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The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – “Reader Emails,” Finale, Ratings, and Overall Thoughts on the Season

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Hi Steve!!

Love your site and all that you do for us Bachelor franchise fans! I was wondering if you had any insight on changes in production schedule this season. I would assume that being filmed in a single location could condense production time due to lack of traveling. Especially tonight seeing “hometowns” – the way Tayshia is greeting the guys like she hasn’t seen them in weeks when it seems like it’s only been a day or two tops, it feels like the process has been even more rushed than usual. Do you know the difference in filming days this season compared to a typical traveling season? Do you think this has affected the contestants and their feelings towards Tayshia and proposing at the end of it all?

Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment: From first day to last day was July 18th (Clare starts) to Sept. 1st (Tayshia’s finish). So 6 weeks. And there was no stop in filming. But they also did more episodes. Matt’s season, which we know doesn’t have a switch out of leads, started Oct. 10th and finished around Nov. 20th or so. So 5.5 weeks total, which seems about right when you don’t have to travel.

How dare you not know every detail. JK! You must get a lot of upset people when things aren’t 100% accurate, but I want to make sure you get another perspective. I’ll never understand it.

When you come out with the spoilers I note who the top 4 are. I kind of see the order but I mostly like to know which people to watch and who isn’t staying long. I love it when you get it all right but if it’s not no big deal. It’s just nice to know who will be in it for a while.

Btw abc should embrace you because without you I would not be watching anymore! Thanks!

Also – when they’re eliminated, we’ve seen with Bennett and now with Ben too, they load them into the black SUV but we know they come back. Is the SUV just for show to drive them around and get their reactions or what? Where else would they take them? Qtna please and thanks

Comment: Yes. It’s a staple of the show for the eliminated person to be driven away. It’s for dramatic effect. This season was no different.

In your interview on Olivia’s podcast, you went so easy on her! What I got from your interview was that Taysha was part of this couple that had intimacy issues and a problematic marriage. People in relationships that lack intimacy and have communication issues often end up the same way. I wish you had said “Taysha made it sound as though the SOLE reason for the breakup was his cheating. A fairer assessment might be what Justin was trying to express; that the marriage was rocky and he cheated which is why most people end up cheating!!” After all, how many people in happy, loving relationships cheat? I pretty much did say that, didn’t I? Didn’t I tell Olivia that Josh’s interview was much bigger than this one sentence of “infidelity ended my marriage,” which a lot of people seemed to boil it down to?

Taysha should have just said they got divorced OR said “we had problems and he cheated…..I guess we should have worked harder to save our marriage before it came to that.” If she had said either of those two things, this wouldn’t have come to this!!! You were ? right for putting Justin on your podcast and it frustrated me when Olivia kept saying “she said he cheated and he did.” If only life were that simple!

Comment: What Tayshia said in the hometown date episodes explaining her divorce to the families is EXACTLY the way she could’ve addressed it to the men. That’s all I was saying. It wasn’t 1000% necessary to say what she did. She still could’ve gotten to where she did with Zac if that was never mentioned on the show, or at least to where it became a storyline. Could’ve waited til overnights when mics are off to go over that part. That’s all I was saying. Once she opened that box, Josh had every right to come forward.

Hey Steve,

I only have one question on my mind right now after reading through recent reader emails. How annoying is it that half of your emailers are still misspelling Clare’s name as Claire?

Comment: It’s unreal how many times I’ve seen it. How do people not know by now?

Hello Steve,

I noticed when Yosef and Clare were fighting at the beginning of the season, Clare grabbed Yosef’s wrist. However, it seems that nobody has reported on it. It was pretty obvious to me that she was being aggressive towards him and it was just skimmed over by the media, but the way he was talking to her wasn’t. I’m not trying to justify what he said because that was wrong, but physically grabbing someone is also wrong and I don’t see anyone holding her accountable for that part of their fight.

Comment: SMH.

Hope you are well,

I just had some commentary after you posted and reading the HP story about Eazy and Lauren and I am disgusted by the backlash that has taken place and people defending Eazy. It’s ridiculous while he’s I do believe in innocence until proven guilty in many circumstances rape is often a he said she said situation and having been in Lauren’s place of assault without pressing charges but friends and family know, I know that often the guy is believed and it is often hard to prove. I just am shaking my head. I guess after my rant, my question to you is do you think the “toxic” bachelor franchise will bring him on to BIP after all of this bad press knowing the bad press will pass by quickly?

Comment: Sorry you had to go through that as well.

I don’t think there’s any chance we see Eazy in this franchise anymore. Nor should we. So many better options, why would they even bother putting him back on the show and risk the backlash now that Lauren has spoken out and it’s gotten a more detailed story? As bad as this franchise is, they won’t put him on again. No way.

Hi Steve,

I am not sure if you have answered this yet, but given that the families had to quarantine before the “hometown” dates, I assume that means they were either there before the rose ceremony when Tayshia made her official decision of who to take on hometowns, or that there were 2 weeks between rose ceremony and hometowns (doubtful). Do you know if Bennet and Noah’s families were quarantining there as well just in case or did Tayshia have to decide well in advance who she was keeping?

Comment: I do not know if Bennett or Noah’s families were there, but my guess would be no. The show knows who Tayshia’s final four is before that rose ceremony. Usually a few days earlier. That’s why the episode before hometowns is always arranged with dates where they know who’s getting roses and who isn’t. And knowing families would have to quarantine this season, something they’ve never had to worry about in the past, I can’t imagine they brought families out for a week, had them sit there and do nothing, only to send them home.

Hi, Steve

I really don’t think Tayshia seemed as upset about Brendan leaving as she was when she let Blake and Riley go. She barely even shed a tear! And when she told Rachel about what Brendan leaving, she didn’t show any emotion at all. I’m not buying her “connection” with any of these guys. Whoever she picks (I suppose it will be Zac by default), I predict it won’t last very long.

Keep up the great (and in these crazy times, difficult) work.

Comment: She definitely didn’t. I mean, she was in full squat and scream cry with Blake. And Riley yeah, definitely more upset. She could barely muster a tear for Ben the first time she sent him home. Hell, even the second time. But the second time is more understandable since she knew the next day she was gonna get her man.

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  1. justsaying

    December 23, 2020 at 9:36 AM

    Tayshia’s allowed to have deal breakers. Everyone has their own sets of deal breakers without getting called names here or vilified or considered less noble.

    Ivan, I love you even more. Class act throughout.

  2. adelina

    December 23, 2020 at 12:15 PM

    One thing I hope ABC does in the future is bring on ACTUAL friends for these little counseling sessions. Rachel Lindsey has no relevance to Tayshia. I want to see a good friend have real talk based on shared history and a long friendship.

  3. idontcare

    December 23, 2020 at 9:45 PM

    Watch the AU versions of our shows. It’ll blow your mind how stable they are and classy. At least the Bach series. Now if it was married at first sight AU, that’s a completely different story! SouthHemitvdotcom

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