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“Reader Emails,” “12 Dates of Christmas,” & Tayshia and Zac Breakup

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Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time writer.

Do you think they will keep Tayshia as one of the hosts seeing as her and Zach just split? I feel like they picked her and Kaitlyn because of the successful relationships that they had from the show. I feel like they wouldn’t want the men to be interested in Tayshia when they come on the show. Wasn’t that the thought with Jesse Palmer? Any thoughts?

Comment: If Tayshia is never used as a host again, I don’t think it’ll have anything to do with her relationship status. It’ll be because the show just decided to do a permanent one host deal. Because Chris was divorced from Emily Maynard’s season up through Matt’s. So clearly it’s not like you have to be in any sort of relationship to host this show. The Chris stuff happened so quickly, that Kaitlyn and Tayshia were band aids for Katie’s season. They didn’t have time to figure out what they were gonna do going forward, so they were named temporary hosts to get them through this time before landing what we believe is a permanent host is Jesse Palmer. And Jesse did Clayton’s season, will definitely do the next Bachelor season, then we’ll see from there.

Hi Steve,

I have a non Bachelor question for you. I know you watch DWTS, and I was curious as to your thoughts about Tyra as the host.

I will preface my opinion by saying like the Bachelor, whoever is the host doesn’t stop me from watching the show. However, I really miss Tom Bergeron, his wit, and understated style. The show is not about the host, yet with the 2-3 outfit changes per episode, and “all about me” attitude, Tyra really makes it seem like the show should revolve around her. I also fine her interview style really grating, she doesn’t just ask a question, but spends at least have the allotted time talking about the question not leaving any time time for a response. I get the show wanted to go in a different (younger?) direction, but I think this choice was incredibly misguided. I’d prefer someone like Alfonso who is at least funny.


Comment: Agree. I still watch the show, but it’s a different feel now with Tyra as the host. They made their decision to go younger and appeal to a younger audience, which is why she’s at the controls now, but she’s not for me. Not a fan.

Hi Steve –

Tried to Yappa last week but the machine I was on kept requiring that the video be on. You should be able to just click that camera icon and it immediately turns it off and defaults to just audio.

As Chris S fades into the world of the forgotten, I think another term from the world of politics suits him well: Useful Idiot. There is at least one per season, often taking on the Right Reasons Police role. The guy sounded drunk, sleep deprived or brainwashed. I guess he was not dumb enough to wink at the big muscle guy like he said he would. And in this world, he’s known as “filler.” But yes, same concept.

I was thinking about BIP and how I would like it to change. I enjoy the show but realize the central concept of build a relationship or con someone every couple days into thinking you have one is really dumb. 2 ideas I would like to see but the rights belong to others:

Battle of the Network Stars mixed with The Challenge: 3 or 4 teams (Night 1 Rejects vs Villains vs Useful Idiots vs Favorites?) in a series of athletic events like Stars but they also have the dynamics of living with each other. Winning team gets prize money. Maybe this is similar to Winter Games which I have largely forgotten.

Are You The One from MTV – God, I can’t believe I watched and loved this show in my late 40s / early 50s. All the hook ups and breakups with a tough strategic challenge for all the contestants as a team. They have to figure out what they want to be. It’s why they got rid of Bachelor Pad, because to them, their main show (Bachelor/ette) is about love. Then the spin off through money and backstabbing into play and they didn’t feel that was their brand. But with Paradise, yes they want you to believe it’s about love and finding a partner (which they have had some success on), but it’s just the way they go about it that seems the format can be changed. I don’t know what the answer is to be honest.

Please no political people on Celebrity Big Brother! I have my strong political views and can admit I would hate to see certain people on if they hold views I hold to be abhorrent. Not that mature / open minded of me, I know. (You mentioned Scaramucci in the podcast. I recall he was some kind of plant / undercover guy who left the game at a predesignated time.)

Comment: That’s right. He was predetermined to leave early. But Omarosa was in season 1, and they made sure to show conversations of her talking about working in the Trump Administration. It was just too much. But I’m fairly sure we’re going to get some political person in there again this season unfortunately.

Hi Steve,

Today is my birthday! Anyway, how are you doing? Well Happy Birthday. I’m doing great. Can’t complain.

I have a few questions for you,

1. Do you have a favorite podcast episode that you love or stands out? Tough one because I’ve had so many. And I feel if I name some, people might think I didn’t like other ones. The ones with Jenn Sterger, Craig Robinson, and Meredith Phillips all stood out to me because they had some pretty traumatic things they opened up about. I remember DeAnna Pappas Stagliano being great because she was so candid. Lesley Murphy was great as well talking about her double mastectomy was very interesting and informative. This was all before she got married and had a child. Hell, it was before she ever reappeared on Winter Games too. Those are a few that come to mind, but I’ve really enjoyed so many of them. I can count on one hand (maybe even just a few fingers) of ones I didn’t like or didn’t feel I learned anything.

2. DWTS: Do you watch DWTS? If so, what did you think of the finale? Yet another season where the best dancer didn’t win. JoJo and Jenna should’ve won. Not to take anything away from Iman. He was entertaining, he was better than I thought he’d be, and he certainly had some memorable performances. But he wasn’t the best dancer this season, JoJo was. And she also was consistently great. However, we know this show has never been about who the best dancer is.

3. Do you have a favorite season/lead/contestant on the bachelor or bachelorette. If so, why?

Have a happy Thanksgiving! With love from Chicago!

Comment: Ashley Rosenbaum was probably my favorite Bachelorette season. And I gotta say, the more I’ve had to talk about Peter’s season recently, the more his season is growing on me just for the mess that it was. It was TV gold.

Hi Steve,

Michelle said something in an interview about her ending being surprising… do you know if Joe self-eliminates? It seems like they’re hinting at something like that.


Comment: Don’t know. I just know he’s not in the final 2.

Hi Steve –

As someone who has been reading your column for many years I really appreciate seeing how your content has evolved! Obviously this franchise is not going anywhere but with another couple (Tayshia and Zac) calling it quits how do you think this franchise can evolve to have more success (outside of BIP)? While we all know this show is not truly about finding love anymore I still think the lack of successful couples must have them thinking of new ways to revamp the show and have more “success”. Then again if they are still making money and adding new shows to their portfolio maybe they don’t care.

Thank you for all you do, as I don’t even care if I watch the show I love reading you!

Comment: I honestly don’t think they care. They’ve had 25 completed Bachelor seasons over 19 years, and ONE GUY married the final woman he chose, and that was Sean and Catherine. Yet it’s still on the air. Which pretty much proves people don’t care whether these couples end up married or not. It’s more about being entertained on a week-to-week basis.

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