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The Bachelor 25 - Matt

The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 6 Recap, Tonight’s Very Important IG Live, Women Tell All, & Our Next “Bachelorette”

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-The show started with the Jessenia/MJ war that continued from the end of last episode. It spawned yet a new phrase we can attribute to this franchise and something that will probably be a meme in the near future, and that’s when MJ said Jessenia was bringing that “Weak Bitch Energy.” I guess more people should bring that WBE considering she ended up lasting longer than MJ did, as Matt decided he couldn’t give MJ the rose. Big Hair, Big Hoops, Big Energy? Meet Big Exit. Talk about someone who had a pretty big fall from grace this season. I’m pretty sure a lot of us thought that MJ would be a fan favorite. Not the way she handled herself with Jessenia she wasn’t. Can’t wait to see if she actually sees her ways and apologizes or doubles down on her behavior.

-Rose ceremony time. Jessenia, Rachael, Abigail, and Kit are safe with roses. Matt: “I apologize for canceling the cocktail party…emotional and draining…confident in this process…don’t get a rose, just know I’m following my heart and looking for love…is Tyler here yet? I have an extra rose for him.”

Serena P.: I would talk about you but we haven’t seen you since your 1-on-1.
Michelle: I would talk about you but we haven’t seen you since your 1-on-1.
Pieper: I would talk about you, but this show only cares about people who’ve been involved in drama.
Bri: I would talk about you but we haven’t seen you since your 1-on-1.
Chelsea: I would talk about you…
Katie: Can someone please let me know when she’s headed to GMA? Thanks.

“Ladies, Matt. It’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. We’ve got Tyler warming up in the bullpen ready to bring him in. And he won’t have to worry at all about us completely cutting out him participating in a date like we did with JoJo and Tayshia.”

Serena C.: Oh yeah, she has an issue with Katie being a pyromaniac or something.

-The date card arrives the next day, and Pieper will be getting the 1-on-1. However, first Serena needs to confront Katie for lighting Nemacolin on fire. Actually, she calls her an arsonist. Ahhh, that’s the word I was looking for. Says Katie had no business telling Matt that there was bullying go on in the house. Katie showed her feisty side by responding back to Serena by telling her she never told him any names, but felt Matt needed to be made aware of some of the women’s actions this season. I was confused by Serena’s argument and seemingly, she got caught up in a producer web, who I’m sure told her to confront Katie, and she did. Poor judgment Serena. Should’ve known better, because honestly, that argument made you look much worse. It was really nonsensical and could’ve been handled completely differently than that. Serena should enjoy her place in the Top 10 because she’s gone next week.

-The other thing we begin to see is Heather showing up to the front gate at Nemacolin in a soccer mom minivan unannounced. Yeah, because this was TOTALLY unplanned, right? The guard has no idea who she is (as I’m guessing most of the casual fans of this franchise didn’t either) so she asks to talk to Chris Harrison. And in something out of a bad TV sitcom, Chris comes down to the gate, and talks to Heather while she’s in her car. He tells her it’s a closed set, it’s not his decision, this is more for the higher ups to decide, but come on in, she’ll have to wait and test and quarantine, and they’ll get back to her. If your intelligence isn’t horribly insulted by this whole scene then, well, it should be. Heather didn’t just decide to show up on her own. As she mentioned, she talked to Hannah Brown her BFF, Hannah thought they’d be a great match, so someone got in touch with production, brought the idea up to them, and they decided to go with it. The second Heather left California on a plane for PA, her fate was sealed. They knew EXACTLY how this was going to play out.

-It’s one thing to bring 5 new women onto the show after only 2 rose ceremonies and about a week into filming. It’s a whole other thing to bring in an alumni when there’s literally only 10 women left. And an alumni, I might add, that I wouldn’t say is the most memorable person to begin with. No offense to Heather, but lets face it, if Heather doesn’t have a connection to Hannah Brown, she isn’t getting on this show. Period. It’s like when they sat down before the season mapping out the show, they decided one episode would be their “Quarantine Crew” episode. Tyler comes in for a date, they make sure Hannah Brown gets name dropped a few times. Perfect! I’m sure producers totally hyped up Heather thinking she had a chance, this would be great for her to meet Matt, and that this could be a fairy tale ending, all while snickering behind her back. Sure, it’s ultimately on Heather for actually believing their BS, but they done did her dirty. Heather arriving at a rose ceremony with 10 women left is basically the equivalent of anyone arriving in episode 5 or 6 of Paradise – you have NO shot.

