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“Reader Emails,” “12 Dates of Christmas,” & Tayshia and Zac Breakup

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So I’m running a little bit behind this morning. Why? I don’t really know why to be honest. I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about before we got to “Reader Emails” but I’ll probably push that back to tomorrow before the recap. Oh, I know what might have been some of the reason. I recorded two podcasts yesterday with two women on “12 Dates of Christmas” that premieres this Thursday on HBO Max. It’s a 9 episode season and they all drop on Thanksgiving. A great binge watch, and you’ll have a week to watch it before you hear from two of the main women involved this season. I had never watched season 1, but when they came to me about a collab, you know I only collab with companies whose shows I think my audience would be interested in. You will like “12 Dates of Christmas.” There’s some authenticity to it, the conversations are better, and there’s some good drama/twist that’ll keep you interested as well. I can’t believe I have to give this disclaimer, but, I do know some people out there in 2021 might be offended or take issue with the LGBTQ community. Well, I’m telling you right now, there’s a lot of LGBTQ representation on this show. There’s 3 leads, and two of them are gay. There’s Markelle, a gay man. And there’s Amanda Grace, who’s a lesbian. Danny is the heterosexual male, and all three of them date new people who are brought into the show throughout the episodes. All 9 episodes drop on Thanksgiving Day on HBO Max so check it out. I’ll be releasing teaser clips on my social media channels all week leading up to the premiere.

You know what today is? Clayton’s women going public on Instagram day! Yaaaaaaaaay! A few of them already have, but you’ll see most of them now going public this week since filming ended this past weekend. Haven’t heard anything yet, nor did I expect to so soon. You’ll have your spoilers when I hear. But it’s a big day now for these women because now the crazies can deep dive into their IG’s and find all the problematic things they’ve ever posted and all the problematic follows they have. Good times. It also means the DM sliding from Michelle’s guys can start happening to form those pre-BIP relationships in hopes they get cast. It’s the wild wild west beginning this week on Instagram now that Clayton’s women are starting to go public. All I’ll give is this disclaimer: I’ll politely ask to please not message me about who is following who, and who is not following who, and what does this mean and what does that mean. I. Do. Not. Care. It means nothing. Thanks.

The biggest news of yesterday was the “official” breakup announcement of Tayshia and Zac. There was a Life & Style report on Friday that they were “on a break.” Then 3 days later, the announcement comes they’re broken up. However, just like all these breakups that happen, I’m not really interested in chiming in. I didn’t for any of the last few that have happened (Colton/Cassie, Clare/Dale, Katie/Blake, etc). Especially when it comes to Tayshia. Anything I say will 100% be misconstrued and used against me based on this preconceived notion that I hate her, which I don’t. But because I put her ex-husband on my podcast, that’s the narrative. It would do me absolutely no good to now say anything that I’ve heard about these two over the last year. For what? So I’ve got nothing to add to their breakup. Sorry. If you want any info, here’s what’s being reported as the reason. Who knows if it’s true or not. But I’m staying out of this.

The only thing I will comment on regarding this couple is basically just a comment in general about all these couples from this show that I’ve said numerous times. 1) If they stay together for 70 years, great. If they break up after a few months/year, great. These peoples relationships have zero bearing on my life so I truly and honestly don’t care what happens to any of them once they’re off the show. Breakups suck, so it’s not like I’m rejoicing on any of these announcements, but it doesn’t affect my life whatsoever if they stay together or not. 2) What you see on Instagram with any of these couples is not real life. “But they just ran a marathon together!” And? Again, until the couples from this show move in together, that’s when I’ll take them as serious. Yes, they might be engaged, but that’s because of circumstance and a byproduct of being on the show. They’re dating until they’re not and nothing more. We’ve had quite a few break ups just within the last few months. And while it sucks, that’s the norm for this show, not the exception. I don’t wish ill will on any of these couples. And neither should you. I guess I just have my expectation level so low every season, that’s why it’s not a big deal or news to me when any of them break up. I suggest everyone do the same.

This isn’t real life. This isn’t real dating. Just because your parents may have gotten engaged quickly and are still married to this day, it’s not the least bit comparable to the couples from this show. Not even close. Your parents didn’t date and meet in the age of social media. Your parents didn’t meet on TV while one of them was dating numerous other people. Your parents met/dated in the 70’s & 80’s! Lets stop saying because they did it, that these couples can too. You’re comparing two things that couldn’t possibly be more different if you tried. These couples from the show are under tremendous pressure from the get go. You even heard Courtney Robertson say that couples absolutely try and stay together longer than they probably should just because they want to please the fans that follow them. This show is a complete mind f**k. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the final couple, but having spoken to a few of them over the years, it’s not easy. So when someone proclaims their love for eternity at the final rose ceremony, and always gonna be there for them through everything yada yada yada, I hate to be cynical, but I’m sorry, that doesn’t mean anything. They barely know this person. They’re just saying what they think the other person wants to hear and what the audience wants to hear. Because a year ago two couples stood there in La Quinta and gushed on and on and on and on and on and on about the other one, and it was the most most romantic thing people had ever seen, and OMG they’re perfect for each other, and a year later, neither of those two couples made it. It’s just words, people. Just words. Might sound harsh, but I’m just looking at it realistically.

Lets begin “Reader Emails”…

I didn’t get this in on time, but Jesse Palmer was on ABC college football Saturday this last weekend. I assume filming ended? Thanks!

Comment: Yes, two weekends ago he was. That’s because hometown dates were filming at that time and he doesn’t have to do anything for those. The rose ceremony for that was on Tuesday, so he just flew out for that. Then didn’t need to fly to Iceland until later. This past weekend he wasn’t on ABC college football coverage because he was in Iceland for the finale.

