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“Reader Emails,” Filming Info, & When Does the “Men Tell All” Tape?

We’ve arrived at that time of the season. Happens every year and, well, it’s happening again. And unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do to stop it, nor is there anything I can do to really ease anybody’s mind. You’ll see it in one of the “Reader Emails” today, but the inevitable “Are you sure Nayte is Michelle’s final 1” question is here. And you’ll only see it once today since I don’t like to do repeat questions in the same “Reader Email” column, but trust me, I got it more than once this week. Maybe people are bored. Maybe they think it’s too easy. I don’t know. But every season it happens. And yes, some seasons the original spoiler ended up being wronged, got changed, and was then right. So there really isn’t anything I can tell anyone to make them believe the spoiler without outing sources. Even then, I could give you exactly HOW I know Michelle is engaged to Nayte, and there would still be people out there who’d choose to doubt it, say it’s wrong, say I’m purposely being fed false information (even though they don’t have a clue where the info came from), and would think it’s someone else. So I don’t know what to tell ya’. Because the final rose spoiler hasn’t always been right in the past, people have every reason to doubt. What I’m saying is I don’t know what I can tell those people to convince them, so, that’s why I just repeat myself all season. Michelle picks Nayte at the end and they’re engaged. The end.

As for Michelle’s final 4, I covered this in the beginning of last weeks podcast, but I don’t know it. I only know her final 2 and who she chose (Brandon and Nayte). I know that Joe goes far and makes her top 4 so you can throw him in there, but I don’t think that’s news to anyone at this point. But in terms of where Joe finishes or how he gets eliminated, that I don’t know. As for who the 4th person in the final 4 is, don’t know that either. I think the biggest thing was that pre-season, I’d mentioned the plan was the show was going to do regular hometown dates where they went to the final 4’s hometowns. Based on back dating the finale, and where they would’ve been at the time of hometowns, I don’t see how they did that. Certainly none of the hometown dates were seen publicly which never happens. Well, until Clayton’s season (more on that in a couple paragraphs). But I don’t think they ended up traveling for Michelle’s hometowns and I think families were brought to Minnesota like they have been for all the “bubble” seasons (Tayshia’s, Matt’s, and Katie’s). I just find it funny how so many people keep asking me who Michelle’s final 4 are when you know the final 2 and who she’s engaged to. Because if it were the other way around, and all I had was “Hey, this guy finishes 4th and this guy finishes 3rd but I don’t know who the final 2 are” the reaction would be, “Who cares who 3 & 4 are? Give us the final 2 and winner. You know nothing.” Comical.

One thing that I can report that has to do with Michelle’s season and indirectly answers a question about Clayton’s season is that Michelle’s “Men Tell All” is taping on Monday, Nov. 22nd. Knowing that, well, that confirms that Clayton’s season will be done filming by then since the crew would need to be back in LA to tape the MTA. They don’t just use any crew when they film Tell All’s and what not. They have their regular crew so that means Clayton’s season will be done filming by end of next week. Maybe Friday or Saturday the 19th or 20th.

As for Clayton’s filming, today is the final 4 rose ceremony. What’s amazing is he just traveled to 4 different hometowns starting last Tuesday, and not one picture got out from any of the hometowns. I can’t remember the last time that happened. So I guess you’ll have to take my word for it that the final 4 are Susie, Rachel, Serene, and Gabby since you’ve seen no proof. Maybe they’re trying to be more secretive about hometowns since in the past, they really haven’t cared. SOOOOO many hometowns in past seasons pre-pandemic were done in public places and everyone took pics. So pretty surprising that none got out for Clayton’s season, but, I guess that means no guarantees going forward in future seasons. Oh well. Guess you’ll have to rely on my spoilers then.

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  1. rob22

    November 9, 2021 at 12:32 PM

    Wouldn’t Clayton have to be the F4? I mean, is the guy going to be a non factor the whole season, finish 6th and then be The Bachelor? That really doesn’t make any sense. Since they had to start filming his season before anyone knew who he was, they’ve got to make every effort to pump him up with lots of screen time whether Michelle likes him or not. Right? Right???

  2. irisvioletgrey4

    November 9, 2021 at 10:34 PM

    Well, Katie didn’t finish final 4 on Matt’s season, but she was made Bachelorette, and Juan Pablo didn’t make final 4 either, but he was made Bachelor. Way back in the early days, Bachelor Bob came in #5 on Trista’s season. If there have been other non-final 4s who got their own season, I can’t recall right now. Frankly, at this point in Michelle’s season, I can’t figure out how Clayton is supposed to be compelling enough to become Bachelor. Nothing against the guy personally, but production hasn’t exactly been promoting his personality or back story. I’m all in on Rick, so I sure hope he makes it to Paradise or maybe is chosen for Bachelor 2.0 next year.

  3. ctrealitygirl

    November 10, 2021 at 7:47 AM

    Way back when, Jake Pavelka was eliminated in week 6 and was named Bachelor. As for Clayton, I, too, am in a quandary as to what the producers saw in him that was so special that they jumped the gun and made him the lead. I think he’s kind of goofy looking and his whole demeanor is that of a lunk-head. Nothing about him stands out and he has no back story to make him compelling. He’s practically invisible on Michelle’s season. So strange

  4. jenscho

    November 23, 2021 at 9:41 PM

    I think Clayton is funny looking too. His jutting underbite and weird smile rub me the wrong way.

  5. jenscho

    November 23, 2021 at 9:42 PM

    To the person who wrote in asking about makeup on the men-that is NOT eyeliner on Rick. I love his eyes-very unique.

  6. astralweeks23

    December 6, 2021 at 9:26 PM

    I love Sharleen and Andy’s podcast, but I just dont understand their love for Nick Vile. They are classy, intelligent people. How can they think it’s not beyond creepy for Nick, a 41 year old, to be dating a girl half his age? (They got together when she was 19 and she is 21 now.)He is so gross I cant stand him!!

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