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“Reader Emails,” Michelle’s Men, Clayton’s Women, & What I Found Out About Luka Over the Weekend

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Hi Steve!

I know we’re only one episode in, but what are your early thoughts on the new season of Survivor? I’m kind of liking that tribes are smaller and it feels like we’re skipping all the early episodes that didn’t really matter much anyways. I also really enjoyed that they broke the fourth wall a little and we were shown glimpses of the production aspect and crews involved. Hope we get more of that throughout the season. Thoughts on the change to ‘Come on in, guys’? Any early season picks or predictions? Would you ever consider being on the show?

Last but not least: Marry, F, Kill – Survivor, Big Brother, Bachelor franchise.

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I don’t wanna ruin it, but this is all covered and then some in Thursday’s podcast with Stephen Fishbach. Always love having him on in the beginning of the season to break it down. We both have thoughts on all the new things we’re seeing this season.

Hey Steve!

My question is related to BIP and the timeline. The contestants and the producers lead us to believe that the show takes place over multiple (4-6) weeks, but I’ve also heard that it only takes place over a few days. Do you know the actual time line? If it is shorter than they lead us to believe, what is the point of making us think it’s longer? I don’t think people would care if they were more transparent, but the fact that that they try to keep it secret is what makes me curious. A few days? The whole season? No. It takes almost exactly 3 weeks to film. Started around June 6th or 7th and ended around the 28th.

Also, I respect Ashley’s decision to remove herself from commenting on the franchise but I really do miss your Instagram lives. I hope you both are doing well. I look forward your podcasts every week and hearing your interviews.


Comment: Thanks. I enjoy doing the podcasts. Probably because of my radio background. But I do love learning more about some of these people than just the one dimensional edits we’re usually shown of them on the show.


I was so disappointed when you announced the host of the Bachelor would not be Wells. I think he is such a good fit! He is funny and light-hearted and is awesome at giving advice and not letting anyone take themselves too seriously. He also has good empathetic skills so I believe him when he listens to people and is there for them when they are distraught. He is also just fun to watch on my TV screen. Why do you think he was not chosen?

Do you think it is possible Wells could be host of BIP and not Bachelor/Bachelorette? Or will they have the same host for all the shows in the franchise? This show is the worst about being transparent regarding really anything that happens in their franchise. So just like we’ll never hear why they didn’t choose someone as a lead, I’m guessing we won’t hear why so and so wasn’t chosen as the host. I have no idea why he wasn’t chosen. Maybe they just like him in the BIP role.

What I’ve heard is they want to have a Chris Harrison-type replacement. Like a new face of the franchise. But that’s only what I’ve heard. Maybe the host for Clayton’s season will only be a stop gap.

I have heard the name Jesse Palmer being batted around for the new host. I think that would be a terrible choice. He has not been around the Bachelor franchise for a long time and I don’t think he has any of the aforementioned qualities that Wells has. Any thoughts on Jesse in terms of being a host and if you think he has a chance of getting the job? His name is definitely out there. It’d make sense. Former Bachelor, has had plenty of on-air TV experience. I just don’t know if that’s who they’re going with. He was in Connecticut on Saturday doing his regular college football gig, so, he’d have to give that up to be the full time Bachelor host.

Also, why haven’t they announced the host yet? Haven’t they already started filming Clayton’s season? Or will start at any moment? Do you think it is possible they will have a host picked out and just not announce them until later on during or after filming? Filming starts tonight. So unless it’s announced today, I’m guessing we’ll know fairly soon since plenty of people will see who it is.

On another note, how about Michelle? I feel like her season is getting lost in all the host speculation and then posting of the possible women for Clayton’s season. Don’t you have any spoilers you can give us? Just a crumb or two would be nice.

Comment: I don’t have the major spoilers that you want. Just a few far away pics and videos of things. But I know you want to know who/if she’s engaged and I don’t have that yet. But give it time. I’ve eventually heard basically every season, so I expect to at some point. When that’ll be? I never know.

Hi Steve,

Hope football season is good for you! I was just wondering if you had received an update on the BIP couples since your post about them earlier in the season? I’m particularly interested in Noah and Abigail, they seem like the quiet couple on the show not really attention seeking and just staying in their lane, I wasn’t sure if you knew any more on how their story plays out or has progressed (if it’s progressed) since. Yeah, they’ve been seeing other post show.

Also, with them already releasing the Bachelor and the potential women, it seems like this is setting a new trend? I mean none of the women on his season will have ever seen him on screen before. I also feel it’s glossing over Michele’s season because we now know no matter how far this guy gets he isn’t it so we won’t be as invested. Any word on if they will continue filming everything so far out that contestants will never again get to say “I really hoped it would be you”?

Thank you for everything you do!

Comment: Only if they continue to do 2 Bachelorette seasons a calendar year. And since this show doesn’t ever address things like that in advance, we don’t know.

