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The Bachelorette 17 - Katie

The “Bachelorette” Katie – Finale Recap, Q&A Clarifications, & FBoy Island Finale This Thursday

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-I thought Jason Tartick had a great tweet last night when he said this:

I don’t know if it’s stubbornness, or trying to save face or what, but I thought the other point that Katie made towards Greg was that he was looking for a way out of the show. He cared for Katie, and I’m sure he liked her a whole hell of a lot. Maybe even loved her. But I truly don’t think he saw himself getting engaged to Katie in the end so he found a roundabout way to leave without actually verbalizing that to her. That’s just the way I see it. He wasn’t ready to be engaged. Just admit that and move on. And just like Jason said, that’s PERFECTLY FINE. He’s allowed to not want to get engaged to Katie at the end because maybe it’s TV, or maybe it’s too quick, or whatever. That’s actually realistic. But he seems to keep fighting that when this all would’ve gone much better for him if he admitted that either then in New Mexico, or now post show. Then to say “no regrets” last night? Really? None? Wouldn’t change anything about what you said or how you handled the situation? That was kind of insulting. It’s ok to admit fault. It’s ok to admit wrong behavior after the fact. I can’t believe after 3 months Greg said “no regrets.” I think that’s what set Katie off the most to be honest with you.

-If Greg truly wanted to be with Katie in the end, he wouldn’t have left after one fight. I don’t care what her response was to him telling her he loved her. I said this last week. Why a lot of you said he told her he loved and she responded by telling him “I love looking at you,” remember, that conversation was edited. It was choppy and didn’t make sense. Did she tell him she loved him back? No. But she also didn’t tell anyone all season (except for Blake at the end) and she specifically told Greg she was reserving that for one person. Greg’s response easily could’ve been more empathetic and more along the lines of, “I know it’s difficult for you right now. You’re navigating two other relationships. But I know what we have is strong, I believe in us, and I believe so much in what we have I’ll do whatever it takes to be here for you.” Something along those lines where understood the role she was in and the pressure she was under. He did the opposite.

-Greg didn’t do everything right. Katie didn’t do everything right. Both said things they shouldn’t have, or, could’ve said it differently. This attack mode everyone is in now and name calling is too much. Greg must be a gaslighter. Katie must be crazy. Greg is an emotional abuser. Katie is a bully and a bitch after last night. Enough already. Of course you’re allowed to have opinions, but I don’t know, maybe just share them privately with your friends. Stomping up and down screaming about it on social media isn’t helping anyone. Commenting on both their IG’s is doing nobody any good. But I get this will fall on deaf ears.

-What the problem is with the show now is this extremism when it comes to people’s opinions. How many seasons in a row now have contestants, hosts, me, or others in the reality TV world had to come out and say, “We’re/They’re real people with real feelings? Please stop with the hate.” Pretty much every season in the last 3 to 4 years. So for the guys on Michelle’s season, just know it’s coming. No matter what you do on that show, someone somewhere is going to hate you, they are going to make it known they hate you, they will express it publicly, and you’re going to have to deal with it. We can tell people stop all we want but we’ve been doing that for years now and it’s gotten us nowhere. Is it fair? Of course not. But it’s reality now when it comes to being on this show.

-So Katie and Blake are already on IG and making the rounds talking about everything. Their interview with People is
up here and, just like all couples post show, are happy and ready to move forward. Predicting what’s gonna happen is pointless. This relationship started the second they left New Mexico. They’ve been together 3 months now, they’ve had Happy Couple visits (none of which were ever figured out), and it looks like Katie’s moving to Canada. UPDATE: It was relayed to me that on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast today, Katie said she’s moving to San Diego (as she’s hinted at for the last 2 months on IG) and Blake will stay with her but also go back to visit Canada. So not fully living together, but not non-stop long distance either. So whether they break up in a month, 6 months, a year, two years, it’s their relationship now. If I’m them, I don’t answer anything that has to do with Greg, live your life, and see what happens. I get asked every year, “Do you think they’ll make it?” I have no idea. Are the odds in their favor? No. But the one thing I’ve always stuck by is it’s not serious in my eyes until they move in together. Because before that, it’s just dating long distance, and those can end at the drop of a hat. So lets see where it goes. I don’t root for or against any couple from this franchise. If they break up, oh well. If they get married and stay married for 50 years, great. I’m onto Michelle’s season, and unless there’s some major news with these two, I rarely talk about the couples once their season is over. Good luck to them. Onward and upward.

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