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Podcast #220 – Interview with Chelsie Webster from Juan Pablo’s “Bachelor” Season

Another trip down memory lane this week as we take it back to Juan Pablo’s season, with 5th place finisher, Chelsie Webster. I’m pretty sure that Juan Pablo’s season has produced the most podcast guests for me. Chelsie is #7. I think Ben Higgins’ season might be close as well. I think I’m at 6 or possibly 7 guests from that season. I’d need to go back and count at some point. It’s a close race. Neck and neck. But I think today’s interview with Chelsie might put JP’s season over the top. So fun to hear from her as she’s super excited to tell stories from that season, how she felt about Juan Pablo as a lead, and so much more. You might also be asking, “Why is she the only guest you’ve ever had who has a picture with a teddy bear in it?” Well, you will have your answer to that as well too in this podcast. As always, if you’d like to reply to the interview, please include Chelsie’s Twitter handle (@ChelsieRene) in your replies. And I don’t see how you can’t like this one. Chelsie is so likable and shares some great memories from her season. Thanks again to Chelsie for coming on. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by discussing the latest regarding the allegations against Rachael and ask you listeners what you want to hear. Then Chelsie joins me (7:45) to talk about everything regarding her time on Juan Pablo’s season. How it came to be, her early bungee jumping 1-on-1 date, the crazy travel their season had, how she felt about him as the lead, her short stint on BIP season 2, what she’s been up to since the show, and much, much more.

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Instagram – @chelsiewebby

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