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“Reader Emails” & How You Can Be a Part of This Weeks Podcast

Well, I know it’s short notice but you have a chance to be on this week’s podcast. There are two ways actually. First, send in an email questions you have and I will read them in the podcast. Send those to But also, you can send in an audio question as well. At the bottom of this page before the comments section, you can create a Yappa account and record an audio question up to :45 seconds. Do NOT record a video question because the audio doesn’t transfer over. It’s very simple, very easy, painless, and you get to hear your own voice on the podcast! Don’t you just love that! We’ve done this about 3 or 4 times in the past so I figured it’s time to do it again. I had a late cancellation this week on the pod and I highly doubt I’ll be able to pull a guest in the next 24-36 hours, so I just decided to take your questions. So you can either email me what you got, or, record an audio question below through Yappa. Either way, that’s what this week’s podcast will be unless I somehow can miraculously pull a guest in the next day or so. So get your questions in today for this week’s podcast. Trying to get at least 5 audio ones and maybe 10-15 emails. That should do the trick.

We’re getting closer to the end of Clayton’s season as they should be wrapping up this weekend. We’re also getting closer to all of his women being able to go back to public on their IG’s so they can start their influencer life. They allow that once filming is over so I’d expect by Sunday or Monday the women will be public. The “Men Tell All” for Michelle’s season tapes next Monday in LA, so you’d think Clayton would be back for that. But considering how bizarre the show has handled everything regarding his season, it’d be par for the course if he just wasn’t there. I guess we won’t know until next week for sure. I have no idea if he’s gonna be there or not. You’d think he would but I don’t rule anything out with them. Either way, his filming wraps this weekend in Iceland, and hopefully I’ll find out soon how the final 4 broke down. Once I have that, I’ll post all the spoilers I have for his season.

Lets get right to “Reader Emails”…

Dear Steve,

I want to add a tidbit to last weeks podcast with Kate Casey. She discussed the CNN documentary “The Lost Sons” about the kidnaping of Paul Fronczak shortly after he was born in Chicago in April 1964. I was born in Chicago in 1965. My older brother was born in July of 1963. My mom suffered a miscarriage when he was about 5 months old. Irish twins, except we’re not Irish! Shortly after the kidnapping she was visited by in her own words “two very handsome FBI agents”. They said, we’re checking on anyone who suffered a miscarriage in the Chicago area within the last year. The kidnaping was THE news story, so she knew why. They saw my brother and asked her more specific questions She was like umm he’s almost a year old! He doesn’t look like a newborn. They had her produce a birth certificate and left. She told this story a lot when I was growing up. She was dealing with the pain of a miscarriage and dealt with a very short lived accusation of kidnapping. Everything about this case fascinates me. It was the biggest manhunt of its time and it changed how newborns are monitored in hospitals. I haven’t seen the documentary yet but I will!

Comment: Wow. Crazy times. It’s amazing to hear that Lost Sons story when the odds of that happening nowadays are so miniscule. But back then, with no computer systems and anything like that, you wonder people even functioned. Hell, I deal with this all the time with my niece and nephew. I grew up in the 80’s. We didn’t have cellphones or the internet. They can’t comprehend that. And frankly, neither can I really.

Hi Steve!

First of all I am cracking up at the Dylan McKay reference in your tweet last night! I mean it wasn’t really funny for Dylan at the time but that was pretty great! I don’t actually have a Twitter account but always look at your tweets during the show because they are hilarious. So I didn’t understand the one where you said “that is why Clayton is the bachelor” Can you explain what I missed? Nothing stood out with him on this episode in my opinion. Thanks and love reading your column!

Comment: I was just being sarcastic. I tweeted it out after he’d won his teddy bear fight. Since they’ve shown us no reason so far this season as why he was picked, I just used that as the reason.

Have you heard if there is any big twist/drama/problematic contestants (as in old social media activity), girls self-eliminating, old contestants showing up, fights with Clayton and a contestant, etc. on Clayton’s season? Yes.

It seems like going all the way back to 2014 there was some kind of twist/drama on or off the screen for most seasons:

-Juan Pablo- Clare going off on him on the final day, him not proposing to F1 Nicki and not saying he loved her on ATFR
-Chris Soules- can’t really think of anything other than his legal drama offscreen years later, and Ashley acting crazy
-Ben Higgins telling both F2 he loved them
-Nick Viall- nothing during his season that I can think of but him having been on 3 other franchise shows, and putting Andi on blast for having sex in the FS then dumping him for which he was briefly vilified
-Arie- Becca/Lauren switch
-Colton- Cassie drama
-Peter- Hannah/Madi switch
-Matt- Group of girls joining late, heather showing up, Rachael drama off screen
-and that’s not even to mention the bachelorette season drama: (Hannah + Jed drama, Garrett’s problematic tweets/likes, Katie and Greg’s fight + Blake showing up, Clayshia season, Nick showing up for Kaitlyn)

Not that I’m hoping for any of these people to have problematic pasts, or for Clayton to do something like a switcheroo with F2. But it seems like they need some kind of twist or something that will drum up publicity to keep people from getting bored with the franchise after having so many seasons back-to-back with some kind of twist/drama. P.s. I know you’re going to say “people will watch every season no matter what.” 🙂 -just curious if you’ve heard of any curve-ball on Clayton’s season. Curveball? No.

