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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 6 Recap, Tonight’s Very Important IG Live, Women Tell All, & Our Next “Bachelorette”

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The “Women Tell All” taped this past Thursday in LA. I don’t have the details of it yet, but, on Friday a bunch of the girls went back on their IG’s and were clearly in Southern California, so there’s at least a few that we know were at the WTA based on those IG posts. The ones I noticed were: MJ, Katie, Pieper, Abigail, Anna, Chelsea, Sarah, and Serena C. Victoria deleted her IG last week, but it resurfaced last night, so there wasn’t any IG evidence that she was there, but she was. I believe also that Serena P was there, and we know she finished 4th. So those are just a few names I have for you of those who were in attendance. When I get more info, I’ll pass it along.

Late Friday night I had tweeted that Katie was named the “Bachelorette” at the WTA taping. That info is wrong in that it wasn’t announced there. I misinterpreted the info I was given. What was written to me was “it’s Katie and it came out at the WTA.” So I assumed that meant she was actually introduced as the “Bachelorette” at the WTA, but that’s not what happened. However, the fact is that Katie will be the “Bachelorette” and that announcement is coming “soon” from what I’m told. “Soon” in Bachelor-speak could be today and it could be two weeks from now. It’s hard to tell. But everything I’m told is it’s Katie who will be “Bachelorette.” I don’t see them changing their mind on this one.

Peter and Kelley were seen in a couple videos and pictures together this past weekend in Miami, then an E! story came out and said they were working on their relationship. Been asked about this a lot and I don’t know anything more than what was written. Clearly both of them knew they’d be at Super Bowl events this past weekend, so I highly doubt that was just random and they just happened to run into each other and hung out. Whatever these two decide they want to do with their relationship is up to them. My personal opinion is I think Peter has shown us time and time again he isn’t ready for a serious relationship. I mean, how many times in the past 18 months have we seen him flip flop on who he’s interested in? If Kelley can get past that, then all the power to her. But the guy doesn’t seem all that jazzed about settling down right now. My two cents.

However, I think the bigger story this weekend has to do with the fact that yet more and more evidence of Matt James and his buddy Tyler for that matter, being seen at clubs, no masks, not social distancing, etc. Yeah, it gets tired to literally see him doing this every week, but you know what? We wouldn’t talk about it if he didn’t make it so obvious. I mean, what else can you say at this point. In a club, with a shit ton of people, maskless for a Super Bowl party. He doesn’t get it, or he doesn’t care. And he probably should. The guy will wear a mask outside when he’s ta Top Golf (a video I got sent to me Sat night before he went to the club), but he won’t wear one inside at a club packed with others who also aren’t wearing? You got it all backwards, man. Setting a horrible example. But then again, before Matt James was ever even named the “Bachelor,” Ashley and I were calling him COVID James, so, this shouldn’t be anything new to anyone. And oh yeah, to make matters worse, Rachael has a grandfather who was just in the hospital with COVID that I was told was touch and go there for a minute.

Good news regarding “Temptation Island.” I will be back covering them on social media platforms this season. The premiere is next Tuesday night. I will have a podcast guest every week from the show for 15-20 min talking about that Tuesday’s episode. First up is host Mark Walberg, who’ll join me this week. He’ll be the only guest this week, but in the future weeks, the TI guest, because it’ll just be 15-20 minutes with them, will be on the back end of the podcast. I haven’t seen any episodes yet, gonna get to them this week, but just by the trailers looks like we get another threesome this season. And sex. Looking forward to talking to Mark this week to give us a preview of what to expect for season 3. Love this show and I’m glad I’ve been able to turn a lot of you on to it. This looks to be another shitshow of a season.

And finally, get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow’s column. Fairly decent amount so far, but, could always use more. I’m sure you have some thoughts after last night and will probably after tonight. This site fundamentally isn’t changing. Neither is my social media platform. I think I handle situations internally a little better. What I do know is I haven’t done enough behind the scenes to understand better how and why the racial divide has been what it’s been. I’m trying to do better. I hope others will too.

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