Hey Steve!

You mentioned you needed a few more emails for this week so I figured I’d send one in!

I’ve been a regular visitor to your website ever since Emily Maynard’s season, and I think one of the things I enjoy the most is learning about how things REALLY work behind the scenes on reality shows. You’ve shed so much light on what TRULY goes on behind camera. I think most viewers in general really are very unaware of how the contestants are manipulated and coerced into doing or saying certain things, and how producers are the ones who actually drive the storylines. It’s been both fascinating AND sort of sad to see how things really work. I almost find the bachelor franchise shows to be MORE entertaining when I know what’s really going on in the background. And now, because I’ve learned so much from reading your columns all these years, I can’t watch other reality shows without immediately recognizing producer involvement in almost every single situation! Lol.

On this same note, have you ever considered watching Married at First Sight? That’s one of the shows I watch where I can instantly tell which situations are producer-driven, and it’s pretty entertaining sometimes. If you were ever interested, I would LOVE it if you watched even just one episode of that show and analyzed it from a behind-the-scenes/producer perspective. Just an idea! 🙂

Thanks for keeping us all entertained!

Comment: I watched the whole first season, and parts of the second. I gave up after that. It just didn’t hold my interest enough. But from what I’ve seen, the biggest thing I could tell about that show is kinda in the same realm as the Bachelor. They aren’t specifically scripting out what those people say, but it’s like every single scene is set up because they’re looking for something in particular.

Hi Steve!! Super long time reader here. Love you recaps and spoilers! It makes watching much more fun!!

I have a few questions. Will there be a men tell all? Will there be a ATFR? Yes, the MTA was taped yesterday in LA. And I believe the schedule says there will be an ATFR on Dec. 21st.

Also, is it a dead giveaway if Nayte posts all these photos of him and Michelle (kissing, etc) from the show after each episodes? I don’t ever remember past winners posting that many. Do you think ABC cares? Or is it more publicity for the show?


Comment: Others have done it. And other contestants are posting pics with her from the show as well. If only one person did, that’d give it away. But other guys are doing it too. So to the unspoiled, to them, it could be any of those guys.

1) This is my feeling about Clayton. I think he was chosen as a place holder, because Michael wasn’t ready yet. He couldn’t leave his son again, so soon after filming the Katie Bachelorette. I will be shocked if Michael isn’t the Bachelor after Clayton. It’s very possible. It’s why the decision wasn’t made until later.

2) Honeycrisp, huh? My favorites! Glad you figured out why grocery stores have so many bins of apples!

Comment: Well, it’s the one name that I could remember that popped into my head first.

Morning, RS:

Big fan of your site–especially watching your personal growth.

I was thinking about this and wanted your insight…do you think the reason we keep having back-to-back-to-back bachelorette/bip/bachelorette/bachelor seasons with no break is because the ratings are starting to tank and network execs are worried? I know ratings don’t mean everything–especially with the ways people watch now–but my theory is that we aren’t getting a break because execs are worried that absence WON’T make the heart grow fonder and are scared that if they take a break, viewers will realize they don’t miss the show as much as they thought they would and ratings would plummet even more. Just a thought. I don’t think so only because once Clayton’s season is over I think we’ll be back on a normal schedule.

Also, if the show does end up getting cancelled or hanging it’s hat (and I think we’re still a ways from that happening), will you still use your platform to talk to and communicate with fans? Maybe keep your podcasts going? Some of my favorite podcasts have been more of your human-interest based podcasts rather than the tea-spilling ones.

Thanks for taking your time to read my email!

Comment: I don’t think the podcast is going anywhere. I’ll always be interested in talking to people in the reality show world. And the website would probably just start covering other things.

Hey Steve,

Regarding reader email that asked if you would recap espisodes on your podcast… here is one thing, some people find a podcast and go back and binge. Why would anyone go back and binge podcast episodes of Pilot Pete’s Bachelor Season? But if someone discovers you now, they may enjoy binging a pod interview with Jason/Molly, Deanna, Jacklyn, her friend that baseball guy (which I did refer my son in law to listen to). Interviews will have more longevity than recaps. Just my thoughts.

Comment: I agree. It’s why I’ve never been too into doing a podcast that solely talks about the episode that aired that week. If I did, it’d be as a bonus podcast episode. Not replace the weekly Thursday podcast.

Hi Steve,

You were right on your Podcast this morning re Hannah Brown’s book. Her juicy tidbit about banging Pilot Pete again has gained her a Best Selling Rating on Amazon New Releases( 23).

I never thought it would outsell a new Michael Connerly Harry Bosch book but it has. It is number 73 overall and trending higher.

Out of all Bachelor Franchise books the only one I recall hitting the charts this high was Colton’s book. The two notable recent others ( Tyler Cameron, Madison Prewett) have not made the charts. Pilot Pete’s Kid Book about becoming a pilot has not made the Kids Book list as yet.

I also became a Cinci fan since coach spoke out about 72 hours at Craps Table. I think I went 12 consecutive hours before I nearly passed out.

Comment: I think the most consecutive hours I’ve spent at a craps table was around 5. I’ve noticed something. After standing for that long, my feet and legs start getting sore. I literally couldn’t play much longer than without feeling incredibly uncomfortable. Not to mention, the table is gonna have its ups and downs over that many hours, so it’d have to be doing fairly well for me to be at the same table for that amount of time. If there were ever a major down turn and the table got cold, I would’ve moved to a different table at some point. 12 hours at the same table is legendary. Or even 12 hrs straight at the tables is. I’d need a chair at some point.

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