Also, I know I’m in the minority with this: but I thought Michelle acted ridiculous on the pajama date. I mean you have 30 attractive guys who left their jobs/families/friends to come on this show as suitors for you, up until this point everyone has been showering you with attention, and you’re on a national TV show where MILLIONS of people are investing time in your journey every week and you’re upset because on ONE date the guys are bro-ing out and having a little fun with each other and not all fawning over you to your standards? And just for the record I am NOT anti-Michelle. I actually have really liked her. I just thought this episode’s pity party was ridiculous—I guess I just expected more from her since up until this point she has seemed so level-headed.

Comment: Yeah, did seem like an overreaction a bit. It also seemed like it was a pre-planned storyline before the date even started. But again, just my opinion. We’ll never know for sure.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for all you do! I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile and it makes the season much more enjoyable to watch. A few quick questions:

1.) Can the other guys tell who Michelle is into? I know they can’t see one on one time but for group dates/cocktail parties do they pick up on it? Like the fact that she pulled Nayte aside first after the group date? Even if I didn’t know who wins it’s pretty obvious she’s into Nayte but I don’t know how much is editing. I’m sure they know.

2.) any idea how producers determine the villains of the season? Obviously someone coming in with a boyfriend/girlfriend is one thing but for producer driven drama I was trying to think of a common trait. At first I thought it’s someone who doesn’t have a connection so can stir up drama but if I remember correct Courtney got a villain edit for Ben’s season and she won. A lot of it boils down to who they can get to say things in ITM’s others won’t say.

3.) finally how far in advance to producers plan dates? You talked about how it’s no coincidence nayte has a good one on one in Minnesota so they definitely seem to have some sort of plan but what about 2 on 1’s? Do they plan on having them on week x and create drama to support it? Do they switch around the structure of dates for a week after they see beef between two people? Was just curious given they always seem to happen when there’s a showdown between 2 people but how do producers predict that in advance?

Thanks again!

Comment: I think it’s a season-by-season, case-by-case basis. It’s not like they knew Jamie would get Michelle’s first 1-on-1 before the season started. They knew what the date would be, but not who would be on it. So after they talk to her the first night and she tells them who piqued her interest, then they basically suggest who she takes on the dates.

Sorry I already emailed you but thought of 2 more things after listening to your podcast today and also watching last night’s “The Challenge”:

The thing about The Challenge that is driving me crazy the past few episodes (ever since they’ve been in these team “cells”) is how they keep talking about “who they want to run the final with” in regards to keeping strong players in their teams (Emerald team talks about “running the final together” a minimum of 10 times every episode). But have none of the people seen this show before? Are they delusional? There’s no way that producers are going to keep the teams together and have a team of 4 people all win the challenge as a team. They haven’t had a “team” win in years. In the past 15 or so seasons it’s either: solo Winner, guy and girl winner, team of 2 win, or they divide up the money between the top 2 or 3. So if they continue with a similar format, these people who want strong players to “run the final together” are actually shooting themselves in the foot because now they’re going to be running AGAINST other strong players and AGAINST their friends. I think in the next couple episodes or at least on the finale they are going to split up the teams and tell them they are now working as free agents. Thoughts? You’re right. I don’t understand it either. I get you want to run it with your friends and strong competitors, but still, that makes it tougher for you to win. It really doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Bachelor comment (potential insignificant SPOILER)

I was cracking up listening to you talk about how Chris S. Is a total “filler” contestant this season that never had a chance of winning. Even for the unspoiled you could tell on Monday night that Michelle had ZERO interest in him. When they were sitting on the couch after he told her about Nayte, when their conversation ended there was a split second where you could see his head go forward like he was going in for a kiss. Then Michelle immediately stands up, he goes in again and Michelle completely turns her head so it’s a cheek-kiss and her body language looked like she didn’t even want that. #friendzoned

Comment: Oh for sure. There’s plenty of filler contestants every season and he’s definitely this seasons. And since he’s giving them good ITM’s, he sticks around this week to cause more drama.

Hey Steve!

Would love your opinion on this season of Survivor. I am finding it to be too rushed and Jeff is not on his game. The twists seem almost silly. Like the producers were trying too hard to change a game, which my opinion, was perfect.

I also don’t have any favourite players because of the few scenes of them at camp. I’m a huge Survivor fan and am disappointed that this season is lacking in so many ways.

Have a beautiful day!

Comment: The twists are unbearable, they’re too much, it’s impossible to keep track unless you’re taking notes, and even this late in the game, I can’t even tell you who’s in what alliance. Seems like everything is so scattered every Tribal Council.

What did you think of the I Know What You Did Last Summer finale? We’re you shocked by who the killer was?

Comment: I really liked it it in general, and moreso because it certainly left the door open for a possible season 2. Nothings been announced just yet, but I hope there is one. I’d absolutely be up for that.

For those that didn’t watch I don’t want to spoil it. But if you watch the first episode and see the twist, I think you’ll watch the rest of the series. Depending how much time you have, you could pound out this season in a couple days. It’s only 8 episodes. I was halfway through the finale this past Friday and STILL didn’t have a guess who the killer was. So to me that’s good writing. I recommend it to people. It’s a little gory, some jump-out-of-seat scares but nothing too bad, and good mystery throughout all 8 episodes.

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