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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 5 Recap, Toxic Bachelor Nation At It Again, & Caelynn Needs Your Help

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We are back to a “normal” season of the “Bachelorette,” and when I say normal, I just mean that between each rose ceremony it’ll be group dates and 1-on-1’s, and we’ll get to know the guys now. Production shoved Dale and Clare down our throats because they fell for each other and left 12 days into filming. If you don’t show all their scenes together in those first 4 episodes, then no one could possibly understand where they are right now. Hell, they even did and people STILL don’t understand, don’t want to understand, or don’t believe it. But because of that, we barely know any of the other guys this season, and now that’ll start. Guys who didn’t get an ITM for four episodes we’re now starting to hear from. But as I mentioned yesterday, with now only 6 Tuesday’s left until Tayshia’s finale on Dec. 22nd, getting from 19 guys down to 1 is going to be a rushed task. There’s no way it won’t be, unless they start doing two episodes a week, which is not currently on their schedule. So yeah, I’m guessing we’ll get episodes that have two rose ceremonies in it. Next week could be possible since we have one group date left before the rose ceremony. But I don’t know yet.

As for the spoiler of Jason eliminating himself, if you listened to last Thursday night’s live with Ashley, I said that that’s what I’d heard happened with him this season. But I didn’t put it in yesterday’s spoilers for the episode because I didn’t know it happened in that episode. I thought it came next episode. And I didn’t even catch this at the time but it was brought to my attention, that when Jason went to Tayshia’s room to say he was leaving, she was in the same outfit she was in for the night portion of her date with Brendan. So he actually eliminated himself AFTER the date with Brendan, but it was shown on TV as he did it before. I guess they had to continue with that narrative that Tayshia has doubt some of the men aren’t there for her. Seems kinda ridiculous to show that out of order, but whatever.

Not that we didn’t already know, but it was made “official” yesterday as ABC announced that Matt James season will premiere on Jan. 4th, 2021, the first Monday in January. We’ve known that’s been their schedule to premiere the “Bachelor” then for a while, but do you know how many seasons in a row it’s been? I thought it was around 8 or 9. Wrong. This will be the 14th season in a row that has premiered the first Monday in January. You can go all the way back to Jason Mesnick’s season that premiered in Jan of 2009, which was season 13. And Matt will be season 26. Damn. Longer than I thought. Shows you how time flies with this show. It also shows you how this show was hell bent on making sure they had their staple in the franchise running at the same time as it always does. I think that was a big deal to them, and it’s why they probably decided to squeeze in a “Bachelorette” season in 2020 so they knew what they had to do for the next season of the “Bachelor.”

So we met the 4 4 new guys last night, and this article by US Weekly is totally baffling to me. Like, aren’t they just stating the obvious? “Tayshia Adams 4 New ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants were originally cast for Clare Crawley.” Well yeah. In July they released the head shots and names of 42 guys and Montel, Noah, Peter, and Spencer were all on it. So of course people thought they would be on Clare’s season. Tayshia’s name wasn’t a blip on anyone’s radar back when this cast was announced. Weird. This was a great line:

“Us Weekly can confirm that all four suitors — Peter Giannikopoulos, Noah Erb, Montel Hill and Spencer Roberston — were announced as part of Clare’s potential cast in July.”

You can confirm that byyyyyyyyyy, how? Oh yeah, looking at the 42 men that were posted on the “Bachelorette” FB page 3 days before Clare’s season started filming. I don’t know how else anyone would’ve taken that considering we didn’t know about Tayshia. What a bizarre story to run. I don’t even get what they’re trying to accomplish by this.

My friend Jacqueline Trumbull has another good episode out from her “A Little Help For Our Friends” Podcast that came last week, it’s Episode #5 on Empathy. Check it out if you can by either going to any podcast outlet and downloading, or, you can do it by listening here. They tackle some really deep topics so I hope you prepare yourself.

This story just broke this morning, but Caelynn Miller Keyes brother is missing. Not much more here to report since this, other than if you have any other leads or information on this sad situation, contact the numbers in that article and hopefully he is found safe soon.

Did you see this IG post from one of last night’s newest contestants, Peter Giannikopoulos? Yikes. And by the way, he’s Peter G. from now on. F-that that I’m gonna type his long ass last name every time. Anyway, talk about a double whammy. He explains in his caption he contracted COVID and on the way home from the hospital he had an anxiety attack and crashed his car. Looks to be ok, but damn, that had to have been scary:

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The past 24 hours have truly been some of the hardest in my life. Yesterday I tested positive for Covid and have begun two week quarantine. I am going through a lot of emotions at the moment with so many thoughts in my head as to how this happened. I felt lousy for a few days but didn’t believe I would contract the virus when I have been wearing a mask in public, washing and sanitizing hands regularly, and following social distancing protocol during work. This is an example no matter who we are or what we do, we are all vulnerable. As if the positive news wasn’t bad enough, while driving home from the clinic my anxiety started to get the best of me. As a result of the anxiety, I lost consciousness behind the wheel and my car went off road through a guard rail and hit a pole. The air bag deployed, driver side door was wedged in, broken glass everywhere, and I was 5ft away from smashing into a building. All I remember was waking up to people shouting for help, as I was in a deep daze and confusion. I didn’t know where I was, how I got there, or what happened. Luckily I came out of it with only a small gash on my nose. Truly a blessing as I am a firm believer I had angels watching over me. Covid is something we all need to face head on and stay positive during these times. We can’t run away from it nor pretend it does not exist. It creates immense anxiety as a result of me losing consciousness behind the wheel. In moments like this, lean against each other for support and positivity. Although my symptoms are evident, I am going to fight this and win. I understand so many lives have been impacted and my heart goes out to every single person affected. It’s okay to be nervous, anxious, and feeling uncertain, but just remember we are all in it together Love, PG

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