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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

(SPOILER) Tayshia’s Hometown Date Episode Tonight, & Everything I’ve Been Told About the Ending

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So I’m gonna do something now I’ve never done before. I’m going to tell you what I’ve heard about the ending of this season. The difference is, this time I’m telling you as I report this, that I have no idea if it’s true or not. My confidence level in it isn’t very high considering the “Ben is final 2” spoiler was already wrong. If it ends up being right, great. If it ends up being wrong, great. I’m not saying “here is the ending to the season. This is what happens.” I’m just telling you what I’ve been told. And if it does end up being right, I’m not even gonna claim this as some season spoiler I got correct. I’ll just know in the back of my mind it ended up being right. And maybe the people who told me will be like, “See Steve. Told you that’s what happened.” And they’d be right. But I just haven’t gotten the confirmation I feel I need to say “yep, this is what happens at the end.” So yeah, for all those whose lives revolve around keeping my track record on whether I’m right or wrong every season, unless something changes in the next week and I do find out for sure what happens, you can chalk this season up to I don’t know what happens. I should probably repeat that 10 times as well since I’m sure it’ll be forgotten.

I reported at the beginning of the season “Ben and Zac are the final 2, she chose Zac, they didn’t get engaged, and I don’t know the status of their relationship now.” That’s the ending spoiler I gave then and I’ve never written anything different since. Do I feel confident in that? Eh. Well, not the Ben part since that was wrong. Do I think she chose Zac in the end? I honestly do not know anymore. Maybe? I guess? Kinda? However, I can now tell you what I’ve been told for the last month by two different sources. Take it as you will:

-Over the last month, I’ve had two different people tell me that Tayshia chose Zac at the end, at some point after filming they broke things off, and that she is currently back in touch with Brendan and they are slowly working on a relationship.

I’m sure that brings up a bunch of questions, but frankly, I have no answers. That’s all I’ve got. Have they met up post show? Don’t know. How/when did things end with Zac? Don’t know. Who broke it off with who? Don’t know. Like I said, the Brendan stuff has been told to me for the last month, but I honestly have no idea if it’s true. And how can I put much confidence into it when I never got the confirmation I felt I needed to run with it? So if we find out next week in the finale it ended up being right, I guess I’ll be the moron for not saying this is how the season ends and my sources could tell me they were right. If it’s wrong and the ending is completely different, then that’s a possibility too.

More questions:

-Does Brendan self eliminate? Even that I don’t know anymore. Based on the previews for next week that was shown last night, looks like that’s what they’re setting up. But am I 100% sure it does? No. If he does self eliminate, well, then that source was right and I should’ve been more confident in what they told me.

-So does this mean Zac and Ivan are final 2 if Brendan self eliminates? I mean, math would say that’s the case, but who knows what happens?

-Do you still think regardless of whoever the final 2 are, she picked Zac at the end? Ummmmm, I guess? If you were to ask me what I think is most likely, I’d say that. But I’m not saying anything with certainty because I just don’t know.

When you look at it, there’s a chance that everything I reported at the beginning of the season (minus Ben being final 2), ends up happening: Brendan self eliminates, she chose Zac and there was no engagement. It’s the stuff that happens post-show (which we know now is a thing they LOVE to have happen) that could throw a wrench into everything. Bottom line is I don’t know with any certainty what happens at the end of this season. First time since Des’ season where you didn’t know going into the finale what the correct ending was. Could it change in the next week and I get the ending? I guess it’s possible. I didn’t report Peter’s finale til the morning of. But I’m not counting on it happening. This season has just been so weird. right now I think I know more about Matt’s finale than I do Tayshia’s. Hard to explain why that’s the case.

This season has just been an anomaly. I’ve never not had some info I felt comfortable standing by before the finale. And as of now, I don’t for Tayshia. If I did, I’d report it and say “this is what happened/I believe happened.” I don’t have much confidence in anything, so I’m just telling you everything I have been told. It’s not hedging my bets either, because I’m not gonna say I was right if that’s what ends up happening. I’ll just know I should’ve had more faith in what I was told. And if it’s totally wrong, and there’s nothing happening with Brendan post-show, then I’d know I made the right call in not reporting that as the definitive ending. And someone (well, two people) would have been way off. This is gonna make for one interesting last week I tell ya’. Buckle up.

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