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The “Bachelorette” Tayshia – “Reader Emails,” Finale, Ratings, and Overall Thoughts on the Season

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Hi Steve,

Do we know why Hannah Ann was seen filming at the LaQuinta this summer? We never saw her during the season.

Comment: Here’s what we do know. US Weekly posted the pics of Hannah Ann at La Quinta on Aug. 4th. Tayshia was already 4 days into filming by that point, so I think it’s safe to say Hannah Ann was just there as a ruse and to try and mess with the public.

Hey Steve,

First off, thanks for all that you do in the spoiler world, I personally try not to spoil things too much for myself until around the final four, but I know some live for all the spoilers from the first episode so thanks for that (Along with that I’m not naive enough to go to your twitter/site thinking I won’t come across spoilers and then getting mad when I do. People do that and it’s weird). I enjoy your insider info on other things as well.

General question: I’ve seen sooo many people say they’ve unfollowed so many Bachelor contestants because they weren’t practicing social distancing, following CDC guidelines etc. I personally doubt many if any former BN contestants are really strictly following guidelines, let alone celebs in general. What do you think? I just feel like celebrities/influencers live a different lifestyle and have the resources to get away with these things easily, and also are probably feeling the pressure to stay “relevant” on social media so they’d be more likely to be out and about. I think it’s definitely more BN people than viewers think. Plenty aren’t and they really don’t care unfortunately. You just hope karma doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass. Or, they directly infect someone else that contracts COVID.

Question now that we’ve seen how things play out:

What is your genuine impression of Tayshia and Zac, knowing what you know about them and Bachelor/ette relationship history? Do you see them working out? I know you’ve expressed before you don’t have much confidence that relationships that come from Bachelor/ette will last, and that you don’t usually get too invested in the relationships to care either way, but from an objective standpoint, what are your thoughts? You can definitely tell her and Zac have a great physical and emotional connection. I just didn’t see that same thing with Ivan or Ben, maybe Brendan, but I suppose now that’s yesterday’s news (literally lol). Once one of them moves for the other (I have no idea what their plans are), then to me it becomes serious. Until then, it’s just dating. I got the impression that Tayshia would be the one moving based on last night? Is that right? Hey, if she does, then it becomes “official” to me.

Follow up question:

I’m in a FB group and I’ve seen twitter and a surprisingly large amount of people say Zac “rubs them the wrong way”, “gives off weird vibes”, “There’s just something off about him” without giving any specific details and honestly, that’s weird to me. What do you think? My initial thought is that people have unconscious bias (there might be a better technical term for this) towards him because he’s a recovering addict. That label comes with a lot of baggage, obviously, but I’ve seen people literally comment (one specific comment was on one of Sharleen’s recaps) that Tayshia definitely should not be with him because of that. I guess I just think that would suck to be in a recovering addict’s shoes, reading something like that and thinking people will automatically write you off for being a recovering addict.

Comment: That’s absolutely what their bias is, and that’s kinda shitty. This guy has been through stuff I think most fans couldn’t even remotely comprehend. Are we really gonna hold that against him? Or say a recovering addict is never allowed to find love or whatever? Seems really short sighted and ignorant.

So is Olivia going to apologize for being condescending? I’m a pretty educated girl too, so I’m not hating or jealous. I actually liked her on Ben’s season. Josh was kind about his relationship with Tayshia. She is making a brand off it so he is entitled to his opinion. I personally liked Clare better(don’t care if I spelled it right). I thought they had a great crop of men that were wasted on Tayshia. As a Latina. Hannah Ann was a better selection.

Comment: I don’t feel that Olivia was being condescending. I don’t feel anything she did warrants any sort of apology.

And be careful. Saying they wasted a great crop of men on Tayshia is likely to get your head ripped off by her stans. Don’t say anything critical, negative, or remotely not nice about Tayshia. The swarms will be coming for you.

Hi Steve,

Second time writing this week – so many questions to be asked!

For fantasy suites Tayshia and Ivan said they basically didn’t sleep and then as soon as Ivan gets home Zack goes to get ready for his date that night. Do they really do them back to back three nights in a row? It seems like the lead would need a day break in between!


Comment: They used to. Then they went to one day in between each overnight. With filming being so different this season, I’m not sure if they did the day off in between or not.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for another fun season!

Is it possible that the “I thought I would end up with Brendan” stuff was edited in later — or that she was “encouraged” to say that after he left — to make it less obvious that she was choosing Zac? Tough to say for sure. I mean, she was singing Brendan’s praises after their first date, so she definitely was into him a lot.

