pawn by production to advance storylines.

-Chris then asks is there anyone who wants to fight Chasen, and Noah hops the fence as one of the guys not on the date, but are in attendance. I’m sure Noah was egged on to by production, however, Chris opened it up to anyone. So any of the remaining guys could’ve taken the opportunity. What, the youngest guy in the whole group did and now the guys are commenting on his age? Ahhhh, no wonder why I smell a rat here. Noah’s storyboard is “youngest guy, ruffles feathers.” Makes perfect sense now. Noah is playing a role. And by jumping the fence, challenging Chasen, losing, yet getting invited to the group date after party by Tayshia, he will be presented with his Emmy fairly soon. None of that was organic whatsoever. I hope you could sense that. From what we saw, there were 4 matches on this date:

Eazy beat Joe
Jordan beat Brendan
Spencer and Ben fought to a draw
Chasen beat Noah

Yet Chasen was declared the champion. This made zero sense. As does most of this show.

-I can’t even remember which date it happened on – the GAM challenge after party, the rose ceremony cocktail party, or the wrestling after party – but at some point Chasen called Tayshia a smoke show, and that seemed to get under Ben’s skin. Ashley and I talked about it on our podcast last week and there’s nothing wrong with complimenting a woman that way. Because that’s what it is – a compliment. Can you say something else in replace of it? Sure. Look, Chasen did and said a lot of douchey things last night, but I’m not gonna jump on the guy for calling Tayshia a smoke show. I mean, did you see her? She absolutely is one. And frankly, she knows she is. Go look at her IG. You think she doesn’t realize her looks are a major asset of hers? Of course she does. So I don’t see the issue with Chasen complimenting her looks. Maybe it speaks on his lack of vocabulary, but it’s not like he was insulting or degrading her. You’re reading too much into it if you think he’s treating her like a piece of meat. She’s a super attractive woman. She’s hot. No other way around it. Smoke show is just a different word to use since hot is overly used. This is not as big of a deal as some are making it. Especially when Tayshia doesn’t seem put off by it.

-Tayshia kisses Noah but then asks to see him sans mustache. He comes back with a razor, she shaves him, and kisses him again telling him he looks really good. Well, I think we can expect to see Noah ruffling feathers from here on out since that’s what his role has now become. Not to mention, Noah says he doesn’t care if he makes enemies in the house. Brendan also got his time with Tayshia and, yet again, we can clearly see how much she’s into him. They wouldn’t have shown us their time together if she wasn’t. Hell, she even kissed him first while he was talking, so you KNOW she wants him badly. As I reported in the spoilers, Tayshia is VERY bothered by when Brendan eliminates himself later on because he feels he’s not ready to jump into anything so serious with a somewhat recent divorce.

-Noah actually ended up interrupting Jordan’s time with Tayshia to come back with his razor, and this is where the “all the guys are not liking Noah” started up. Well, he did nothing wrong by choosing to wrestle Tayshia, then SHE was the one who asked him to come to the group date after party for stepping up on the group date – I’m not sure what their beef is. But considering every group date after part has always had some drama, I guess this one had to be it. Noah is the youngest, he’s ruffling feathers, soooooo…voila! There’s your drama. Even though it’s about as tame as this show can get. Like I said at the start of the recap portion, really one of the worst episodes ever in terms of drama just because we weren’t really invested enough to care. We’ll see where this takes us next week, but I would think it’s more of the same.

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