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Thank you for all that you do! I know the last few months have been difficult, but you have handled everything with class. Instead of using the excuse it was 5 years ago, you have been apologetic, done your research and have helped your fan base learn and understand. Thank you. Here are a few questions that I have.

1. What are your thoughts with several members of bachelor nation(Tayshia,dale, arie and Lauren etc) getting ppp from the government. I lost a lot of respect for them because those loans should be for small businesses stay afloat during the pandemic. Not an influencer who is all over the media or just purchased a second home in Hawaii. I mean tayshia used the money to hire someone. The purpose of the loan was to pay existing employees! Yes, that was the purpose of the loan. And Tayshia’s team statement said she used it to hire someone and pay them through that. Form your opinion off that statement from her team.

2. Who do you want to see on the challenge all stars? Who would be on your dream cast? Geez, most of them were on the season that just aired. Are you talking about original all stars? Or anyone who’s ever been a challenge, and put them on a season regardless of age/background/history, etc? I’d have to think about that one.

3. What were your thoughts of survivor winners at war?

Thank your for taking a few minutes to answer my questions.

Comment: I’ve already forgotten Winners at War. That was the one Tony won for a second time, right? He was genius. He deserved to win and is one of, if not THE greatest player in history.

Hi Steve! We met at your pre-cubs game meet-up in Chicago a few years back ?.

I’m sure you’ll share this when you feel like it, but does Becca couple up with someone else before leaving after ending it with Thomas or does she leave single? And is there anyone else she is linked with?


Comment: Yes, she left single. I know the first person she got a rose from was Aaron. She arrived after the original cast but before the first rose ceremony and Aaron gave her his rose. At the second rose ceremony when women were giving out roses, I don’t know if she had already moved on to Thomas or she gave it Aaron. Third rose ceremony is where the Thomas/Becca relationship started as he essentially dumped Tammy and gave Becca his rose.

Hi Steve , I’ve been a fan of yours for quite some time, I enjoy all the spoilers , and I also miss your IG lives with Ashley ,
Anyway, I know you recap all the bachelor/bachelorette/BIP shows plus temptation island , would you ever consider spoiling or recaping any other reality shows such as married at first sight or 90 day fiancé?

Comment: I doubt I would get enough spoilers and details to ever know if what I’m being told was true, so I doubt it. Plus I don’t watch either show.

Who ultimately has the most say in the editing? I know that happens well after things are filmed, but Rachel Lindsay recently said that one of the producers seemed sure her fight with Vanessa wouldn’t be aired right after it happened.

Comment: Production is in contact with the editing team. They send back the film along with notes of the storylines happening and the editing team crafts it.

Hey Steve!

Question for you: In Monday’s episode, Katie apologizes for being late and you hear a couple of the guys acknowledge that it’s around midnight. We know Thomas spoke with her pre-cocktail party but I can’t imagine that would have taken hours. Did they start the party super late to get the guys all riled up and annoyed?

Also, did she go see Blake post-party or pre-party? Looked like he was pretty sleepy.

Comment: Those parties start late as it is, so yeah, doesn’t surprise me she didn’t show til midnight. And I believe Blake said yesterday on social media she came to his room at 5am.

Hi Steve,

Long time follower of you and first time writing in. You always make seasons exciting to follow and offer a look at the season with a different perspective. I’ve always been curious since you always seem to find a way to get the spoilers at the end of the day (thank you!) for all of us, and seems like you have solid sources that come through for you – but I wanted to know what’s been the largest challenge of your job thus far? Which contestant have you been wanting to have on your podcast that hasn’t been on yet?

You are a total pro at what you do and thank you so much for all you do for Bachelor nation.

Comment: Social media has been the biggest challenge, and help in a way, in terms of covering the show. I wouldn’t say it’s so much as I’m dying to have someone on that I can’t get, it’s just, with all the new podcasts out hosted by former contestants, and the show having their own official podcast, I just know I’m not gonna get a lot of the major players. You’re gonna have to hear them on those podcasts. It didn’t used to be that way, but I’ll take it as a compliment. 4 ½ years ago there was only one podcast out there that was interviewing contestants from this show on a weekly basis: mine. Now everyone does it. And the show basically decided to have their own a official podcast 3 years after I started mine as sort of a way to control whose podcasts their contestants went on. You’re welcome.

