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The Bachelorette 16 - Tayshia

(SPOILERS) Tayshia’s Overnight Dates

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We’re down to the final two episodes. As I said last week, this season has been crazy. Not even necessarily just in the spoiler world, but just overall in general. Very bizarre season for me and information gathering. Nothing I can get too much into detail with, but just trust me on this one. So tonight starts the two-part finale, and there is no ATFR tomorrow night. What does that mean? We don’t know. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure we will get some update on what’s happened post show. But due to COVID, I guess they figured doing a live ATFR was out of the question. Could have something to do with how everything ends up, could not. We just don’t know. Maybe they’ll address it after the fact. But as I’ve said all season, Tayshia got screwed on her end in every way. No travel, brought in late, cast was for Clare, less time with them, no “real” hometowns, etc. All just felt very rushed. But hey, what do they care? For the first time in I believe franchise history, a new season starts only two weeks after one ends. So their focus will immediately turn to Matt’s season after Tuesday night, I can promise you that. This “Bachelorette” season will be an afterthought starting Wednesday or so.

Lets get to tonight’s episode spoilers…

-Before she begins her overnight dates, Tayshia has a talk with JoJo to discuss her final 3 guys. The order of the overnights is Ivan, Zac, then Brendan.

-Ivan has the first overnight. During the day portion, Ivan and Tayshia get in an ice bath and try to set the World Record for longest kiss in an ice bath. They end up setting the record.

During the night portion, he tells her he’s falling in love with her, Tayshia reciprocates the feelings, and they spend the night together.

-Zac has the second overnight. During the day portion, they end up painting each other. During the night portion, Zac tells her he’s in love with her, Tayshia reciprocates the feelings, and they spend the night together.

-Brendan has the last overnight. During the day portion, they try on rings with Neil Lane and just look at an assortment of diamonds. This was clearly done to drive into Brendan’s head and make him uneasy about possibly proposing in a few days.

At night, Brendan eliminates himself. He said he thought he was ready for an engagement, but realizes he’s still broken from his divorce. He leaves.

-The next day, Rachel comes to talk to Tayshia about her final 2 men. Rachel talks about how when you’re down to the final two, you start thinking of those you let go. Tayshia brings up Ben because, well, we know why she does.

As Tayshia is getting ready for the rose ceremony, Ben shows up at her door. They talk, he tells her he’s in love with her, and the episode ends with Tayshia leaving Ben on the couch while she goes and talks to producers.

So what I was told before the season started and what I reported ended up being true. Brendan self eliminated. I just didn’t know if it was at #4 or #3. Now we know that info was correct. There will be no spoilers before tomorrow night’s episode, so what I wrote last week still stands. I do not know how this season ends up. Before the season I spoiled that Tayshia chose Zac, there was no engagement, and I didn’t know the status of their relationship. I mean, I’d be shocked if Ben meets her parents and gets to final 2, but who knows? And I know she doesn’t pick Ivan. So it looks like that info I was given has a good chance of playing out, I just don’t have the greatest confidence in it. And as for whatever the ending was, is it still where we’re at right now? I don’t know. Considering most things I was told before the season that I spoiled ended up being right, I guess I would be surprised if Tayshia didn’t pick Zac in the end. It just makes no sense to pick Ben, and I know she didn’t pick Ivan.

But that’s what you’ll see happen tonight and tomorrow will certainly be interesting.

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