-Oh yeah, Pieper had a 1-on-1 date. Actually kinda dug this one. Why? The “Bachelor” went with their makeshift carnival date. They’ve done this a few times in the past and frankly, I’m into it. It’s fun, there was probably corn dogs involved, maybe some funnel cakes, etc. Good times. They showed them playing the water gun game and Pieper beat him. That’s great, Pieper. Let me tell you, you wouldn’t be able to beat me. I’m Quick Draw McGraw on that game and I take my water gun skills seriously. Why couldn’t they show them playing basketball into a hoop that’s .00000001mm wider than the ball? Those are always fun. They also went on a few rides, and frankly, after downing a funnel cake, I think I’m staying off the rides unless you wanna see chunks of it splattered all over the place. By the way, can we think of more creative prizes to give away at carnivals? Lets have the stuffed animals for kids, but maybe up the game on what adults can win? Lets send this to Congress and get it passed. Thanks.

-At dinner, Pieper told Matt in past relationships that “talking about my feelings has been my weakness.” The culture in her family, “we don’t say love or communicate love.” And sometimes she says, she needs more than actions. She needs those words. Of course Matt dating 10 other women at the time, couldn’t give her any of those words (and because he’s Robot Matt), but that doesn’t stop Pieper from telling him that she’s falling in love with him, and that’s making her super scared. Trust me, it’s making me just as super scared that someone who’s admitted that talking about their feelings is a weakness just admitted to a dude on a first date that she’s falling in love with him. Again, you just know before this date, producers are filling Pieper up with, “Other girls have strong connections with Matt thus far. This is your first 1-on-1. It may be your only one. You need to tell him how you feel.” That’s how this game works in case you didn’t know. That’s why so many people tell the lead this during a course of a season. It’s because they’re almost forced to, thinking if they don’t, they’ll be passed up by others. It’s why until the end of time I’ll always have a hard time believing anything anyone says on this show. It’s impossible to know how sincere they’re being when we know how this machine works. Are they truly being honest, or are they saying it because of the Stockholm Syndrome they’re in and it’s because they think it’s what the lead wants to hear? I’ll say the latter. Always.

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  1. sumguy

    February 9, 2021 at 8:10 AM

    Oh Steve. The 40-something year old who is single, is the king of deciphering “good look” actions of former contestants.

    Also, it honestly seems like you’re jealous of Matt and Ty’s relationship. You bring up their friendship at least once a week. Like dude, you realize that guys can be close and have great friendships, right? Or have you never been close to a guy before? Then The fact that you feel the need to mask-shame people is honestly pathetic. Think you need to take a deep look at yourself and fix your insane double standards, dude.

    I honestly enjoy most of the content you post, but sometimes you come off pretty crazy.

  2. SeaDub

    February 9, 2021 at 8:44 AM

    Steve comes off as being crazy?!?

    RS – Awesome for diving deeper, and calling out those that are selfish and / or entitled and / or ignorant enough to not feel as if they should wear a mask. And for being over 40 and for being single.

  3. progressive4ever

    February 9, 2021 at 9:19 AM

    EVERYONE should be mask-shamed. You demonstrate you’re core selfishness by refusing a simple act that benefits your family, friends, neighbors. Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and I’m sure this isn’t the only area where you’re passive aggressive. I’m not on social media so I won’t be watching the Insta. I’ve read a lot about the history of racism in this country, listened to various podcasts. I have no problem with people who don’t understand the overt and nuanced aspects of it. What I do have a problem with is people who simply don’t care. “I don’t do X,Y,Z so why should I?” Thank you, Steve, for taking action to educate yourself. That’s what grown-ups do.

