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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 9 Thoughts, A Few of Clayton’s Women, & What Happens to Ivan?

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-I guess we got our official word on when BIP ends. I thought it went right up to the 12th, the week before Michelle’s season starts. But now we know next Tuesday is a 3 hour show, then the finale is the following week, October 5th, and just a regular 2 hour show. So there will be a one week break between BIP ending on the 5th, and Michelle’s season beginning on the 19th.

-Last night we got the conclusion to the Joe/Kendall story. Joe flat out tells Kendall the reason he came to Mexico was because he knew it was over between them. Ouch. Truth hurts, but hey, Kendall had to know this was a possibility. And no one forced her to go down to Mexico. So yeah, while it does suck she had to witness her ex of two years falling for someone else, there’s only a certain level of sympathy I can get to since this was always a possibility once she agreed to go down there.

-Ed and Demar enter the show and take out Natasha and Chelsea respectively. Ed and Natasha make out, but they never showed us much of what Chelsea and Demar did. Although, it was quite confusing. Didn’t Chelsea say to Demar the one person she told producers she was interested in meeting was Demar? Then yet when their date was over, and she’s back talking to Aaron on the day bed, she’s telling him during her date with Demar, she was honestly just waiting for it to be over so she could be back with him. And the WOMEN are giving out roses this week, so it’s not like she needs to say shit just to get a rose.

So I just wanna lay out some facts that happened this season:

-Tammy was coupled with Aaron at one point.
-Tammy made out with Thomas in clear view of Aaron. Crucified by the public.
-Chelsea was coupled up with Aaron.
-Chelsea makes out with Ivan and walks away holding hands with him in clear view of Aaron. I didn’t hear any negative backlash towards Chelsea last night.

What am I missing? Didn’t both women do the exact same thing? Which, they’re perfectly allowed to do. Make out with whoever you want. I’m just talking about the reaction by the public seems to be quite different for two situations that looked awfully similar to me. I’m not saying everyone go run and hate on Chelsea now. Not at all. But for the reaction that Tammy received compared to the non reaction Chelsea received, I mean, it’s pretty much two different ends of the spectrum.

-Kenny and Mari had the most disgusting date of the season thus far. Which is saying a lot after Riley and Maurissa’s whipped cream debacle. So because this show is completely obsessed with sexually charged dates revolving around food, they decide that Kenny and Mari will eat tacos off each other’s bodies. No. Just…no. Sour cream is already disgusting enough as it is. Rubbing it on someone’s body in the Mexico humidity then licking it off? I already booted my dinner last night watching that. Can we please just put an end to all these food dates? There’s nothing appealing about them.

-The show takes so much shit every season and gets asked, “Why do we never see these people eat on dates,” and THIS is their response to it? “Oh, you wanna see them eat, huh? How about they eat off each other!” Yeah, I’ll pass. 9 ½ weeks came out, what, 40-45 years ago? Lets stop it with the food porn. No one is getting turned on by this.

-Tia is in a mini love triangle. Well, for the few days she was out there she was. If you saw “Reader Emails” yesterday, you know Tia is dating someone right now that’s not Bachelor Nation. You look hard enough you can figure out who the guy is. Anyway, for her BIP storyline, she’s deciding between James and Blake Monar. James is where her heart is, but apparently he does nothing that makes her vagina dance like Blake does, but Blake isn’t showing her he likes her. So they have a tiff over that.

-On social media last night, both Tia and Blake explained their sides on their IG stories. Tia said she was upset in that scene because Thomas had just brought Becca a plate of nuggets and she wanted Blake to do something like that for her. But I guess Blake told her he wouldn’t do something like that because he thought it was fake and guys were only doing that for TV. Then Blake’s post last night was a pic of him at the gym with an angry look on his face with a caption something along the lines of “not simping for a girl after knowing her 3 days.” So yeah, these two never had a future anyway.

-When Riley was on Tayshia’s season, he opened up about his father that wasn’t around and it really made people feel for him. He did it again last night telling Maurissa he’s had issues opening up in the past because of his father’s abandonment. At least that’s how I took it. But it was really cool to once again hear him not use his father’s shitty parenting as some sort of crutch or excuse for his behavior. Said he wanted to be better than that, and now you see Riley and Maurissa being more believable.

-The episode ended with the Aaron/Ivan drama. I have no idea how much Ivan spoke to or showed interest in Chelsea before they start making out on the day bed, but this pissed Aaron off to no end. Called him a “desperate little bitch boy.” Man, anytime producers are bored, or there’s too much love going around the island, they must just sit around playing a game of, “What can we do to ruffle Aaron’s feathers today.” Great game. Because there hasn’t been more than one episode that passed whether it was Katie’s season or BIP where Aaron wasn’t pissed off at someone or something. So clearly producers probably pushed Ivan towards Chelsea knowing it’d make Aaron blow a gasket. And that’s exactly what he did. Ya’ think Aaron will be gloating when Ivan gets kicked off for breaking protocol during the hurricane? I’d say so.

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