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“Reader Emails” and (EXCLUSIVE) Who Has Today’s Hometown Date on Clayton’s Season?

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Hi Steve,

Longtime reader first time emailer. Love what you do, etc etc. 🙂 got three questions for you.

On Bachelors in the City (Episode 42), Peter says he has wild tea about Clayton’s season, implying it’s going to be a nightmare and that the girls were upset. Do you have any idea what he’s referring to? If so, are you going to share? No. But the odds of him going into detail about whatever he knows are slim and none.

Since we are two episodes in and haven’t seen much of anything from Clayton yet, do you think he’ll be getting a bit more of a Katie-style-season (where things feel half-assed: I’m looking at you, wrinkled green t-shirt) or if they’ll go full Bachelor for him? I mean, we’re back on normal travel schedule for the first time in 5 seasons, so I think that’ll help.

Finally, given Jesse Palmer’s other job with football, do you think they’re moving Bachelor to the spring so he can host that without the logistical challenges that you have been positing about, and cast a female host (ie Bristowe) to cover the fall season?


Comment: I haven’t been told that they’re not filming your normal “Bachelor” season next Sept thru November, so I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. I cannot see them giving up their “first Monday in January” start to the Bachelor. Clayton’s season will mark the 13th year in a row they’ve done it. Not sure why it’d all the sudden stop for 2023. And if it doesn’t, that means it’ll film Sept thru Nov of 2022, which is the heart of college football season, just like this year where he’s missed his ESPN assignments the last few weeks.

Good morning

I just listened to the Kate Casey podcast with Jed. Did you listen? Do you believe him? Considering this past year, would you still report or have the “girlfriend” on?
Kate will be on the podcast this week to talk about this and other shows. Looking forward to it.

I’ve listened/read your site for over 15 years. I appreciate your reporting and understand the changes you’ve made. I’m a woman and I don’t think I was ever offended. But we can all grow and learn new things.

I didn’t like his interview much.

Keep on doing what you do.

Comment: Thanks. All I can to do is acknowledge the past behavior was wrong, do better going forward and not repeat it.

I may have completely missed any discussion on who one of the next bachelors could be, but what are your thoughts on Peter Weber doing it again or being chosen again?

Comment: He’s even said he wouldn’t do it, so, I don’t see that happening.

Hey Steve!

I got some random ones for you. My first one is when they are traveling why do they not fly private? I would think they would have the money to do so. That’s way too much of an expense when they don’t need to. You have to remember, when they’re flying during this show, such a small, small, small percentage of people recognize the contestants because they’ve only been released by that point on the Bachelor/ette FB page for 3 days, than any sites who’ve posted their pictures. That’s it. None of them have been seen on TV yet, so they aren’t in people’s heads enough to wear they’d be recognized.

Another random one is do you think they like when you or others spoil the show? Like does it help their ratings as people may tune in to find out how different spoilers play out? Privately, they know what I do helps them. It’s basically free publicity for their show. Publicly, they just don’t acknowledge me, and on the slim chance they do, it’s never positive.

And last one, if you have to put money on it how long do you think this franchise will keep on going? It seems like the ratings have been slipping these past few seasons.

Thanks for all you do! I may not watch the show but I look forward to your spoilers and columns!

Comment: As we see, ratings aren’t the end-all-be-all of determining if a show works anymore in 2021. And the fact they’ve added a second Bachelor season in 2022 tells me they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Impossible to put a timeline on it. I do think though at some point this will become a streaming show.

Hey Steve,

So I know that this doesn’t apply to very many couples in the Bachelor franchise but I was wondering if you knew exactly how the rule with the engagement rings works. I know the deadline of sorts is two years but I was wondering if that starts from the moment the couple gets engaged OR starts from after AFR airs and the couple can go public. If it’s the latter does production let the women have ring (but obviously not wear it in public) or do they have it somewhere for safe keeping? I’m pretty sure it’s two years from the time your finale airs. And no, no woman gets their ring while the show is airing. It’s given back to you at the ATFR, or in BIP case, at the reunion show – if there is one.

If I’m not mistaken the only couples they broke up around or after the two year mark were Kaitlyn/Shawn and Becca/Garrett. I had assumed that the B&G breakup happened just AFTER the two year mark but I wasn’t sure if anyone such as yourself might know the exact math and if it was actually before the two year mark. Obviously JoJo, for example, gets to keep her ring and actually now has a new one. Is it possible that Kaitlyn and Becca could have sold their rings as well?

Comment: There’s an answer to this that other people who follow them more extensively would know. I know Becca and Garrett ended theirs right after the two years was up and I believe she addressed the ring but I forgot what they did. Kaitlyn was definitely over 2 years but I don’t remember what she did either.

Hello Steve. I just have two questions in regards to Clayton’s season.

1) Are they traveling for hometown dates this year? Yes. Starts today with Susie Evans in Virginia Beach, Va.

2) Have you heard of who the front runner is?

Comment: No. And if I did, I wouldn’t say who I’d heard because that turns into fact, even if I just say that’s who I’m hearing.

So, in regards to two seasons in a row of the Bachelor – do you think this might be the norm – or do you think we might get back to the old “normal” at some point? I have to think that they must have someone in mind already – like Michael, the widower? With ratings down, it would seem that having an unknown would be a big risk. We don’t know yet. This show is the worst at informing their audience of what the hell is going on. So unfortunately, we won’t know for a while whether or not we’ll have two Bachelors in 2023. We know we will for 2022, but 2023 will be a ways away. Probably won’t know for another year or so, unless they make some announcement.

Also – in regards to toxic Bachelor Nation – with the Blake and Katie break up I thought I would take a look at some of the posted comments. Holy f***, people are awful. I would hope that the producers and the network might be addressing this with people – both in screening potential “contestants” – but also with ongoing help after the show airs. Frankly surprised that anyone would sign up for this stuff these days – they don’t seem to realize the dark side of reality TV….

Comment: Never have and never will, and it’s probably one of the biggest places this show is dropping the ball in. Once you’re off the show, they basically don’t give a f**k about you.


Do you have any spoilers for bachelor in paradise Canada?

Comment: No. Don’t watch, have never watched, and probably never will watch.

What do you think will happen to Bachelor in Paradise 8 if the producers do TWO Bachelor seasons in 2022

Comment: Just means that in terms of the contestant pool of those who haven’t had the opportunity to be on BIP, it would be Michelle’s guys, Clayton’s women, and the next Bachelor’s women to choose from. So clearly they’d have a ton of more women to choose from than men, which kinda throws things off you’d think. Sure, they can go back and dip into some of Katie’s guys that weren’t cast this season – Andrew, Greg, Justin – and maybe even some seasons before that, but IF there is a Paradise next season, the male side will be mostly Michelle’s men, probably any of those 3 of Katie’s guys, and then dipping back into some repeats from past seasons.

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