  4. dbla31

    February 9, 2021 at 9:29 AM

    SeaDub and progressive, Amen to both your comments. It’s because of those like SumGuy that we will be dealing with distancing for a long time to come…

  5. ladyjane747

    February 9, 2021 at 9:39 AM

    Uh oh, the go woke/go broke crowd has finally brainwashed Steve. What usually results from that is a loss of humor (which I think we’ve already witnessed with these blogs) and a loss of revenue. Who are you and Ashley to judge what is and isn’t racist and to explain it to all of us who come here for a little mindless entertainment? Last time I checked, you were both white. The Antebellum South existed, and it’s fair game for a time period for dressing up -it’s called “make believe.” There was a lot more to it than slavery. I don’t listen to the IG Live things anyway, and haven’t listened to a podcast in several months. And I always get the sense that people who mask-shame are jealous of those of us who try to live our lives as freely as possible and aren’t hampered by fear and terror. Must suck for you, but look at the statistics. If you’re not over 75 with a lot of other health problems, you have nothing to worry about it even if you get COVID. The “cure” has become a lot more dangerous than the virus – Depression, suicides, drug addictions/overdoses, alcoholism, obesity, joblessness. Those are real things happening to a lot more people than are dying from a virus. People do die from viruses all the time. My mom died from the flu – because she had Parkinson’s Disease. It happens ALL. THE. TIME. There were actually fewer deaths overall in 2020 than there were in 2019, 2018, 2017. COVID is not killing people at alarming rates, at all. Keep yourselves healthy, take vitamin C and D and zinc and stop eating high fat foods at Olive Garden. You’ll be just fine.

  6. rob22

    February 9, 2021 at 10:52 AM

    @ladyjane. How do vulnerable people over age 75 get the virus? Most that age are being very careful. And they’re appalled that others are not. Because they mainly get infected by younger, non vulnerable people, especially those not taking precautions. In fact, if everyone was taking it very seriously & following precautions, including masks, we’d have a lot less spread of the virus. And who would that benefit most? Older people with pre-existing conditions. If we were talking about base jumping, for example. And you decided that you wanted to base jump. I’d think it was an unnecessary risk. But, you’d only be risking yourself. So, that’s a decision that should be left up to you. With a virus, if you become infected, you could infect grandma, grandpa, your neighbor, the cashier at your store, etc. etc. That’s why people care about mask wearing. It effects everyone. I really hope your comments are not suggesting that 450K people haven’t died of COVID in this country. I have had one friend die, and two others on ventilators that really thought they were going to die. Neither was over 60 & only great medical care saved them. My friend who died was 72. An extremely healthy 72. I was shocked actually that he was that old. He worked out, ate extremely healthy, had no pre-existing conditions, but he didn’t make it. I hope it doesn’t take a family member dying for everyone to get how serious this is. And that’s why RS is right to comment on Matt. Yes, Matt is unlikely to die if he contracts it, though for whatever reason, African Americans are more likely to die or become seriously ill. It’s much more about who they come into contact with.

  7. crushonspivey

    February 9, 2021 at 12:14 PM

    All I know is that you can quickly determine if a personal is conservative, moderate, liberal or progressive by asking them about COVID. The stronger the response, highly likely they are progressive. The more of a shoulder shrug, highly like more conservative. I am more moderate. I got it, had a rough go, but ended up fine. I think people need to be more reasoned in their responses, more factual. But we basically are in an emotion driven era were facts aren’t really needed to make a point anymore. In fact, even science is shunned if an emotional point is being made. It is troubling, and both ends do it, just over different things.

    As to Katie as Bachette. Seriously? Count me out. I didn’t watch Hannah B, and I won’t watch Katie. But if TPTB want to bring in some less attractive, chubbier guys to open up the demo, go for it. She’s the girl to get us more Bob Guiney type guys, ad fewer 6-packs. That’s her speed.

  8. ladyjane747

    February 9, 2021 at 12:15 PM

    robb22, if you keep streaming this out, someone who’s in poor health due to smoking, alcohol, drug use and obesity is more likely to get sick with viruses like COVID. If they took care of their health, they wouldn’t contract the virus and possibly spread it to me. Does that mean I have the right to tell you to stop eating fatty foods because you’re impacting my health? No. Your health is not my business, and my health is not yours. Viruses have been with us forever, and the way we LIVE WITH THEM is to get sick, build up immunities, get sick again, and so on. Eventually, when we’re old and ill, one of these viruses might get to us at a vulnerable time and we die. That’s life. If masks worked so well, why does California, which is mask heaven (and I know this because I live here) have so many more cases than FL, which does not have mask mandates? Masks don’t work. My own doctor told me this when this craziness started. People who wear masks and take precautions still get the virus. Masks are not magic – and they’re filthy and cause other health issues. Again, look at the statistics. Even people over 75 have a miniscule chance of dying from COVID, even if they get it. This is mass hysteria, nothing more, fueled by an irresponsible media. Look at the people telling you all to mask up – so many of them have been caught without masks. Now, do you really believe they think masks are going to protect them? If so, why aren’t they wearing them? It’s about controlling you. Wake up. This is the first time in history HEALTHY people have been quarantined.

