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The Bachelorette 17 - Katie

The “Bachelorette” Katie – Finale Recap, Q&A Clarifications, & FBoy Island Finale This Thursday

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-Guess we need to talk about the Katie/Greg ATFR confrontation now, don’t we? Wonderful. Because people really can seem to digest this whole thing, rationally look at it, discuss it calmly, and come to one conclusion. Look, the whole thing sucked. If I were Greg, I would have never wanted to be there. If I’m Katie, I don’t want to talk to him either. But they had to because that’s the show and we got that dumpster fire. It wasn’t fun to watch, it certainly wasn’t fun for either of them participating I’m sure, but it happened, and now everyone has to have some sort of hot take on it. And whatever take you may have, someone will tell you you’re wrong for feeling that way, so this seems like an effort in futility here.

-First off, lets remember that this ATFR was filmed Friday, July 23rd. It wasn’t until the Aug. 2nd episode last week that us the viewers saw the Greg/Katie fight. Which means that before they went on stage on that Friday, Katie and Greg had just been shown the footage of the episode. Just to add a little perspective. I’m not picking a winner or loser here. I’m not saying one person who that fight last night and another person didn’t. Or who looked better than who. I don’t care who did and it’s all subjective anyway. Go look around online last night. If people like Katie, they love the way she stood up for herself last night and glad she told Greg off. If you’re a Greg backer, you absolutely think and expressed that Katie looked horrible, she’s unhinged, she’s still in love with Greg, and everything else they were saying. So there’s no right or wrong answer here. Everyone has a different opinion on what they saw. Here’s mine:

-I believe Katie made great points in what she was saying. She said he kept needing validation and she was giving him that all season: first impression rose, first date, front runner status, telling him he was advancing to the next week. Those are all factually correct points. You can’t dispute those. And if that doesn’t cement in Greg’s head that clearly Katie was into him, then either he doesn’t know how the show works, or, he’s looking for even more which Katie wasn’t going to give him. He kept saying he didn’t need her to shut down the show, or to dump everyone else, but then he’d never clarify exactly what it was he needed. He wasn’t great at communicating what it was he wanted. She gave him all the validation he needed all season long. If he can’t see that, that’s on him.

-I also believe that Katie needed to tone it down a little last night. She has every right to feel angry at the guy. She has every right to be mad at him. But do I think she could’ve delivered that differently last night? 100%. Doesn’t mean she’s still in love with him (which is a horrible take in my mind) and it doesn’t mean she still cares about him. Why does equating her being mad at him mean she’s in love with him still? Really? Because in the very next segment when Blake came out, Greg’s name was never brought up, her mood changed, she was happy, she was sad, and they seem to be moving on with their life. I just don’t understand this argument that Katie is in love with Greg still. Please. That makes no sense.

-I just wish Katie would’ve taken a more “I’m a catch, you boned out on me, that’s your loss, I’m living my best life right now, boy bye” approach. She didn’t HAVE to come at him as hard as she did last night even though she was upset having just watched that breakup before going out on stage. Also, bringing up the word “gaslighting” again in that situation didn’t need to be done. I know that Katie feels that she was, but, I also don’t think Katie truly knows what the definition of it is. I just don’t think one argument in your first fight with someone is comparable to someone who was actually gaslighted for months and/or years in a relationship by a partner. Sorry. She needs to stop throwing that word around so loosely because it’s doing a disservice to women who have been in MUCH worse fights/arguments with a significant other.

-Greg is not a good communicator. That’s what I found very apparent watching the last 2 weeks of episodes. I still don’t know what he wanted from Katie in that conversation where he went to his room. He says he basically didn’t want Katie the “Bachelorette,” but I’m sorry, she HAS to play that role. He couldn’t get over that part and it does matter in this situation. Whether fair or not, this isn’t reality. You’re on a TV show. If you can’t accept the role that the lead has to play when they’re in that situation, and for the most part, they aren’t allowed to just come out whenever they want to and spill their guts, then you don’t understand the show.



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