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Podcast #224 (And Column) – Updated Matt Finale Spoilers & Kendal Kirkland from “Temptation Island”

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A lot to get to today as we have late breaking info in Bachelor Nation with Chris Harrison making his first public appearance since the Rachel Lindsay interview 3 weeks ago, as he was on GMA being interviewed by Michael Strahan today. I have that interview below and give my thoughts on it in today’s podcast. Hint: Not very good. Also, I give you updated spoilers on how the rest of Matt’s season plays out. No major changes at all, but just what to expect to see the remainder of the season and how the final few days play out. In addition, I discuss Katie as the next “Bachelorette.” Then we’re joined by Kendal Kirkland from “Temptation Island” for my weekly chat with one of the members from the couples. Kendal has probably been the most attacked online for his behavior thus far, and this is a chance for him to tell his side on his thought process going into the show, where he was at in his relationship with Erica, and much, much more. No Twitter for Kendal that I saw, but you can follow him on IG at (@kenkirk). Hope you all enjoy the interview and updated info on the season.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by discussing Chris Harrison’s GMA interview, give you updated spoilers on how the rest of the “Bachelorette” season plays out, and discuss Katie Thurston expected to be named next “Bachelorette.” Then Kendal joins me (18:59) to discuss his road to get to “Temptation Island,” the problems in his relationship with Erica, his behavior so far this season, what he wants people to know who have already pre-judged, and much more.

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As for the opening of the podcast, here is the Chris Harrison GMA interview from this morning:

Then here are you updated spoilers for how the rest of the season plays out:

-Bri is eliminated after the overnight dates. Michelle and Rachael are your final two.

-At some point after the final 3 rose ceremony, they bring Matt’s dad in and they talk. This talk really affects Matt. A lot have asked did Matt know or was he given a heads up his dad was being brought in? I don’t know. My guess would be “no” because they wanted a genuine reaction.

-Both Michelle and Rachael meet his mom. On the night portion of his last date with Michelle, she gave him jerseys for the two of them. However, he breaks it off with her on this night. Says he loves Michelle but is not in love with her. She suspects it’s because of Rachael and he confirms.

-The next day is supposed to be Rachael’s final date, and it gets canceled. The breakup with Michelle, the meeting with his dad all catches up to him, and I assume that’s why he cancels his final date with Rachael. So Chris shows up at Rachael’s door the next morning and says her final date is canceled because Matt is confused and hurting or something to that effect.

-Basically at this point, the show wants to make you think Matt isn’t gonna pick anybody since he sent Michelle home and canceled his final date with Rachael. The following day, Rachael gets a letter under her door from Matt apologizing for canceling their final date the day before.

The letter says to meet him by the lake where they had their overnight date.

-Rachael shows up, it’s set up like a final rose ceremony, she tells him how much he hurt her but she’s not going to leave him because she’s in love and you don’t run from love when the going gets tough or something like that.

Matt tells her that he can’t propose to her…BUT…that he loves her and he can’t picture his life without her. She accepts the final rose and they leave as a couple. No engagement and no promise ring either. Just an agreement to continue dating essentially. (include Rachael pic)

-(POST SHOW) A couple weeks ago, after spending Valentine’s Day weekend together, Matt broke it off with Rachael. There’s a lot stuff out there in the media as to why, and I haven’t gotten a clear answer as to what he told her. I guess we’ll see what he says when the “After the Final Rose” tapes tomorrow. What I do know is that after their last weekend together (VDay weekend and then some), he broke it off right after he got back.

Haven’t heard anything in regards to him getting back together with Michelle or Bri, and there’s no chance for a reconciliation with Rachael. There’s a new rumor floating around that Matt has been hanging with Heather Martin. I haven’t heard anything of the such and don’t believe that is true at all.

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