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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 2 Recap, Queen Victoria, a Mini Format Change Last Night, & More on Rachael

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-The largest group date ever is a bridal photo shoot with Franco, who seemingly is the new Fred Willard, as he’s appearing almost every season now for comedic value. This group date was very similar to Nicks first group date where he had a “Brides and Bridesmaid” theme (also shot by Franco) and one woman stood out to make a name for herself when Corrinne took off her top in the pool. No one took their top off, but yet again, everyone was put off by Victoria’s antics because of her wearing her crown, making it seem like her photo shoot was so much more important than the others, and that it was a “royal wedding.” No, it’s not. It’s a silly photo shoot, but since you have zero self awareness, of course you wouldn’t see that. Plenty of other women throwing subtle shade at Victoria on IG last night, so clearly, they aren’t big fans of her. I can only imagine what the WTA will be like. Victoria will defend herself, everyone will attack her, and we’ll get nowhere.

-Chris Harrison then tells the women they will be playing “Capture the Heart.” They will split up into two teams, run around like chickens with their heads cut off, throw paint and other things at each other, and whichever teams can grab a heart shaped pillow and bring it back to their side wins. Yeah, I know. Don’t ask. There were no rules and it certainly came across that way. There also didn’t seem to be any point to anything since we as an audience had no idea what to even look for or were able to really determine what was happening. But Victoria let us know this game was between “a Queen and her Gestures.” Because of course it was. We got a real rocket scientist here. Oh yeah, the red team won but don’t ask me how. All we saw was MJ running across the woods with a pillow to secure the win, everyone else cheering and hugging her, soooooo, I guess that’s how they won. Made zero sense, like most of this show.

-18 women on the group date, which meant 9 were on the winning team and got to go to the cocktail party afterwards, yet they only showed us Matt talking privately with 3 of those 9 – Lauren, Jessenia, and Victoria. Well, we knew there was no chance in hell that Victoria was getting the group date rose, so it was basically between Lauren and Jessenia. For those that have never noticed or don’t pay attention to that stuff, anytime you wanna know who gets the group date rose if it hasn’t already been spoiled, just look to see who they show the lead having 1-on-1 time with at the after party. Only those people have a chance since it wouldn’t make sense for the lead to give the rose to someone we don’t even see them talk to. So last night’s was either going to Lauren or Jessenia and it went to Lauren. They bonded over their faith (shocker on this show). Oh yeah, and if you paid attention in the very first clip of the show when they fast forwarded to the rose ceremony showing Sarah almost pass out, you saw Lauren standing at the rose ceremony with a rose. So that gave it away too.

-Speaking of Sarah, she had the next 1-on-1 date and they rode biplanes. Nemacolin continues to make La Quinta look like a preschool playground. I mean, it’s not even close the amount of things to do there versus in 118 degree Palm Springs heat. I’m sure Sarah was stoked to ride a biplane since that’s not something many people have probably done, I’m guessing she wasn’t completely thrilled with what the wind did to her hair. Every scene of them in the plane Sarah was wiping her hair out of her face. Publicly? She loved the date and it was amazing. Privately? My guess is she hated it because it’s not really suited for someone with long hair like that. It kinda made a mess of her hair. Women don’t like when one hair is out of place. You really think she enjoyed that? Me neither.

-After the biplane ride, they set up a mini picnic and all this was about was setting up what was to come later, which was, “Will Sarah open up about her father to Matt.” He asked her about her family and specifically asked, “I know you said your mom was excited about you coming here, what about your dad?” That’s such a specific thing to ask someone that, just like the Ben situation last season with Tayshia, I believe either Matt was told Sarah has something about her dad you need to get out of her, or, Matt just flat out already knew about her dad and he was getting her to talk about it. It just doesn’t come across as authentic when it’s asked that way. Her dad has ALS. Maybe she doesn’t want to talk about it. But as we head to dinner between them, we get an ITM of Matt saying “I’ve already had other women being authentic and real.” This need for every contestant to share their inner most secrets, especially on a first date nonetheless, is getting old. It doesn’t mean they’re not vulnerable because they won’t share. It means that maybe they don’t feel comfortable just yet. This show really needs to stop doing this, but I know they won’t.

-At dinner, Sarah gives in to what Matt/producers wanted by sharing that her dad suffers from ALS, it was hard for her to leave him, she almost didn’t do the show…aaaaaannnnd scene. Sarah isn’t long for this show. I’m not sure what episode it is, but she definitely leaves because this situation isn’t for her. I think she struggles with the process of watching Matt date other women, but add that to the fact that she felt guilty about leaving her dad, that’s the reason she eventually eliminates herself from the show. Expect that in the next few episodes.



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