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Hi Steve,

My apologizes if you have already addressed this, but was wondering if this year this will be a bachelor in paradise reunion show ? Curious to how it will go with all this drama occurring this season. I’m hearing there isn’t one.

Also thanks for introducing me to Game of Roses. I have been thoroughly enjoying their recaps as well, just wondering if you would have them on another podcast. Would love to hear the three of you discuss this current season of BIP and get both your intakes on the season! They’ll be on tomorrow.

And final note, not sure if you are interested in doing them again or not, but I throughly enjoyed your live in regards to Peiper and Brendan and always enjoyed your lives on Tuesday’s (certainly got me through a lot of our Canadian Covid lock downs spring of 2020) and was wondering if you’d ever make the commitment to doing lives again on a weekly basis ? Love your podcasts but also found your lives super interesting as well, so just curious if you’d bring them back on a more regular basis in the future ?
Thanks !

Comment: A weekly basis? I doubt it. My lives will basically just be whenever I feel like popping on to talk about stuff. I really don’t like them unless I have a guest to bounce stuff off of. The one the other night was random. Probably won’t happen much in the future unless I have an announcement to make.


Thank you for keeping us up to date on spoilers. I am writing to you because there are several fans (specifically on Reddit) who are not surprised at the fact you wanted Greg to be bachelor and that you downplayed Brendan’s behavior on BIP last week. They say you’re another “mediocre white man” who capes for other “mediocre white men.” They also think that you dislike Chatty Broads because they called you out on your misogyny. What do you say to all this criticism?

Comment: Let them say whatever they want. I don’t care.

Hey Steve!

Still love your site and podcasts. I was watching your live re the Brenden/Pieper situation and I have some things to get off my chest….

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I am over with public apologies from one person to another. Brenden treated Natasha like garbage and did a really crappy thing. While I do believe the timing of his apology was suspect it doesn’t mean he wasn’t sincere in what he said. When people like Brenden issue public apologies who are they really for? The person who he should be apologizing to is Natasha and that should be between them. His apology is not owed to (Toxic) Bachelor Nation nor is it up to (Toxic) Bachelor Nation to accept and that’s why I am over them. Because people are arm chair quarterbacking something that transpired between two people and not them personally.

Brenden and Pieper had a plan that blew up in their faces. What Brenden did to Natasha was shitty but it doesn’t mean he is a terrible person and deserves to have such vitriol spewed all over his social media. And most people who go on Paradise (or any show) aren’t there for love they are there to increase their brand, followers etc… I don’t like Brenden and I don’t follow him. That’s the extent of my feelings. I dont understand why people have to be so vile towards people they have never met and only see a glimpse of once a week on a TV show. It’s scary, disgusting and disturbing that so many people think it’s okay to talk to someone like that.

Sorry for rambling but I am just so tired of Toxic Bachelor Nation.

Comment: That was basically my point of my live the other night. Hate him? Fine. You have every right to think what he did was shitty. You know why? Because it was. He embarrassed, humiliated, and used Natasha on BIP. But not sure why that means someone has to call him names, or send Pieper death threats, etc. However, I feel like we say this every season now, and nothing changes. So it’s not like I don’t want to address it, but when you do every season, and the behavior from Toxic Bachelor Nation continues, if not get worse, sooner or later you realize you’re just spitting in the wind.

As for his apology personally to Natasha, whether he did or didn’t, he’s screwed either way. If he never addresses it publicly and only apologizes privately, he’s shit on for not publicly apologizing. If he only apologizes publicly, he’s shit on for not apologizing personally.

Hi Steve,

Answering the person who asked about Becca’s engagement ring. I just read an interview with her that she did keep it and hasn’t decided what to do with it yet. I don’t find her behavior at all shady. First off, it’s not like Garrett scrimped and saved for a ring. It was a “promotional consideration” item between ABC and Neil Lane. No one loses anything. Why shouldn’t she keep it? Second, she deserved that and more as a prize for being with that dolt Garrett for two years!

That is all. Thanks for the entertainment.

Comment: Well there you go. Yeah, two years is a long time and that’s why it’s in the contract. She’ll probably sell it, get some money for it, and move on.

Hi! A few questions/thoughts for you this week…

Do you wonder why Pieper and Brendan didn’t execute their plan better? Sure, there was a rumor about them and everyone did think they hung out/dated but do you think if Pieper came in, talked to some other guys and pretended to be interested in a few before eventually asking Brendan on the date that it would have played out differently? Do you think they shot themselves in the foot with the approach Pieper took? Wonder if Brendan was even surprised or annoyed by it but had to roll with it. It was very strange seeing her come in full force and not playing “dumb” or acting like they didn’t seemingly have a plan to do paradise together. It really made no sense. And neither have them have addressed their approach either. I don’t know why they don’t. Just own it.

