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Hi Steve,

Hopefully this email isn’t too late! I was wondering why you think some of the top Bachelor girls didn’t make it to paradise this year. I feel like we are missing some of the top “most in demand” girls going to paradise like Hannah S., Madi Prew, etc.

Comment: I don’t think they wanted to go because I’m sure they were asked.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader. I never read your old postings which have been deleted but my impression has always been that you’re a good guy. As they say, don’t let the bastards get you down!

What is your opinion of Blake? Honestly, I don’t remember much about him.

Comment: Blake Moynes I assume you’re asking about? Ummmm, I don’t have much really. I thought his whole pity party he threw for himself when Clare ran off with Dale because he bought a book on Alzheimers pre-show was a little bit much, but I don’t know much about the guy at all. He’s just a guy to me.

Hi old friend!

You will probably get this one a million times, so ignore if you do… But, do you think there’s a possibility Katie and Blake met and hit it off before her season and decided they would just give her a chance to do the whole “Bachelorette thing” and he’d come in later to see if what they have was stronger than what she formed with anyone else to that point? You know how BN people are, and as active as Katie is on Social Media and knowing how Blake is, he probably slithered, ummm I mean slid, straight in to her DMs looking for looove. Lol

Hope you’re doing well!

Comment: I guess the audience will never truly know the honest answer to this. Katie has addressed that Blake did DM her after Matt’s season started airing but said it was just innocent. Then she admitted that again during Monday’s episode. That’s all we know. So we can choose to believe that’s all it was, or, you can choose to not and think it maybe went deeper than that. If it did, they’d never admit it anyway, so I doubt we’d ever get that answer. Everybody will have to make their own decision on if the answer she’s already given is one they believe.

Hey Steve,

I just heard your recent podcast. You sound well. People continue to amuse me in their emails with the “you’ve really grown” shit…. they’re being supportive, so I guess that’s fine. Anyhoo—the MOST amusing aspect is the podcasters that have the WORST personalities trying to cancel YOU. They’re cruel and unkind TODAY….even as we speak. Alas, it’s okay to be cruel and mean to men, that’s the 2020’s, men aren’t allowed to defend themselves. Hell….these women can be misogynistic to other women! The audacity of you being called out for being sleazy in the past, I have chuckle…. the Bachelor/ Bachelorette franchise is SLEAZY! These women from the show that sucked it dry cannot have it both ways. You cannot be a total bitch and call out other bitches. I know you’ll always do well, Steve

Comment: Preaching to the choir.

Hey Steve!

I know you can’t give too much info because you don’t want to put your sources, but I am curious what type of evidence you receive to know for sure Katie (or any bachelor/bachelorette for that matter) didn’t end up with someone. Is it pictures of them with other females? Screen shots of them sliding into DMs? Or is it just someone you trust that knows someone that knows someone that knows Greg, Andrew etc. Love your podcasts! Thank you

Comment: I mean, I can’t see a way to answer that question without revealing how I get info or who I get it from. Could it be that? Sure. Could it be other things? Sure.

Great interview, Steve! I remember Kasey very well… I actually think he was one of the most memorable contestants to ever be on the show. I really enjoyed this interview with him and I’m so glad that life has turned out so well for him. I never saw couples therapy so I wasn’t aware of his difficult childhood. Hearing about his friendship with DMX was very touching and I absolutely loved the story about him meeting his wife. These types of interviews are my absolute favorite that you do… Hearing the inside scoop about what happened years later is so interesting. I hope that 10 years from now you get to do an interview with Cassie one day!

Comment: I hope one day I can as well. Doubt it would take 10 years but I’d love to speak to her one day.

Steve, on Nick Viall’s podcast he referenced before the date that he was on with Katie that she told him that Blake was there. She asked him about how Nick handled coming in late on his season. Why do you think they have not shown him arrive on the show to date? Have you figured out a timeline on when he arrived and was on the balcony saying hi to her like we saw on episode one or two?

Comment: I think based on the theme of last week’s episode which was all about these heavy stories that the guys shared. Then to turn around and show Blake appearing on set, eh, didn’t seem appropriate. But clearly things were shown out of order the last two episodes in terms of chronological timing of events happening after what Nick said. Covered this in yesterday’s column more thoroughly.

Hi Steve,

Have you ever watched One Tree Hill? Since you love Beverly Hills and the OC, this show is perfect you. It is a teen drama about two half brothers in high school both competing for girls and to be the star of their basketball team. You can catch the show on Hulu. There are 9 seasons. The three main girls on the show are now doing a podcast where they rewatch the series. It’s called Drama Queens.

On a side note, long time reader. Thank you for continuing to write. It makes the show so much better.

-Bachelor and One Tree Hill Fan

Comment: No, I haven’t. But this came up on the Q&A the other night I did. Big fan of Sophia Bush. Definitely in my top 5 that currently has about 15-20 women in it. Always have liked her. I don’t know why, and it’s not like they look alike, but for the longest time I used to mix up Sophia Bush and Kristen Bell. I’d hear one’s name and immediately the others face would pop into my head and vice versa.

Hi Steve!

I just finished listening to this weeks podcast with Kasey Kahl and it was fantastic. Thank you! It is nice to see a different side of Kasey that I think so many people need to see. We so often judge people based on these over manipulated reality shows. THIS is the kind of interviews I like seeing you do and I also wanted to acknowledge the turn around from you in the past several years. You really have made an effort to support and build people up rather than tear them down and I find it very refreshing.

As to your recent troubles that arose I think you handled it beautifully by recognizing your errors, apologizing and moving on! You sir are a true gentleman and your progress and self understanding should be commended.

Thank you for your blog and weekly podcasts I look forward to them every week!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Comment: Thanks. Appreciate the support.

Hey! First off, I LOVED your podcast with Kasey Kahl. He seemed so open and genuine.

(2) what are your thoughts on the allegations that various Bachelor/Bachelorette people took government payouts for their influencer businesses over the past year? I heard about it first from the “Bachelor Data” Instagram which linked out to articles and other folks speaking AGAINST the Bachelor/ette folks. Can you give us the cliff-notes version of what they did, what that means, and your feelings about it? In yesterday’s column. But the short answer is if they took the loan for personal purposes and not for business expenses, it’s shitty, and they deserve any criticism that comes their way. But until each person addresses it and what it was for, we won’t know. But it’s not a good look overall for a couple of them.

(3) are you going to do a column of “looks like”/“doppelgänger” for the men this season? I think James looks like Bradley Cooper. Specifically circa the “Wedding Crashers.” Hmmmmm, probably not. But occasionally I’ll throw in who they look like. Like Blake might be Thanos’ son, Christian looks like Judge Reinhold, and Greg Grippo looks like any 80’s movie bad boyfriend.

(4) any spoilers about Tia Booth down in Paradise? She just got back on social media today (which would be after the BIP finale, according to your timeline) but her posts have been somewhat cryptic/dark: “she took some time off that was ‘good for her soul’”… etc. does that mean she made it until the end of filming BIP but didn’t necessarily leave with anyone? Thoughts?

Comment: Well, she’s just saying that because she can’t tell people she was down in Paradise. She left single.



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