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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

(SPOILER) Tayshia’s Hometown Date Episode Tonight, & Everything I’ve Been Told About the Ending

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First things first, let me just say you know one thing I’m actually thrilled about? That we’re back on a normal schedule for this site. Recaps Tuesdays, “Reader Emails” Wednesdays, and podcasts Thursdays. And once Matt’s season starts Jan. 4th, that’ll continue into next season. It’s the little things I tell ya’. Because having to do “Reader Emails” before the episodes aired was just…odd. And we got less this season because of it. But hey, we made the most of it. So get your emails in today to be answered during tomorrow’s post. Right now, about half of what we usually have, so if you get something in today, good chance it’ll be in tomorrow’s “Reader Emails.” And trust me, I’m sure you’re gonna have questions after reading today’s post.

Also, I’m on Olivia Caridi’s “Mouthing Off” podcast out now. It was quite a conversation. Clearly Olivia don’t see the Josh interview through the same lens, and that’s perfectly ok. But at least I’m able to have an open discussion with her about it. She doesn’t really see my side, and I don’t really see hers in terms of him being on the podcast. It’s almost kinda like the chicken vs the egg theory that we seem to be going back and forth on. An almost 2 hr conversation and I think the last hour was strictly us talking about my Josh podcast. I’m well aware that most of you hate it, are mad at me for posting, think horrible things about me now, and I guess, will never listen to my podcast again if the responses I’ve received are any indication. I don’t know what to tell you. Do I agree with everything he said? No. But he reached out to me, he wanted to tell his side, and I let him. But my point remains the same: Tayshia didn’t need to say publicly there was infidelity in her marriage. She could’ve said that off camera or after the season and it wouldn’t have changed her journey with any of these guys. Once she did, Josh had every right to speak up.

He was in a no-win situation from the get go because of who he was speaking about. But I didn’t feel that meant he shouldn’t be able to tell his side. The podcast is out, I’m not gonna delete it, and I stand by allowing him to speak. I’m glad Olivia and I could have a back and forth about it while disagreeing, which is more than I can say for some of the attacks I received on DM’s and Twitter. I don’t know what else to say, so after that podcast, I’m pretty much done addressing it. Nothing I say will matter to people who hated it and hated him anyway. I just wish there were more people like Olivia who could actually have a discussion about it rather than trash it, call me names, and say things that are just factually incorrect. Bottom line, Toxic Bachelor Nation is at it again and I’m over those people. Moving on…

The official announcement of the 32 women that met Matt James came on Friday, which you can scroll through right here in case you missed it. Been a few seasons now where Chris Harrison does a “live” announcement on Twitter and Facebook where he introduces the cast to everyone and says a little about each woman. This was his reveal on Friday in case you missed it:

They originally released 43 “possible” candidates back on Oct. 7th, three days before filming began, so 11 of these women didn’t meet him on the first night. Here’s what I tweeted on Friday:

So I’m pretty sure Heather was NOT part of the 5 women who joined the show after rose ceremony #2. Which means all in all, Matt meets 38 women (original 32, the 5 that come after rose ceremony #2, then whenever Heather shows up) at some point this season, which is more than any previous “Bachelor” did in history. Why did they hold 5 women from the group of original 43 for two rose ceremonies before bringing them on? Because they can? I mean, there isn’t really an answer to that question. They do it for dramatic purposes. But everyone seemed to ask me that after I posted on Friday, so, that’s the best answer I can give you. They do it because they can. As mentioned, I will not have episode by episode spoilers before the season airs. Just much, much harder during these one location seasons. I’ve heard so many random things here and there, so I’ll probably just do a dump of everything I’ve heard about Matt’s season come the morning of Jan. 4th.

One thing that kinda drove me nuts about Chris Harrison’s announcement is him saying that they had a “record breaking” number of applicants this season. Do you realize how many times Chris has said that in the past? Like, over five. It’s hyperbole. He’s said it numerous times, and each time, he backs it up with nothing other than his words. And lets face it, are we always supposed to take the shows mouthpiece at his word every time he speaks? The answer to that would be no. Matt is no more different than any other Bachelor before him. Well, except for the fact he knows nothing about the show (Chris admitting he didn’t know what a rose ceremony was), has never been in love before, has never even had a serious relationship before, and admitted on a podcast he did either last year or 2018 (I’ll link to it soon) he says everyone he’s ever started to get serious with, he runs. Soooooo, he was the best choice for Bachelor and the first one in almost 30 seasons that wasn’t from a previous season becauuuuuuusse…why again? Forget it. Don’t answer that. We already know.



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