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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – Episode 5 Recap, Toxic Bachelor Nation At It Again, & Caelynn Needs Your Help

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-I get why they had the Clare and Dale segment, since last week we saw them run off together, but it wasn’t the least bit informative about anything, not to mention not timely at all. That was filmed two months ago while they were still at La Quinta and only a month into their engagement. What we’ve seen on their IG last Thursday night, and then the last couple days of her in South Dakota meeting his family has shown us much, much more about them together. They even have a exclusive today. So no need to spend any time on the two segments they gave us last night only to say if you think that Clare and Dale had any communication pre-show, after she’s said twice now on national TV she didn’t by swearing on her dead dad’s grave, I don’t know what to tell you. Hopefully we can put that narrative to bed.

-Back to Tayshia and this show’s obsession with putting guys in banana hammocks for dates. Seriously, why are they so obsessed with constantly showing guys in bikini bottoms and what not? This was for a game of Splashball in the pool as 10 guys – Spencer, Riley, Blake, Zac, Jordan, Noah, Kenny, Jay, Eazy, and Peter will be split into 2 teams to battle it out in the pool. Winners get Tayshia later on, losers go home. Chris Harrison and Tayshia commentate the game because of course they do and the whole thing is dumb. I mean look, it was like an average of 115 degrees out there every day during filming, so it makes sense that a lot of dates will consist of being in the pool. But with that said, yeah, the dates aren’t very interesting lets face it. Riley accidentally swung his arm and gave Spencer a bloody lip. I think they made that out to be more than it was, honestly. Clearly Riley doesn’t like Spencer, but that’s not why he bloodied his lip. They showed the replay and that was clearly an accident.

-At the cocktail party, they show her getting time with only about half the men. One is Eazy, who tells her she makes him giddy. She tells him the same and, well, that’s enough of that. Again, for all those asking about why they keep showing Eazy after they’ve spoken to a woman who’s brought up allegations against him, the answer is the same “I don’t know.” But it speaks volumes about how seriously they take accusations against contestants that they haven’t edited him out of the show. And yes, I know it’s because a major outlet hasn’t picked it up yet so they feel they can hide behind the fact I’m the only one reporting it, so limited number of people know about it. I’ll keep screaming it from the rooftops, but ultimately, it’s not going to matter until one of the major entertainment outlets run it. I’ve spoken with a couple. And both have said the same thing. They can’t run it without speaking to the woman in question. And right now, she doesn’t want to speak on record. Because once she does, everything is out in the open, she’ll be harassed, bombarded, called a liar, called an opportunist, etc. She knows what’s coming, so if she doesn’t want to speak out publicly, that’s her decision. Until then, I guess we kept getting this edit of Eazy.

-Zac got time with Tayshia and they both asked each other why they’re still single, which I’ve always found interesting. Why are people not allowed to be single? I don’t get it. I don’t care what age they are. Whatever the case, Zac’s answer of “I haven’t found it yet” was pretty generic. Well clearly, or else you wouldn’t be single. Don’t worry. Zac is definitely going to dive into his past of divorce and addiction, just not tonight. I’m assuming it’s on the 1-on-1 date he gets coming up.

-They zipped through a couple of her other interactions like with Jordan and Riley and Kenny. She told Kenny he started out a little bit shy, but he came out. Well, so did the top 7 buttons on his shirt. All you need to do is a search of Kenny Braasch on Google Images and you’ll see Kenny don’t give a f*** about shirts. Or clothes for that matter. I don’t know what boy band this guy manages, but he’s much more suited for a role in Thunder Down Under or something like that. And oh yeah, Tayshia gave Eazy the group date rose, which makes everything that much more awkward.

-On her 1-on-1 with Brendan, again, not much of a date. You hear horse back riding, and you’re like, “Ok cool. They’re out in the desert, maybe go through a few trails, have an experience together, do a picnic…” No. Not happening. The two horses just take them around the resort, with Chris Harrison offering refreshments along the way. Needless to say, productions hands are tied up pretty good when you’re shooting in one location for a whole season. Lets face it, these dates suck. The day portion of the dates is really a means to an end. What people really care about is seeing the two people connect on the night portion of the date. After horse back riding, Tayshia and Brendan head to the pool to make out for a bit. It’s in this sequence we get an ITM of Tayshia saying, “Honestly, round me up cowboy…because I’m ready to go home with this man.” Can you IMAGINE if Clare said something along those lines after one date with a man? Oh wait, she kinda did. And was crucified for it. Tayshia? Crickets. Just pointing out the double standard going on.

-Brendan at dinner tells Tayshia he has some “baggage” in that in his early 20’s he was married, it was his high school sweetheart, cheating didn’t happen, they fell out of love, and that as the relationship went on, she realized children weren’t in her future. And Brendan wants children. Honesty. We like that. Then Tayshia talked briefly about her divorce where infidelity did happen. Did we know this already? We knew Tayshia was divorced since back before Colton’s season even aired, but, has she publicly spoken about how there was infidelity in the marriage? I guess maybe I’d heard that, but honestly, I don’t know which side it was from. I’m assuming Tayshia is saying he cheated. Whatever the case, the fact they were both married clearly made her feel a bond with Brendan that, as we know from the spoilers, will make his leaving all the more painful for her. They go outside and hey, it’s the fireworks show we all knew about. I need to go back and look over the dates of all that since we knew in real time that it was set for a Saturday night, but they pushed it back a day. No surprise, Brendan gets the rose and will be a major player this season.

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