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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 5 Recap, Toxic Bachelor Nation At It Again, & Caelynn Needs Your Help

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We all know how bad social media can be. Keyboard warriors can say anything they want without any repercussions outside of a terrorist threat or violent harm. And even those may take a while to get to. The other thing it does is just gives people the opportunity to say things just because they can, and if you question why did they say that, the argument in return is almost always along the lines of, “Hey, am I not allowed to have an opinion? I can have an opinion on anything I want. It’s a free country” blah blah blah. No one’s saying you can’t have an opinion, but maybe that opinion is completely misinformed, or full of hate and/or vitriol that maybe you should just think about what you send before you send it. I’d say last night I had to deal with that.

This is something I tweeted last night:

SOOOO many responses to that calling me racist, telling me I hate Tayshia, telling me why am I being so mean, etc. Lets first dissect something. Yes, I’m a fan of Clare. I’ve made that known from the very beginning. Never shied away from that. I remember the two podcasts we did three years ago and always remembering how much I enjoyed them and saw her edit over the years and just felt like she got the raw end of the deal a lot of times. That does NOT mean I hate Tayshia. Nothing in that tweet is remotely racist, remotely full of hate, and remotely mean. I’ve covered this show for 17 years now in my column, on social media, in my podcast, etc. I make fun of the show. I make fun of the things people say and do on this show. A LOT of that is tongue in cheek. These people so quick to run and judge me and jump down my throat for something as innocent as that tweet I just don’t understand. Look at this response:

“ALL” the Tayshia hate? Really? In that one tweet there’s ALL Tayshia hate? It’s mind boggling to me. One, it’s not hate at all, it’s making fun of something she said in a joking manner. You know what a hate tweet would’ve been to that situation? “Tayshia is a fucking idiot. She’s the Bachelorette and doesn’t even know what the show is. Thank your lucky stars Clare boned out or else you wouldn’t be in this situation. Good grief, what a moron.” Something along those lines. All I was doing in my tweet was chuckling at her standing in front of 20 men on the first night of her Bachelorette season saying “I did not expect any of this.” That’s funny to me for exactly what I said. What DID you expect then? I feel like I have to dissect it even further for these people. Her saying that would’ve made sense if she was told the night before to get to La Quinta and she was the new Bachelorette 24 hrs later. And then she’s like, “Whoa, was not expecting this.” She was called over a week in advance, she knew what she was doing there, had quarantined, gone through fittings and wardrobe stuff, etc. It was more rhetorical than anything. That’s what happens on this show. It was funny. Like the fact that people took that statement (and not a few, A LOT) as me being a racist or hateful towards her couldn’t be further from the truth. So yeah, while you may be allowed to have your own opinion to express it, how about look at my body of work over 17 years, know how I write and tweet, and maybe not immediately jump to your dumb ass opinions.

So once that came reigning down, again, I decided to have more fun with it by just trashing Clare – CLEARLY with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek. Like, I made it so over-the-top ridiculous in my “hatred” for the Clare and Dale segment, yet, here were some of the responses:

How maddening is that? Are people that blind? Are people that clueless? Two of those three people actually follow me on Twitter, so how do you not know how exaggerated my tweets were? Basically, I was writing all the things that I HAVE seen written about Clare and Dale over the last month. Those weren’t my own words, those were others. Yet I can’t even joke about that now before the “woke” society pounces? We are in trying times now where racist/hateful/vial rhetoric is spewed online constantly, day in and day out. In no way can anyone EVER say that I’m one of the major contributors to that. Period. End of story. And if you want to claim that, like those people did, show me the proof. I’m begging you.

I think Tayshia is one of the top 3 best looking Bachelorettes we’ve had. She’s smart, she’s got an unbelievable smile, she’s got her shit together, and I have absolutely zero problem with her as the Bachelorette. She was on their radar before they decided on Clare, so it’s not like this was out of the blue and I’m like, “Where the hell did this come from?” She’s relevant to this franchise, so it makes all the sense in the world they cast her once Clare was gone. I’ve said it time and time and time again, I do not care who they cast as the lead. As long as there is a season, I’m happy, because that keeps me employed. Tayshia is now 1 of 17. Good for her. Yeah, did I have a prior experience with Clare twice on my podcast to where I feel I know her better? Absolutely. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like Tayshia.

Did I point out during Colton’s season that Tayshia went on vacation with a dude two weeks before she left for Colton’s filming? Yes. Because it happened. That wasn’t an opinion. It was fact. We can debate the seriousness of the relationship if you want, but it did happen. I tend to think if you go on vacation with someone 1-on-1, a guy you were dating, and then leave for this show two weeks later, it’s certainly worth noting. Probably not the greatest look. But that was over two years ago. It’s not relevant now. But somehow because I covered that back then, people are quick to assume I hate her. Just sit back, enjoy the season, and quit being so sensitive to things that aren’t anything close to what you make them out to be. And if you don’t wanna hear me joke, be sarcastic, or poke fun at anything Tayshia says or does this season, please, I’m begging you, do not read anything I write this season. Just take this season off if you’re going to be that bothered. You won’t be missed. I promise.

Now, onto more important things. Recap begins on Page 3…



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