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“Reader Emails,” Michelle’s Men, Clayton’s Women, & What I Found Out About Luka Over the Weekend

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So something interesting happened to me over the weekend involving my dog Luka. The woman who fostered Luka before I adopted her asked me if I’d be interested in joining a reunion picnic this upcoming Sunday for all dogs that were adopted through that Humane Society. I’m in. Of course I’ll bring Luka to that. She then told me that the family who adopted Luka’s son would be there and they wanted to meet Luka. Here’s the thing: I didn’t know Luka had a son. Was never told that. When I was scrolling through the Humane Society’s adoption page, I knew that Luka had a sister, Lotus, who was on the page but wasn’t adoptable at the time I adopted Luka because she hadn’t passed medical. I asked about Lotus and they said she never made it and eventually had to put her down. But now finding out Luka has a son that she’s gonna meet, my question is: will she know it’s her son? It’s been 3 years. Or will it just be she sees another dog and will play with it like she would dogs she meets at the dog park? Will she be sad? I honestly have no idea what her reaction will be. Guess I’ll find out. But will she recognize that’s her child? And if so, obviously she can’t tell me she does, but what signs should I look for that would indicate she possibly does realize that’s her son?

Also this past weekend, ABC released the 33 potential women on Clayton’s season of the “Bachelor,” which begins filming tonight at the mansion. They’re on the Bachelor Facebook page, but I wouldn’t go there since they’ll be taken down any minute. I was able to find the last names and IG accounts of all 33 women and they are on my IG feed if you wanna go check them out. I will have more on them tomorrow as the amount of information that’s been sent to me I need to sift through and pick out which information is relevant to share. Definitely some interesting stories among them. Oh sure, I’ve gotten tons of negative info about them as well like who’s got a boyfriend, who was dating someone pre-show, and then of course the whole Salley Carson debacle that I alluded to on Saturday. There’s already so many different stories circulating about it, and accounts already just posting the first thing they hear without doing any research. I’ve tried to get to the bottom of what really happened speaking to both sides behind the scenes. I’ll report what I can tomorrow.

The Salley stuff is factual in terms of her past relationship. Not only is it factual, it’s public. So that part will be covered. In terms of the timing, the breakup, who ended it, the timing of her getting cast, etc, that’s all stuff to discuss and there isn’t anything black and white because I’m hearing differing stories. I’ll lay it all out tomorrow. But again, I’d like to reiterate, that all those accounts who came after me in the past for not vetting things properly, or unfairly painting contestants in a certain light (which I most certainly did but have since changed), you all are doing the exact thing you called me out and criticized me for by just posting any email you get about a contestant so you can have tea. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me, but, I guess I expect nothing less.

As for Clayton, the two most asked questions I’ve been getting since news got out he’d be the next “Bachelor” is:

1) When is ABC going to officially announce him?
2) Why didn’t ABC end up going with whoever – Michael, Greg, Andrew, etc?

The answer to the first question is ABC runs on their own clock. There’s never any rhyme or reason as to when they choose to announce anything. Based on video I have from Minnesota, I know Clayton at least made Top 12 since he’s in a group date of 10 that I have when they first got to Minnesota. So lets just say he went home that next rose ceremony, we’re talking around 5 episodes he lasts, which would put that elimination episode either Nov. 16th or Nov. 23rd, depending on how they stagger rose ceremony episodes. Do we honestly think they aren’t gonna announce who their “Bachelor” is for another two months? I highly doubt that. Clayton would be done filming his season by those dates. I don’t know when they’re officially announcing him, but I don’t see any way they wait until we see him eliminated from Michelle’s season on TV.

As for the second question, again, nothing we’ll ever get an answer on. In the history of this show, I don’t remember them ever giving a press release or commenting about why someone WASN’T picked to be their lead. I’ve heard the generic “we had a lot of great candidates, but ultimately decided on so and so” before, but that’s about the extent you’ll get. There really isn’t much reason to ask why the others didn’t get the gig but Clayton did. ABC has their reasons and they’ll never publicly share them. That’s just the way they roll.

Also yesterday, ABC released the head shots and bios of the 25 men on Michelle’s season. Remember back in July they released the 35 potential guys on their FB page. Well, 30 ended up making it. The 5 guys who didn’t end up getting cast were: Brett Parker, Eric Tai, Joel Wilkinson, Michael Sambol, and Trevor Abrams. The other 30 you can see in these head shots and first promo:

And today at 1EST, Tayshia and Kaitlyn will be going live on the Bachelorette IG account to talk about the men if you wanna tune for that to see what they have to say.

A ton of you have been asking about Michelle’s season and who did she pick and when will I have spoilers. I’ve been gathering whatever I can since filming ended a few weeks ago. I don’t know who she chose yet, I’ve only heard rumblings like I do every season. I’m waiting to get the confirmation I need to run with it. I’ve eventually gotten it every season and I don’t see this one being any different. But I never know when that’ll be. I could end up hearing this week, I could end up finding out in a month. I never know. Like I mentioned earlier, I do have photos and videos of stuff from her season that I’m trying to make out who’s who which will certainly help at least breakdown the 12 who made it to MN. We know Nayte and Joe did because they got the first 1-on-1’s in MN. Then there was a 10 person group date that I definitely know Clayton was on. And we know Peter got a date where he met her parents before hometowns, so that’s 4 of the final 12. The video is a little grainy and in the dark from across the street, so not the easiest to make out who’s who. Clayton was easy because he’s tall and muscular. And then I have the photo of Michelle on a jet ski date two days before the final rose ceremony happened, where, I think I know who it is now after seeing the guys pics released yesterday, but still not 100% sure. Once I get things confirmed, I’ll let you know.

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