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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 1 Recap, IG Live with Ashley Spivey Returns Tonight, & Social Media Goes Crazy Last Night

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I can honestly say that was the most eventful opening night in recent memory for this show. No, not because of the episode itself. That was par for the course. I mean, really. Outside of the location and the contestants involved, tell me one thing about last night’s episode that was any different from previous night 1 episodes. We got an intro of the lead, they showed some of the women in short getting ready videos (that’s two seasons in a row now they’ve ditched intro videos), limo entrances, cocktail party, the freak out over the first impression rose, rose ceremony. Ballgame. Usually on the first night every season, people who’ve completely shut off their brain to this franchise and are seeing the contestants all start rolling in and messaging me saying, “Oh, I know him/her from wherever” etc. Happens all the time. But last night? The amount of messages I got was a lot, but the amount of NEGATIVE messages I got was probably at 95%. I barely heard one good thing about any of these women. And I’m talking ANY of them. Famewhore, clout chaser, lying about who she really is, escort, mean girl, bully, racist, etc. Some with receipts, some not. But man, it was a horrible night for first impressions. I’ve never had a night like that ever. But again, not gonna do much with it because what am I supposed to do? I’m not saying I believe all of it, and I’m not saying I believe none of it. It’s a case-by-case basis. If you haven’t accepted by now as a viewer that everyone that goes on this show gives two shits about falling in love and is strictly there for IG followers and building a brand, then you need to. Not that I should be surprised, but the overwhelming majority of negative feedback from these girls last night was pretty eye opening. Oh well. These are our girls this season. Might as well deal with it.

So the biggest thing that made the rounds last night was this Tik Tok video made by someone who accused Rachael of bullying her and being a racist in high school. Which, remember, was only a few years ago.

Apparently this Maddy girl is coming with more Tik Toks today to reveal more. We’ll see what she provides. The point of my tweet was this: I had at least 50 people send me that video last night. It made the rounds. Plenty of people saw it. When I get something that’s online for everyone to see sent to me that much, it’s now a talking point. I was not drawing attention to it to say, “Hey everyone, Rachael’s racist.” I have no idea if she is or not. Clearly have never interacted with the girl in my life. Nor with Maddy before last night. Maddy says it happened and told me in detail how she was bullied. A bunch of Rachael’s friends came to her defense in the mentions of my tweet…then deleted them. The point I clearly made in my tweet was, this is social media rearing its ugly head once again with this show. Everything is not all daffodils and rainbows when you’re a contestant on this show. The second you put yourself out there to the public, this is the type of shit you may have to deal with. And considering Rachael’s status with the show, she won’t be able to address this for months. And what’s she gonna say? “Hey everyone, I’m not a racist.” That’ll go over well. The haters will say, “Gee, why so defensive.” And her side will defend her. The problem is the label is already out there and it’s going to be tough to shed.

I emailed with this Maddy girl who made the video last night. She said it happened. Rachael’s friends and others are now attacking Maddy, calling into question her credibility. I had no idea who any of these people were before last night, so I don’t have the slightest clue what actually happened. I didn’t attend high school with them. Rachael’s friends are saying she’s the greatest human ever and none of this is true, and I’ve had people back up Maddy’s story. I’m not taking any side on this because I have no idea what’s true or not. All I told Maddy was I hope that she has some sort of receipts for her claims, I hope she realizes what she’s gotten herself into with this, and she better be prepared for the backlash. It already started last night online with Rachael’s friends coming for her, only to delete their tweets. The same friends of Rachael’s who have some problematic tweets of their own which they quickly deleted last night once the back and forth started.

Who knows where this goes or what Maddy can produce, if anything, today. Just an ugly situation all around and goes to show that there is more to this show than IG followers, brand building and shilling product. And frankly, this can’t be great for anyone’s mental health involved. But what are you gonna do? The internet is the internet, and this happens time and time again with this show, season in and season out. It’s not going away unfortunately. Hell, just wait til the Brittany storyline happens this season. You think that’ll be fun for her to deal with, whether it’s true or not. By the way, yet another story that I heard both sides of last night. Brittany I believe is currently in South Africa for the next month. Maybe the smartest thing she could probably do since she knows a shit storm is coming soon.

I mean, if anything, maybe people should be just as offended that Rachael either attended or threw about a 15 person watch party last night with none of them wearing masks. This was her friends Tik Tok last night where you see the crew. WARNING: if you don’t like rap songs that talk about sex without rubbers and “f***ing you in public” then maybe these videos aren’t for you (and someone might wanna save these because I have a feeling they’ll be deleted shortly after I’ve posted):


These my ladies. #MyRoutine

? Me Too – Kevin Gates


This the one. #MyRoutine

? Me Too – Kevin Gates

And this isn’t just a Rachael thing from last night, because it’s not. It was rampant on social media how many of Matt’s girls were at watch parties without masks. Then again, we’ve seen it non-stop in Toxic Bachelor Nation for 9 months. This should surprise exactly zero of us. But since this is the new crop of girls, it didn’t take them long to join in on the “We don’t give a f**k about masks” train. Because they don’t. Go check any of their IG stories last night.

We’re one night into the season, and maybe this is a tad premature, but holy crap this group of girls, so far, come off as incredibly thirsty. I follow about 10 of them. No rhyme or reason to who I’m following. I just decided to hit follow when I saw a few names. But holy Jesus, the amount of re-posts on IG last night of people watching them on TV was mind blowing. It seemed like every one I followed all they did last night was re-post any story that anyone tagged them in while watching them on the show. Even people eliminated the first night. Like, huh? You were on for one night and you want to have 20 IG stories of people watching you on TV cheering for you? Yup. It’s already started ladies and gentleman. Game of Roses has really nailed it with how this has absolutely become a game and nothing more.

On to last night’s episode…



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