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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 6 Recap, “Men Tell All” Notes, TV Schedule Going Forward, & A Timeline Breakdown of Tayshia’s Arrival to La Quinta

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Something that was brought up yesterday in “Reader Emails” really made me wanna do a deeper dive into things and bring it to light in case it got lost in all the emails. I wanted to show everyone who wasn’t paying attention at the time of the potential timeline for Tayshia being brought on the show. The funny thing is, Tayshia has done a ton of interviews since her season began last week. So has Robert Mills. So has Chris Harrison. But it shows you how coddled and uninformed some of these interviewers are, because they certainly aren’t asking the questions I would ask. They keep speaking in generalities of when they thought of bringing Tayshia in, and quarantining, and when they reached out, blah blah blah. It’s f***ing simple. How hard is it to ask, “When did you call Tayshia to tell her you wanted her on the show, what day did she arrive at La Quinta, and how many days did she quarantine?” I guaran-damn-tee Tayshia knows the exact day she was called, the day she left, when she arrived, and how many days she quarantined. We know some of those dates, so lets examine it shall we?

-Clare’s season started filming on Sat., July 18th with the limo entrances and meeting her guys. Her dates started on Monday, July 20th.

-The first story that ever broke in regards to Tayshia being brought in as a replacement came when this was posted on Reddit on Friday, July 31st and I tweeted out later that day:

So on Friday July 31st, 13 days after Clare began filming, we hear that Tayshia is taking over. But that post said that they’d heard on MONDAY the 27th of that week Tayshia was being brought in. So Monday would be the LATEST Tayshia got there. We don’t know for sure because it wasn’t specified. But lets for the sake of argument say Tayshia arrived that Monday, July 27th. I’m sorry, but that only means she quarantines for 4 days because we know dates of her filming:

The fireworks show with Brendan’s 1-on-1 we know happened on Sunday, Aug. 2nd because I tweeted this out past midnight my time on the 3rd (which means it was happening at 10:45pm PT on the 2nd):

Working backwards:

-Brendan’s 1-on-1 on Sunday, Aug. 2nd
-Smashball on Saturday, Aug. 1st
-Tayshia’s opening night cocktail party/meeting guys on Friday, July 31st

Which means if she REALLY arrived on Monday, July 27th, she quarantined for 4 days only. Is it possible? I guess. Is it a little reckless by the show and not the standard they did with everyone else, especially for the lead who’s coming in? I think so. Everyone else before Clare’s season quarantined for 7-9 days total, depending on when they arrived. Most arrived around July 10th or so, and filming started the 18th. So why would Tayshia only been given 4 days to quarantine? Makes me think she was there sooner. Lets say she was there 3 days earlier on the 24th. You mean to tell me Clare’s dates started on Monday, July 20th, and 4 days later, Tayshia was already there quarantining? One interview Tayshia did she said when she got the call, she was told she had 48 hrs to get to La Quinta. Wait, huh? So if that’s true, then they called Tayshia literally after Clare had 2 dates this season. Yeah, their stories aren’t aligning.

This is further proof that bringing in Tayshia was ALWAYS the plan and had nothing to do with them being caught completely off guard by the Clare/Dale relationship and somehow scrambling on the fly. Especially since Mills said in an interview when Clare didn’t give out the group date rose, that’s when it hit them to make the call to Tayshia. Ummmm, Tayshia was already in La Quinta quarantining for at least a few days when Clare didn’t give out that group date rose. The fact that none of these people will answer an honest, simple question should also tell you all you need to know about how shady this whole thing was.

How hard is it to say, “Hey, what day did Tayshia arrive on set and how many days did she quarantine?” Tayshia knows. Robert Mills knows. Chris Harrison knows. But, real stunner, none of them are answering and none of them are being asked that. The story they are selling the public which is, again, that Clare’s actions made them go to Tayshia, do not fit any sort of timeline that we know since filming was never shut down. They also keep saying we’re crazy if we think this was all planned? Really? Are we? Because based on this timeline, I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Just answer the question of what day you called Tayshia and told her she’s the Bachelorette, what day she arrived, and how many days she quarantined. They could’ve easily gotten away with this if they admitted they had to shut filming down and kinda restart things, but they’ve said the opposite, in that, it never stopped. Of course it didn’t. Tayshia’s arrival and cocktail party started on Friday, July 31st, a mere 13 days after Clare’s season began filming.

I wanna teach a class on this stuff with pie charts, diagrams, and all sorts of Carrie Mathison-like pin boards. The evidence is all right there. And the story they’re selling you isn’t lining up. They knew they were bringing Tayshia into this season before Clare even began filming her first night.



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