Hi Steve! Big reader of your column and big fan!

Random question and not related to the season—Do you think we’ll see more of Yosef? For a moment, i thought they were bring it back for BIP to stir up some drama but I guess Bachelor Nation really didnt like him. What are your thoughts?

Thank you!

Comment: Based on his IG, he has a new girlfriend. So no, I’d say we won’t be seeing him.

And that same gf was engaged to be married at the end of May. Man, people surely do move on quickly.

What’s the scoop with Dale and Clare? Have they broken up again? It was his birthday and she didn’t post or comment about it. He attended a wedding without her…..

Comment: Reports say they have. Neither one of them has said anything yet, and we know based on the past, they haven’t been shy about posting about a breakup when it’s happened. Or whatever that last issue was. So once one of them addresses it publicly, then I guess that’s when we should take it as official.

Are Abigail and Noah still together? I know you’ve previously said they broke up, but social media post lead me to feel as if they might be together now that the show is over. Yes. Broke up on the show, got together post show.

What do you know about the new bachelor? I feel it’s weird he has been picked yet they don’t even know how fans will take to him. Do you know how far he makes it on Michelle’s season?

Comment: I know he makes it to Minnesota, so at least top 12.

Hi Steve,

So I recently read that Jesse Palmer MIGHT be a contender to host the Bachelor since they’ve yet to announce who it’ll be and that reminded of something. Towards the end of Katie’s season when Greg left and she broke down and viewers saw/heard a bit of when Kaitlyn went to talk to and comfort her, I saw some tweets and comments saying things like “Chris Harrison would have never stood outside the bathroom door asking Katie if she was okay” etc so that made me wonder if a franchise like this needs to accommodate the leads a little more in the sense that if the host becomes sort of a therapist/friend during filming, perhaps the female leads would be more comfortable talking to a female on camera and then the male leads would have a male to talk to? Also then someone else entirely could host Paradise? Could that potentially work with contracts and money or would that be too complicated for the higher ups?

Comment: Yeah, we just don’t know since they don’t talk about it or fill anyone in on what they’re looking to do or when they plan to announce it. I can only pass along what I hear, which may end up being wrong. But if you’re asking me what I’m hearing, I was told they were looking for a permanent host for Bachelor/ette to bring some stability to the franchise again and that it will be a solo male host who has a lot of TV experience.

Of course my pick of Mark Walberg from “Temptation Island” isn’t it since he’s in Maui right now filming season 4. I’m telling you, he’d be perfect for this franchise. But unfortunately it’s not him.

Hey Steve –

Big Brother – It is a huge achievement for an early alliance to hold together for the whole season. I think most feel The Cookout had a noble purpose though I get the distaste many have for a race-based alliance and understand that white contestants doing this would spark outrage. The show has experienced racism called out in the feeds that was cleansed out of the aired product in past years. My “fear” is that white contestants are going to assume the BIPOC contestants next year will try to be Cookout 2 and target them and are going to look like the Aryan Brotherhood to the viewers. Kyland is probably the least classy exit I can remember – even worse after we just learned that the nephew in question’s father (X’s brother) recently died. He had a strategy that failed in the past: trying to get to the final 2 with the person who seems like a sure thing if they get there. Usually, the top player cuts their throat at 3 or 4 or wins easily. At this point, I cannot imagine Big D or Azah beating X. To me, the only drama left is if Big D wins the final HOH. Will he take the guy who will beat him or betray his deal? If it somehow becomes Big D vs Azah, I have to believe it is Big D – then again, not sure how the women on the jury feel about him. He is taking some hits on Twitter over comments on Whitney’s comic book cover. Yeah, I don’t find any issue with the Cookout since it was never about targeting white people because of their race. It was about teaming up to support their own and stick together, something I’m guessing most people never thought would last. It was really impressive how they started that before they had the majority in the house, and they never swayed. But yes, absolutely going forward anyone that plays this game will now see that’s a possibility since they laid the groundwork. And then having +1 outside the Cookout too so they always had the numbers is something people will be paranoid about moving forward. All the credit to them for making a plan on Day 1, executing it to perfection, and getting out of it exactly what they wanted.

The Challenge – I thought Esther’s exit was pretty low class. There was another international woman who had a hostile exit weeks ago. Maybe they don’t get that it is more customary on American reality TV to pretend no hard feelings. I still don’t understand most of the cast seeming to hate Amber or why Fessy’s going after her was not seen as betraying the vet alliance. I wish I knew how to see Survivor Romania as the official challenge podcast indicated the show takes place over months. Emy, like Ed, is adding some lightness to the show. Mr. TJ and Uncle CT references make me laugh.

Comment: Yeah, the international players don’t seem to get the game. Do they watch previous seasons? How can they not see the whole game is about lying, cheating, and manipulating people? It’s bizarre how clueless some of them playing are.

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