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Podcast #219 – Interview with Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell of the “Challenge”

Been a while since we’ve had a member from the “Challenge” franchise on, and what better way to break that streak than with “Millionaire” Mitchell. And boy, what a debut she gives. What you’ll hear on this podcast is exactly what you see on TV. And vice versa. She has no filter, she curses, and she doesn’t hold back anything. So get ready. If you’re not a fan of cursing, maybe this week’s podcast isn’t for you. Being this is her first time on, there’s A LOT to cover with her. It’s 90 minutes long, but I felt it could’ve been 900 minutes. So great having guests on like this where basically all you have to do is wind them up and let them go. Definitely didn’t have to pull any teeth to get Ashley to talk, that’s for sure. She’s about as entertaining of a character you’ll see in this franchise as you’ve seen over the years, and this podcast appearance doesn’t disappoint. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Ashley’s Twitter handle (@MTVASHLEYBROOKE) in your replies. Buckle up this week. Ashley brings it and then some. Thanks again to her for coming on.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about what I realized by watching the “Masked Singer” this week. Then Ashley joins me (7:07) to discuss her career in this franchise, starting with the disaster that was “Real Word: Ex-Plosion,” her start on Rivals III, her first win on Invasion of the Champions, and ultimately her $1 million decision on Final Reckoning. Ashley also chimes in on getting eliminated twice on this season of “Double Agents,” how it came about, her struggle in eliminations, and we end with a word association game about how she feels towards her fellow competitors.

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