Also, I’m so puzzled that Ben was cast on this show, considering two fairly recent suicide attempts. I know this show doesn’t exactly walk the moral high ground, but you would think they would avoid casting someone like that for liability reasons. Is it possible the producers didn’t know about the suicide attempts until Ben talked about them with Tayshia? I mean, if he wasn’t hospitalized and he lied on his application, how would they know?

Comment: I can’t say one way or another what they knew or didn’t know. I mean, he could’ve told them every detail about how his life was spiraling, things were bleak, but never specifically mentioned “I’ve tried to kill myself twice in 3 years.” We’ll just never know. Maybe one of these podcast hosts that have him on should ask him. Oh wait, who am I kidding? Because that’s kind of a major issue if they let a guy on the show who knowingly was in that head space so recently.

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for sharing Katie’s story. I am not a football person, but she deserves just as much attention and admiration as Sarah Fuller getting. I honestly don’t even remember how I found your blog years ago, because I don’t watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette unless I need something on in the background to force me to do some work, but today I am glad that I did.

Thanks – keep up the good work!

Comment: Thanks. I hope a lot of you read it yesterday and maybe, for at least one of you, it sunk in to how behind the 8 ball most women are when it comes to reporting a sexual assault. And if it’s against a college athlete? You can probably multiply that by 100.

Hi Steve! You probably didn’t listen to Ivan’s interview with Rachel and Becca. He made a comment about Tayshia growing up in a bubble. I immediately thought to myself, “Steve would have been crucified on twitter if he had posted that about Tayshia.” People were complaining on Instagram that by putting out the interview with Ivan they basically gave away that he wasn’t the winner, which was kind of true. For sure. On both parts.

Great job getting the spoiler right for the end of the season! Ben and Zac as final two and her picking Zac!

I wanted to take a moment to wish a you happy holiday! I’m really sorry about your breakup with Kat…I was excited that the two of you were together and I know from experience that breakups before Christmas just suck. But I am really glad you remain friends. I have listened to almost every single podcast of yours this year. You seriously helped me to get through the pandemic. Any column, tweet, and podcast helped me to escape and I am so thankful! I can’t wait for Matt’s season! Thank you.

I know you will disagree with me but I would LOVE a Bachelorette season where there are two bachelorettes (Hannah B. And Becca) for the entire season…they would live together, chat with all the guys and date them, both be at the rose ceremonies and each give out half the roses. Eventually…maybe at 8, the guys would have to choose either Hannah or Becca to keep pursing. It would be a redemption theme! I was right about predicting Colton as the bachelor and Matt (as soon as he was released in March I tweeted that he would be the next bachelor!) So it gives me hope this type of season could happen one day! They are always looking to do something different! I feel badly for both of them! I think enough people complain that even in a season with ONE lead they barely get enough time with the men. Now two? I know Bachelorette New Zealand or whatever did it. I just don’t think we’ll see it anytime soon.

And I was SO wrong about Garrett. I think I read a five sentence paragraph about him liking a few bad memes and I honestly thought he was just clueless. I wish I had looked at more of the evidence. Becca dodged a major bullet! In fact, any time I listen to her interview one of the guys from this season of Bachelorette, I keep thinking whether or not she should date them next!

Comment: Yeah, the Garrett stuff went a lot deeper than just a few likes on IG.

Hey RS…was wondering what’s going on with Carly and Evan. His birthday was tonight and he posts with everyone but her, calls them his “loves,” and Carly hasn’t even mentioned it once. She recently moved and we never see her posting with Evan anymore and I’ve seen a lot of videos of her without her ring on. Do you know anything? Are they not together anymore?

Comment: Certainly doesn’t seem like they are.

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  1. justsaying

    December 23, 2020 at 9:36 AM

    Tayshia’s allowed to have deal breakers. Everyone has their own sets of deal breakers without getting called names here or vilified or considered less noble.

    Ivan, I love you even more. Class act throughout.

  2. adelina

    December 23, 2020 at 12:15 PM

    One thing I hope ABC does in the future is bring on ACTUAL friends for these little counseling sessions. Rachel Lindsey has no relevance to Tayshia. I want to see a good friend have real talk based on shared history and a long friendship.

  3. idontcare

    December 23, 2020 at 9:45 PM

    Watch the AU versions of our shows. It’ll blow your mind how stable they are and classy. At least the Bach series. Now if it was married at first sight AU, that’s a completely different story! SouthHemitvdotcom

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