What did you think of his apology? If felt kind of forced & yes he took responsibility for his actions, but it came after they both seemingly didn’t care about what the public was saying and had this “idc if you hate me” attitude. Good he apologized but it didn’t feel the most genuine since it came after he lost a bunch of followers. But I don’t think people need to bash him. Just unfollow & move on… I think his follow count going down by a loooot is more than enough to show him that he effed up. Wonder how he’s gonna rebrand after this. And Pieper who doesn’t even have many followers to begin with. I’ve heard worse and I’ve heard better. My whole point being that people want him to apologize, he did, but because they’ve already established in their head they hate him, no matter what he said it wasn’t gonna be good enough. He f’ed up and he apologized. It’s just words and only his actions moving forward will determine how sincere his apology was, but for the time being, it’s all he can do. He’s done more than Pieper has, that’s for sure. If anything, she seems be doing the opposite and continuing to think either they didn’t do anything wrong or she doesn’t care. Or both.

Do you think the producers changed course on the bachelor when they saw the feedback to Greg or do you think they genuinely saw this guy on Michelle’s season and thought he’d resonate with the audience better or that they’d be happier with him? I know the producers usually don’t give a crap because people still tune in anyway but it was a big response to Greg and wouldn’t it be a little hypocritical that he couldn’t handle Katie dating multiple guys but he’s gonna turn around and do the same as the bachelor?

Comment: I can’t answer for them. I have no idea.


While I appreciate any spoilers you can give us, you do realize how irrelevant you’re becoming in BN? You told us it was Greg, then now it’s gonna be someone from Michelle’s season. You really don’t know anything but pretend like you do. It’s sad what you have become. Nobody likes you and I think in a couple years you won’t even be doing this. You’ve milked this franchise for long enough. I think you should give up now since it seems like you never have any spoilers anymore. Goodbye!

Comment: Cool deal. Thanks.

So everyone that uses the ‘boom boom’ room on BIP – they know their entire tryst is being filmed?? I’m all for everyone’s sexual freedom, but surprised so many cast members are ok with production having a sex tape of them?

Comment: Filmed? Yeah, they must know that. They also know this is ABC. It’s not like it’s gonna be shown. It takes a level of narcissism to appear on this show to begin with. I really don’t think they’re all that concerned about clips of them getting under the covers with someone at night. Pretty tame.

Hi Steve,

Question: Ed is pictured in the preview for next week. I could have sworn that one of your spoilers said that he went on a date with Mykenna, but she didn’t seem to have survived the Titus Burgess “VIP Party”. I know it’s tough to get anything on these quarantine seasons, but would love to know if you’d heard anything about this. Mykenna comes on after Ed and Demar appear.

Not a question, just my two cents:

Bringing Dr. Joe in for Natasha seems foolish on the part of the producers. I imagine they were hoping for drama because Dr. Joe and Brendan are “boys”, but Joe’s too calm in temperament to give anything other than platitudes – as we saw.

I generally like Dr. Joe and respect the free education he offers about COVID and vaccines on Instagram, but him not taking Brendan to task and supporting Natasha in the moment (other than more of said platitudes) is how things like misogyny and rape culture continue to exist. Cis men need to call out other cis men for bad behaviour, otherwise there’s little incentive to stop.

Just as a general comment, people who stay close friends with/keep working with people who have a PATTERN of acting terribly are tacitly condoning their behaviour. And I’m not talking about one bad act – I believe in offering grace and growth opportunities when otherwise good people do a shitty thing – but repeated patterns of behaviour.

eg. The people who still work with (ie. MAKE MONEY FOR) people like Woody Allen or R. Kelly.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, I appreciate the work you’ve done to help contestants!

Comment: I think in Joe’s mind, this was the first he’d heard of Brendan’s bad behavior, and he was put on the spot. I have no idea what he said to him post show and I’m not gonna begin to speculate. While what Brendan did to Natasha was shitty, I don’t think throwing him into the R Kelly/Woody Allen realm is necessary. That’s a large leap. For what we know as viewers of this show, Brendan just overthought the whole experience and poorly executed a dumb plan with Pieper that ended up embarrassing and humiliating Natasha. That’s still not on the level as the other two guys you mentioned. Lets not go there.


Best quote on Bachelor in Paradise tonight:

Quote of the night (paraphrased)…”if someone doesnt make your vagina dance it’s not worth it…I have a lot of feelings & sensations goin on down there that I don’t full understand…there is alittle dancy happenin…im ovulating right now & if you could pregnant from making out I’d be pregnant right now” -Tia

Comment: Definitely a good one. Tia has been the comedic relief this season. Well, after Spade left.

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