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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 2 Recap, Queen Victoria, a Mini Format Change Last Night, & More on Rachael

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-They made sure to open the show with Matt jogging and riding his Peloton, but not show us which instructor he was riding with. It was brought to my attention that, assuming his Peloton name is MattJames919 like his IG, then his favorite instructor is Alex Touissant. I think I’ve ridden to Alex once. Can’t remember. Some people have their favorites that they get comfortable with, and I guess Alex is his. Mine are Cody and Ally. I believe this past weekend Matt showed us he was riding on his IG story, yet, his resistance was at 38. Clearly Matt is in much better shape than I am, but Matt, c’mon bud. 38 resistance? Even my minimum is 45 at all times, and I’ve been slacking on Peloton. So basically what I’m saying is that I can outbike Matt any day of the week and twice on Sundays. I win.

-Chris Harrison back for his weekly appearance where he tells us the rules for the week while also looking like he’s commanding the Starship Enterprise. There will be two 1-on-1 dates and one group date. With 24 women remaining, that means 4 will not get dates this week. As explained on Page 1, this definitely deviates from the norm in the last 12 seasons as it’s only been done once where they went with two solo dates in episode 2. With only one group date and 24 women, no wonder it was the largest group date in the history of the show. For those that weren’t keeping track at home, the 4 women who didn’t receive a date this week were: Marylynn, Anna, Magi, and Alana. Probably answers why Marylynn was so freaked out during the rose ceremony cocktail party.

-Bri gets the first 1-on-1, but it’s Victoria who starts letting everyone know she’s the captain now – at least of this episode. She was unbearable all night long – both on the episode and on social media. Do we know much about who Victoria is as a person? No, we don’t. But we are absolutely allowed to comment how she comes across on TV, and to me and plenty of others on social media, she comes across as a horse’s ass. Now with that said, don’t send her hate on her social media, don’t tell her to kill herself, don’t tell her she’s the worst human ever, etc. In fact, you know the best thing to do with a character like that? Nothing. Don’t say a word. This was a girl clearly looking for attention and playing it up for TV, and it got a her a TON of unwarranted screen time last night. So don’t even bother with someone like that. Just ignore it.

-What’s the point of telling her how awful she came across on TV last night? Did Victoria at any point during the show last night give you any reason to think that she’s remotely self aware at all? No. So telling her how you feel will not make a difference. Look, Victoria is one of the few women from this season I’ve followed on IG since the cast was announced. All she’s done is nothing but throw herself a birthday party during a pandemic, re-post everyone who tags her in an IG video, and make sure everyone knows her friends think she’s the greatest. She clearly doesn’t know how to handle what’s coming, therefore, no need to pile on her and leave disgusting, hurtful comments on her page. Here are two recent IG stories from hers that I captured. This one was from over the weekend:

And this was BEFORE last night’s episode. So she was already not understanding why anyone would possibly send her any negative feedback, and then last night happened. In case you didn’t see, she had a post in her IG story where there was a Trump flag in the background. She immediately clarified that by letting us know she marched this summer during a BLM protest:

She’s already going on the defensive, she’s shut off her comments on her latest IG pic that she posted with Rachael from the show last night, etc. We can see where this is going. This girl has zero clue how to deal with the reaction she’s getting and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better unfortunately. That’s why I say just leave her alone. Think about it? What’s the point of DM’ing her, or leaving a nasty message on her IG once she turns them on? She thinks she acted fine, all her friends love her, she’ll never own up to how she came across on the show, or will just blame the editing and say they left out whatever I’m sure she’ll claim Marylynn did or said to her. And maybe Marylynn was worse than what they showed. We don’t know. But there’s a difference between criticizing how Victoria acted on the show and spewing hate at her. I hope people can find that fine line. She acted horribly and seemingly it was unwarranted. And I doubt it’ll change the next few episodes either because she does not go home until I believe week 4 or 5. So don’t think this behavior is changing anytime soon.

-Bri and Matt go ATV riding then straight into the hot tub. I was quite worried for this date and I’ll tell you why. The ATV’s seemed fun, they crashed, got dirty, whatever. Then when they got in the hot tub, all Matt did was talk about how he would need to apologize to her mom for not taking care of her in a joking manner. No deep conversation, no asking her questions, just silly flirting until he finally kissed her. I’m like, “Ok, I hope they actually talk about something on the night portion.” We get to dinner, and the first thing out of Matt’s mouth is AGAIN re-iterating about how it was so silly how they crashed and “Boy is your mom gonna be mad at me.” Uhhhhh, ok. You’ve already said that. Was he just struggling with anything to come up with and talk to her about? It seemed like a very nervous conversation that you would have in, like, high school. I was hoping he’d actually go somewhere with this. Thank God he did.

-So Matt ends up asking her about her family dynamic and Bri told him her dad isn’t part of her life, she was raised by a single mom who was pregnant with her at age 13. I kid you not, I had this EXACT conversation this weekend with someone online when I sent them this picture from Bri’s IG page and said that her and her mother look like sisters:

I guess now we know why, because they aren’t that far apart in age. If Bri would’ve not left a caption on that pic, I never would’ve suspected that was her mother. As I’m assuming most wouldn’t either. And we got our answer as to why last night. Bri then proceeded to tell us (unless I misheard this) that her mom got pregnant during quarantine? Is that right? Bri is super likable, already a fan favorite, they have a fireworks show while they make out, and everyone else is jealous. Including Victoria who, once again, is making this date all about her back at the resort.



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