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Podcast #223 – Interview with Tom Gipson & Chelsea Orcutt from “Temptation Island”

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We are in full “Temptation Island” mode this week as I have Tom and Chelsea on from season 3 currently airing on USA Network at 10/9c Tuesday nights. I don’t have any spoilers for this season, nor do I want them. These two interviews were recorded separately. Doesn’t mean they are broken up, doesn’t mean they are together. I wouldn’t read too much into that. When you listen to the interview, I think you can draw your own conclusions, but having spoken to both now, I don’t think there’s anything definitive in this 80 minute interview that gives their relationship status away. I guess they’ve been media trained pretty well ha ha. They are quite an interesting couple with some good stories and insight to what being on the show was like. I’ll promote this show until the end of time because I think it’s so much more interesting and real than the “Bachelor.” Yes, it’s still reality TV, but these are real couples who are testing their relationship on TV. Is it normal? No. Would most people choose this avenue to see if their relationship is solid? No way. But I’m glad at 4 couples do every year because I enjoy the hell out of this show. We’ll be having on all the people from the couples and some of the singles going forward on the podcast this season, so keep it here for all your TI coverage. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by discussing some “Bachelorette” location news and today’s Clubhouse Welcome Party at 1pm ET/10am PT. Then Tom joins me (7:02) to discuss his career, how he got cast, the issues in his relationship with Chelsea, and thoughts on this past Tuesday’s episode 2. Then Chelsea joins me (46:59) to discuss her side of the relationship, her insecurities from past relationships, her first date with Blake, the rules she and Tom set down, I tell her my favorite thing I found from her past, and more.

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