Hi Steve,

What do you think the long term consequences will be of the men’s double unionization play (as seen in this week’s episode with Thomas, and last week with Karl)? We haven’t previously seen the players of any Bachelor or Bachelorette season join together as a unit and demand a certain thing from the lead or producers. In these cases, it seemed to work pretty well, if only because it heightened the drama the producers had already created. However, I wonder what would happen if the players made more game breaking demands, like no more forced violence group dates, or more time with the lead?

Do you think something like that is possible or likely? And if so, how do you think it would change the show?

Comment: No, not possible and not likely only because what they did this season was gang up against one person, with that person being labeled the problematic or villainous one. Meaning, they weren’t stepping on productions toes. Basically did productions job for them. But unionizing and saying, “We don’t agree with this date, we’re walking off set.” No. Never happening because production controls what you do. You can’t just get up and leave. And most of these people want to kiss productions ass for a good edit or consideration for BIP. Very few outliers (like Yosef last season) that don’t care, but they are the exception not the norm.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all that you do. I always look forward to your columns every Tuesday and Wednesday, and then the podcast on Thursday! You’re awesome and I wanted to reach out and tell you that. I’ve been watching this show since it came out with Alex Michel, and while I know the show is reality television garbage, it’s still a nice escape from the every day life. I don’t watch it because I want to see a love story, as I know this is television and not real life. I watch it to get a laugh on a Monday night and maybe see the drama that the producers drum up.

I went on Facebook recently and was honestly appalled at the comments still alluding to Chris being gone, Katie as the bachelorette, Kaitlyn’s appearance, et cetera. It’s honestly so disappointing to see the nasty comments people take the time to write. It’s like, get a life people. Who cares? Take the show for what it is and keep negative comments to yourself or simply don’t watch. There is enough negativity in this world as it is, not to mention online bashing a reality show.

Rant over! I just wanted to see if you felt the same way I do about some viewers of this show. Thank you again for all that you do!!!

Comment: It’s why I’ve called this fanbase Toxic Bachelor Nation for a while now. And Rachel Lindsay wasn’t far off when she called them Bachelor Klan.

Hi there!

I’m not exactly sure what I’m asking…I guess something that’s been bothering me a little bit is the fact that Becca went on BIP. I like Becca. I want to trust that her intentions were genuine. But going on BIP to find love after being a lead? I know just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen. But something about her going on, while still watching the show currently, podcasting, and then leaving single seems weird to me. Does this make sense? Am I totally off base?

Comment: I mean, we can’t get in her head. Maybe she’ll explain it better once it’s all said and done. But before the season airs and knowing how her story arc goes, was it weird she went on in the first place? Yeah, I thought it was. She didn’t need to. She’s beloved in this franchise. But everyone has their reasons. I’m sure she’ll give the standard “oh just wanted to have fun and id never had a chance at Paradise” answer, but who knows what her real intentions are. The fact she got to lie about where she was (or withhold the truth), and podcast from down there, and post IG stories pretending she wasn’t, clearly they bent over backwards for her, so that probably played a role. I also think Tia and Kendall from her season being down there helped as well.

Hi Steve,

So if Katie and Blake already had some sort of relationship, it defeats the purpose of the show. What would prevent future leads from bringing in other people they are interested in? We know Matt did it with Heather and the other girl from Miami, he had a fling with, he tried to get her on but it didn’t happen. Even though most of the contestants are there to be on tv, it’s still a waste of their time. I think the show needs to revamp somehow, it’s getting stale and predictable. I think people are using recency bias when making this argument. Bringing back a former contestant on the show doesn’t happen that often, and when it does, it usually fails miserably. Like Heather. Or Chris Bukowski on Andi’s season. Kaci B. came back for Sean’s season and didn’t last 4 episodes. Becca Tilley was allowed to come on Ben’s season the season after Chris’ and she finished 5th. That was ok. Nick came on Kaitlyn’s and finished 2nd. Was the best past performance until this season. Blake is the first one to win, so it’s not like this is happening all the time.

Also do the people in Paradise hang out when not on camera or are they kept separate?

Comment: They hang out together. Which is why Paradise, although only filming for 3 weeks, allows you much more time to get to know someone since you’re allowed to sleep with them every night if you want. Is it ridiculous to still propose after 3 weeks? Yes. But those couples spend way more time together during their season than the final couple of the Bachelor/ette that takes 2 months to film.



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