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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & More Thoughts on Chris Harrison Leaving

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Need to know are you team Brenda /Dylan or team Kelly/Dylan
I’m rewatching the entire series and remember you are also a huge fan
Wondering if rewatching changes the view

Comment: I was always Team Kelly/Dylan just because I was never a Brenda fan. Wasn’t my cup of tea. Rewatching it for me only further solidified how much more I was Team Kelly over Team Brenda.

Hey Steve,

1. Ashley I said in her podcast that one of Katie’s guys said in their cast bio that they are good in bed, but she didn’t say who it was. I read all of the bios but I don’t remember reading that. Do you know who she is talking about? No. I read exactly zero of the guys bios.

2. What is your reaction to Matt’s claim that he did not have sex with any of the women in the fantasy suites? My opinion is I find that hard to believe.

3. Do you think the producers would have cast Rachael on paradise if she had not gotten back together with Matt?

Comment: I think they absolutely would’ve wanted. Whether she would’ve done it is a different story. It would’ve all depended on her head space right now if the Matt thing never happened again. Tough to say.

Hi Steve,

I just had a few quick questions for you.

1) How are you feeling knowing you’re going to be doing recaps, reader emails, and the podcast for basically the next 6 months straight? I can imagine you may be a little overwhelmed with the thought. You’re doing great though and we appreciate you! You mean 9 months straight assuming the “Bachelor” comes back in January of 2022 like it has for the last 13 years or so? Yeah, seems a bit overwhelming to think about that. Thanks for reminding me.

2) During the preview for the upcoming season we saw Katie say “I love you” when she was hugging Andrew. Do you think that was just a voiceover? I can’t imagine they’d spoil it that much.

Thanks Steve!

Comment: Unless you saw it specifically come out of someone’s mouth, which I believe that line did, then it could’ve come from anyone in any situation that wasn’t how the show presented it.

I am a long time reader of your column (LONG time) and I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. I am older than you, so I hope that doesn’t sound condescending. I don’t always agree with EVERYTHING you say, but you always rise above the garbage and come across as fair and decent. I don’t watch the Bachelor shows as much as I did ten years ago, but I always read your column.

You are very good at what you do! Keep it up.

Comment: Thanks I appreciate it. And good to know someone older than me reads the column and understands. Wasn’t condescending at all. I would hope that no one agrees with everything I say either. Then it’d be boring.

(1) What do you think Chris Harrison will do if he’s not the host of Bachelor anymore? I know everyone will say “he’s worth 25 million. He doesn’t have to work.” But if you’re a celebrity used to living on 8 million a year, cutting down to half a million a year to make your money stretch for the rest of your life wouldn’t afford him his current lifestyle. Is his image too tarnished to host another show do you think? Think he’ll do more behinds the scenes stuff like produce? Not sure where you came up with ½ million a year. The story today said he got a payout of “mid 8 figures.” To me that seems to be roughly $50 million to never talk about this again. I don’t know Chris enough to know what his motivations are. I’m sure just by pure ego he’d want to do something in TV at some point just to show that this show didn’t destroy his career. But he has other interests outside of TV like restaurants, so I don’t know.

(2) since last season people were drawing comparisons between Katie and SNL’s Vanessa Bayer, do you think SNL will bring her as a guest performer to play Katie in a Bachelorette skit? Well, SNL doesn’t start back up until a month or two after Katie’s season is done airing, so my guess would be no. I don’t think it’d be topical at that point. Michelle’s season will be airing when SNL is into it’s next season. And they’ve actually only ever spoofed during “Bachelor” season, never “Bachelorette.” So probably not.

I have to admit, it was very strange NOT hearing Chris Harrison’s voice on the voice-overs talking about what was coming up this season on The Bachelorette. He has such a distinctive voice, and it was missed.

However, I also have to say, Tashia and Kaitlyn did a fantastic job of hosting the show. They were fun, they added to the audience perspective of watching Katie meet the men, but they were not overly involved. I am not sure who they would bring in to host The Bachelor–maybe Ben Higgins and Sean Lowe?

Considering that Rachael and Matt are trying to work things out, trying to repair from the damage that was done, it is unfortunate that Chris Harrison is not being given an opportunity to return. Who knows, it could have been his choice, I suppose.

Anyway, last night was a fun first night episode, and I am sure we will see Chris Harrison pop up on television again soon.

Comment: Yeah, that’s gonna be the biggest thing about this Chris story til the end of time. I’m sure entertainment sites will be speculating with their “sources say” articles, but by Chris signing that pay out, he will never be allowed to ever address anything that went on in regards to him being let go. So while everyone will claim they know or heard stories, it’s all speculation. Only those involved truly know what happened.

Hey Steve,

Any insight or clue why they only showed video intro packages at the beginning from like 6 guys? Do those end up all being front runners or something? It seemed so odd. Is it always like that? I feel like they should either show short clips of the majority or none at all. Just me?

Comment: It was actually 8 guys: Connor B, Karl, Brendan, Andrew S., Mike, Justin, Tre, and Greg all got intro videos. There’s never been any definite rhyme or reason as to who gets theirs shown and who doesn’t. Some final choices have had theirs aired, some haven’t. Sometimes only 2 of the final 4 got intro videos. Sometimes it’s been 3. Sometimes it’s been all 4. So there’s nothing to deduce from them really.



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