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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 2 Recap, Queen Victoria, a Mini Format Change Last Night, & More on Rachael

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-Cocktail party before the rose ceremony, so lets see who the producers choose to show us who Matt spends time with. First up is Abigail. Because we never really saw her do anything on the group date, she says she misses him and wants to give him a signal to let him know she’s thinking of him, so she says she’ll play with her earrings. Matt in return says he’ll touch his ears, and now we know when these two are on a date and start acting like a third base coach in baseball, we’ll know they’re secretly flirting. Ohhhh you two little tricksters. We’re onto you now. Everyone, now lets all pay attention to how many times Abigail fiddles with her earrings on dates and Matt pretends he has to scratch his ear. It’ll be so much fun!

-Rachael is shown, she feels there’s a connection, Matt feels one too, and yada yada yada. Nothing new to report on the Rachael front. There are definitely some questionable antics from her in the past on social media that bring her character into question. I know Maddy posted more TikToks from emails she received from people crucifying Rachael and her group of friends as mean girls, but again, I’m not immediately accepting them as truth, nor am I dismissing them. I can only go by what proof I’ve seen. Her friends immediately cleaning up their Twitter last week when questionable behavior was found doesn’t bode well. Nor do some of the past photos on Rachael’s IG and Twitter look good. Personally, I think she should come out and address it. Apologize, say you never meant to offend anyone, you made some mistakes, but you’re looking to grow from them, and move on. But by saying nothing, it’s getting worse. Someone needs to convince her to address her past social media behavior because it’s the right thing to do. People will forgive. But when you act shady, delete stuff, then have your friends run to your defense when their accounts don’t put them in the greatest of light, it gets a big messy. Will she listen to me? Probably not. But I’m telling you, it’s the right thing to do.

-Marylynn talks to Matt and because she didn’t have a date this week, she’s convinced she’s going home, convinced Matt doesn’t like her, and convinced Matt doesn’t even know she’s a living, breathing human being who’s even on this show. Matt surprises her by saying he remembers her telling him on night one that orchids are her favorite flowers so he producers made sure to give her some orchids. Marylynn was ecstatic. Like, she lost it. It was like the greatest thing to ever happen to her believing that Matt actually remembered her enough to give her orchids. That’s gonna be pretty short lived. Why? Because Queen Victoria that’s why.

-Here’s the other thing about Victoria which is making very little sense. This is week 1. It’s not like we’re in Week 4 or 5. On the first day they moved into the resort, Victoria was complaining about the fakeness and others being bitches. That’s literally Day 2. Where is this coming from? How can you possibly form that opinion that early when you haven’t even spoken to many of them yet? Yes, I’m fully aware that Victoria is incredibly insecure and she’s projecting those insecurities on everyone else, but shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell her that because she doesn’t have the slightest clue what she’s doing. You don’t think she’s insecure? Go follow her IG stories. You’ll see. Someone, somewhere will do an interview with Victoria when this is all said and done and if her answer isn’t “I completely took myself too seriously on this show, I’m embarrassed by the way I spoke and reacted to the other women, and I apologize for how I came across,” then she truly doesn’t get it.

-During her conversation with Matt, after Marylynn came back with her orchids, Victoria clearly is having none of that and wants to tell Matt about Marylynn. What did she tell him? “She cries and manipulates situations.” Ok, but can you please give us examples of this? If she did, we never saw them. That’s all she keeps saying. Then Matt goes and talks to Marylynn, tells her what Victoria said, Marylynn is clueless to why she’s saying that, so she confronts Victoria herself and that goes over about as well as a fart in church. Victoria acts like a 6 year old not wanting to sit next to her, cuts her off in the conversation numerous times when all Marylynn is doing is trying to understand where this hatred is coming from, and Victoria walks out. The whole conversation, that we’re shown, explains nothing. Victoria provided no examples of what specifically she didn’t like about Marylynn, only generalizations that she’s toxic and manipulating. Generalizations, mind you, that have formed by spending less than 4 days with her. So of course, us as viewers are left completely baffled as to where this is coming from. But can see clear as day Victoria has some major insecurities being with this group of women.

-Rose ceremony time. Bri, Lauren, and Sarah all safe with roses. Matt: “Hard to imagine we’re just a week in…thank you for being vulnerable…challenge me…wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t looking to find my wife…confident in this room…hear things happening…going with my heart…and I wanna just say, “Where’s my Tyler? I need my security blankie ASAP.”

Pieper, Kit, Magi, Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie, Serena C all get roses before we see Sarah about to pass out. She steps aside, she’s comforted by production and medical, and we get a “To Be Continued…” Props to Kristen Baldwin from for catching this continuity error in the rose ceremony:

As for who goes home this week, I’m not sure how many, but I do think Illeana and Sydney are two of them that don’t get roses. Khaylah might be another one. I don’t know how many end up getting eliminated, but I think those three are pretty solid eliminatees. We’ll see next week.

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