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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & More Thoughts on Chris Harrison Leaving

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Hey Steve!

There is a compelling theory going around online stemming from the season preview centering around why there seems to be so much drama and tears with Katie and Greg.

In the season preview, there are two separate scenes of Katie and Greg kissing in the rain: one in the day, and one at night. Katie then goes on to say on the night portion, “this is the start of the rest of our journey!”

Coupled with the emotional scenes of Katie and Greg in the preview, the theory proposes that Greg self-eliminates at some point far into the season, but ends up coming back. The scene of Katie and Greg kissing in the rain at night is when they get engaged and she chooses him.

This could explain why filming ended earlier then planned and also why TPTB keep purporting that the ending has “never been seen before”, but I’d like to get your own take on it. That’s not why I’m hearing filming ended early. But again, without any proof to back, there’s no point in sharing the reason I heard just so I can get shit on.

As for the season preview, every single season it’s the same thing. So many things shown in the preview are out of order, misleading, frankenbitten, etc. So I don’t bother trying to dissect it.

Finally, who do you think will be the next permanent host of the franchise? Do you think it will be a series alum or someone not connected to the show?

Thank you!

Comment: I’m not sure what they’re looking at in terms of next host. Hell, they’ve been so quiet just about Chris where still to this day, 4 months after his interview with Rachel Lindsay, no one from the franchise higher ups have publicly addressed it. It’s embarrassing. So it’s like we won’t know about a new host going forward until we do, if that makes sense.

Did Katie really not know that Tayshia and Kaitlyn were there until they showed up night one?

Comment: I don’t know for sure, but based on how everything played out in real time, it IS possible they told her there’d be a host, but didn’t tell her who until they appeared.

Hi Steve,

How close are you to knowing who Katie picked? How close am I? Impossible to answer. I could get info today about it. Or I could get something in a week. Or a month. Or the day of the finale. I never really know. There’s never any set time any season.

Now that Chris Harrison has been fired by ABC, when do you think ABC will renew the Bachelor and do you think it will be filmed in a “bubble ?”

Comment: It’s a good question. I don’t know when/if they’re gonna renew it. I heard it’ll happen, just don’t know when. As for a bubble, I would think – and this is a complete guess on my part – that on Michelle’s season we would at least get some domestic travel. I think we’re far along enough as a country, and enough things are opening to where I think they could at least do that.

Hey Steve,

Glad the season is back and glad you’re back. Just wondering at what point Blake Moynes joins the show and under what premise? I believe it’s in episode 3. Bc episode 2’s description doesn’t allude to it, so I assume it’s the following one.

As a Canadian I can honestly say he’s not our best representation of single men (he’s about par with Kevin Wendt) so as much as I’m rooting for a Canadian finalist, I hope it’s not him!

Comment: Well we know he’s at least in the final 4. Would that make him a “finalist” in your eyes?

Hi Steve:

Just wondering why you would re-interview J. Sterger about the Favre stuff again. First off it was a very long time ago. Secondly, it’s been discussed ad nauseum. Thirdly, Favre didn’t assault her. He did something slightly similar to what you did with Demi, only more direct and more infringing on her rights as a woman not to have to hear that from him.

She got a settlement from it, so I’m not sure, since there was no assault, why she feels the need to continue to bash him. It makes people resent her and feel sorry for him, since she keeps going on about it; the opposite of what she wants. It’s becoming pathetic really.

I would think you would have seen the slight similarity between your Demi situation and this situation, and would have steered clear of this, since I am sure you would like forgiveness for the Demi stuff, and I’m sure Favre would like to be forgiven for the Sterger situation as well. At some point, people deserve forgiveness, and not cancellation.

If your intent was to make people think you were on the right side of these issues, and had turned over a new leaf, then I am not sure this was the correct way to go about it. I for one, didn’t ever think you meant any harm to Demi. I think she totally over-reacted, and it should have been a non-story.

It would be nice to see you go back to doing your IG Lives again, with a new co-host, someone who has a good sense of humor and isn’t so politically driven. Someone fun and upbeat, who you could just have a nice conversation with, and not have them be polarizing to part of your fan base.

Comment: I really had to take a deep breath when I read this email because it infuriated me. Yes I’m biased because Jenn is a friend. But also because the amount of factually incorrect information in that email drove me nuts. I responded to this person personally and gave them my thoughts. But publicly I’ll say this: I suggest anyone take 90 minutes of their time and listen to ESPN’s Sarah Spain interview Jenn yesterday and not come away impressed, appalled, shocked, and frankly maybe embarrassed by how Jenn was treated during the Brett Favre scandal. The media should be ashamed of themselves for victimizing someone who did absolutely nothing wrong and who, 10 years later, is STILL suffering from what happened and has yet to be given an apology. Even Sarah herself was complicit and has done a 180 on the situation. Very refreshing to hear someone admit their mistake and learn from it. I know Jenn has been on my podcast twice in the past, but please take the time to listen to this if you can:

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