  9. SeaDub

    February 9, 2021 at 12:25 PM

    Oh look…we have a doctor amongst us. I’m sure as hec going to listen to what Lady Jane has to say about viruses as opposed to doctors and scientists. Especially when almost a half a million people in the US have died from this virus and she writes IN ALL CAPS.

    As for “get woke/get broke”….in other words “stay racist, sexist and hateful / stay rich”…yeah…that’s about right.

  10. sumguy

    February 9, 2021 at 2:38 PM

    Lol you all are assuming I don’t wear a mask. Do all of you who are for “mask shaming” wear a mask 100% of the time? You realize that when your with your friends and family without a mask, that’s when/how the virus is spreading. If you’re not always wearing a mask, then you need to be mask shamed as well. I’m guessing that you aren’t. Shame on you!!


  11. SeaDub

    February 9, 2021 at 3:41 PM

    oh loook…craycray is back.

    I’ve been vaccinated – front line healthcare working with covid so I may know a thing or two about this and definitely more than you and “lady” jane – and I still wear a mask when inside and outside unless alone, as they don’t know yet if once vaccinated if you can carry the virus.

    “Calling” out a blogger and responders out, anonymously, in the comment section of that blogger’s site…and you think others are pathetic? You’re fun.

  12. sumguy

    February 9, 2021 at 4:07 PM

    The lack of self awareness that seadub has is honestly hilarious. Way to pay yourself on the back for thinking you’re smart, but it appears that you didn’t even read my last comment, as I addressed the importance of wearing a mask. Bless your heart.

  13. SeaDub

    February 9, 2021 at 4:44 PM

    It’s not difficult to be considered smart in your presence…so no pats necessary.

  14. screenname

    February 10, 2021 at 12:22 AM

    We barely even know Katie and they chose to make her Bachelorette?! I hate the fact that they chose her weeks out from the final 4 because our final 4 (excluding Rachel who wins) are all beautiful women of color who should have all been in the running for Bachelorette! And most any other season they would have chosen from the final 4 or 5 (our 5th place being a deaf woman). They did this because heaven forbid they have another POC or a deaf person as the lead. The moral licensing of this franchise is real. It’s ridiculous.

  15. justsaying

    February 10, 2021 at 3:31 PM

    What is so hard about putting on a mask even if you believe it doesn’t work??

    Do you run around naked during the summer since clothes aren’t needed?? Should ice cream be banned during the winters since it just doesn’t work in keeping you warm??

  16. tvau83

    February 16, 2021 at 6:15 AM

    So glad I only come here for the spoilers instead of your constant political stances on everything. Smh. The constant police brutality, racism, mask wearing bs which half of the scientists and drs in the world say do not help anything among other crap is exhausting. If you think masks work explain why NY and CA had such high cases and deaths. Oh yea because they don’t work. They make people “feel better”. (Coming from several internal medicine drs and pulmonologist who have treated covid patients not just drs who run their mouth on tv yet do not actually treat patients (aka Fauci). Better go buy a pair of goggles too. Also, Rachael isn’t racist. She grew up in the south where a lot of cultural things still go on that aren’t rooted in racism. Chances are most of those people who were there had a different idea as to what that party represented. I would bet there were people there of other races also including African American. I am sure that party to them was not in any way celebrating slavery. You all are too much.

  17. tvau83

    February 16, 2021 at 6:16 AM

    Lmfao everyone should be mask shamed? Wow why am I not shocked a liberal believes in bullying smh.

  18. tvau83

    February 16, 2021 at 6:17 AM

    It’s sad isn’t it ladyjane? He’s been on this band wagon for a bit though if you check his cute little ticker at the bottom of the page

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