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“Reader Emails,” “12 Dates of Christmas,” & Tayshia and Zac Breakup

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You mentioned Hannah book can’t talk about behind scenes or else sued – I thought that was only a year ? Tons of bachelor people
HVe spoken after the year no?

Comment: I’m speaking specifically about behind the scenes dirt. The year from your finale is just when you’re able to do media without having to get it approved through ABC. After that, you can talk to whoever you want. But it’s basically a lifetime contract to never reveal the show secrets.

Thanks for all your insights.

What is the camera situation like in the lead’s hotel room, or the contestants in the final two? They don’t have private cameras filming them.

If one of them has an emotional breakdown in the middle of the night, they are not going to want to miss that footage.

Do they have a bunch of cameras setup like in Big Brother? No.

Or do they have a producer sleeping next to the door that will notice if the participant is having a breakdown, and go next door to get the cameramen to capture it?

Or is it more of an honor system where if the participant is having a nervous breakdown, he needs to go next door and get a cameraman and a producer before he has the breakdown?

Comment: I don’t think it’s anything like that. I’m guessing there’s been a lot of breakdowns/crying that we don’t see. To invade on someone’s privacy in that moment isn’t necessary. They’ll have plenty of other times on camera where they can get them doing that.

(1) do you think Michelle was genuinely surprised by Chris S. Interrupting her 1-on-1 date with Nayte? Or are the leads ever tipped off by production on interruptions and plot-twists? Like did she already know Chris would show up and she would dump him? Did she know in advance? Probably not. But on the flip side, she knows what TV show she’s on, so once it did happen, she really shouldn’t have been all that surprised.

(2) in a recent interview, Shawn Booth mentioned that when orchestrating “happy couple visits” he and Kaitlyn were given the nicknames “Ariel” and “Eric” (as in “The Little Mermaid”). Do all final couples have nicknames? If so, have you heard what any other couples’ names were? (And also if this is true: LOL- these people are not A-listers checking into a hotel. No need for nicknames.) Oh yeah, for a while there I knew a lot of them. I forget which seasons had which names, but I know William and Kate were used (I believe that was Ben and Courtney), Johnny and June were used (Johnny and June Cash) but I forget for who. I’m totally blanking on others that I used to know.

(3) can’t remember if you’ve addressed this yet or not: was Nayte an early front-runner for Michelle that you had heard? Similar to how you knew Lauren B. Was an early front-runner for Ben H., Vanessa an early front-runner for Nick, and Dale was an early front-runner for Clare, etc. Never heard who was for her season.

(4) how much information/time/compensation (if any) are the lead’s family and friends given prior to them appearing on an episode? Just thinking about Michelle’s family and 2 friends on last episode. Like do they call them the day before and tell them to be ready sometime in an 8-hour window? Do they provide makeup/wardrobe? Do they prep them on topics that are allowed and topics that are NOT allowed? Does the lead have to submit contact information of who can be included in an episode? Do those people sign a contract of some kind?


Comment: Well they certainly aren’t paid. Nobody is except for the lead. They all sign NDA’s. Each situation is different but yes, contacted ahead of time to give them time to prep, and they will get them to talk about things producers want them to.

As one who grew up in Michigan going to apple orchards all my life, I can’t believe that you have only experienced 2 apples in your lifetime! On this years’ visit to the orchard, I picked up 2 or 3 of each apple variety. Since you didn’t know there were more than 2 kinds of apples, you might also be surprised to know that each apple variety TASTES different. Some are various kinds of sweet or sour, and they have different textures. I lose track of which apple variety is which, but I love to have an ‘apple a day’ just to experience the different flavors. Also apples picked at the orchard usually taste better than buying the same variety at the grocery store.
I have been following your page for a long time and I can’t believe that I finally wrote you to tell you about apples !

Side note…have you ever had a podcast with Bachelor Bob Guiney? I am not caught up on podcasts, but I don’t think you have. Always thought it would be fun to hear from him since he is such a fun guy. We grew up in the same small town in the 80’s. I would say it seems like ‘yesterday’ that he and my brothers played football together, but with each passing year, I am reminded just how long ago the ‘days of 90210’ were lol. We were all lucky to grow up in the 80’s! Fun times !

Comment: I reached out to Bob a while ago. I think when I first started my podcast and never heard back.

Hi Steve,

You mention how you are able to figure out timing of the Bachelor/ette because of the filming crew and how they can’t be in multiple places at once. But couldn’t they just have 2 crews or hire more people?

Comment: I’m talking about their main crew. The main director/producers/show runners wouldn’t be filming a finale while a whole other crew films the MTA. The main people are involved in all the main filmings of the franchise. Those were the people I was talking about.


Reader email question for you:

If it wasn’t your job would you still watch the bachelor/bachelorette? Absolutely not.

I’m still watching weekly but it is starting to get very repetitive and I find myself looking at my phone a lot more during episodes than I used to. Just wondering your feelings on the show. Maybe it is the lack of traveling but the last few seasons just seem to lack the ability to hold my attention like they used to…..

I also never knew about you and your site before so I’m wondering if maybe knowing the spoilers ahead of time is hurting my interest. I don’t think it is and I do like the spoilers.

Just trying to figure out if I’m alone in losing interest or if you have heard that from others.

I know it isn’t all TV because I still love Survivor and am 100% focused when that is on.

Thanks for everything you do!

Comment: I think there has been some form of exhaustion this year when it comes to the franchise, for sure. We’re in the midst of the third season in a row with only a one week break. And then we’ll get another one week break before Clayton’s season starts. After that, we’re back to somewhat of a normal schedule. Well maybe not 2022, since I’m assuming we’ll have a Bachelorette in 2022, meaning we’ll have 4 consecutive seasons again – our 2nd Bachelor after Clayton, into Paradise, into the 2022 Bachelorette, and then into Bachelor 2023. It’ll depend on what their plan is after that.


I enjoy listening to your podcast and reading your columns. I especially like it when you talk about college football. With you being in Dallas I don’t know how well you are able to follow SEC football, more specifically Auburn football. I’m an Auburn fan and I was excited for this year because Auburn finally hired a coach outside of the same coaching tree; ie Malzhan coached under Chizik, Chizik under Tuberville. However now that we only have one more game left in the season, and we more than likely will go 6-6 after the Iron Bowl, I am now questioning what went wrong this season for us. Was it bad coaching, is it just that this year Auburn was over hyped, or is it that the player on our team are not as strong as we thought?

Comment: I think Bo Nix hasn’t lived up to what people thought he was gonna be. In college FB, you need a stud QB. Unless you have a defense like GA this year and can get away with not-so-highly touted QB, for the most part, you need a “dude” back there. And Bo Nix just isn’t it. I feel like his best year was his freshman year. I haven’t really seen him improve in 3 years. So that’s the biggest thing in my eyes. And playing in the SEC, you need to win the recruiting wars every year, and every year, Auburn is getting beat by Bama and Georgia for sure, and sometimes by others as well. A&M has had a better recruiting class than them for the past few years for sure. They caught lightning in a bottle with that Cam national championship season, lets be honest. Chizik was an average coach before that season and a below average coach after that season. But hey, Auburn paid the most so they landed Cam and got themselves a ‘chip. So it was probably all worth it in the end and they don’t regret a thing ha ha.

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